14 comments on “Spot Christi Lynn McGarry at Emag AG

  1. Good luck Christi ! May your Miss Intercontinental journey be the best and most successful ever 🙂 Go Christi for the Philippines ♥:-)♥

    • Notice the cut of her swimsuit, it’s higher than the usual bikini. This is to balance her body proportion since she has a long torso 🙂

  2. ang konti ng participants, last year sobrang dami nila and yet Kris Tiffany Janson managed to be in the top 3. sana man lang di na bumaba dun ang placement ni Christi. wag mo sayangin Christi ang sinimulan ni Kris.

    Good luck Christi!

  3. Easy-peasy. She’s in the middle standing behind Indonesia, to the left of Agentina and to the right of Mongolia. Stunningly fetching and very youthful looking, I must say.

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