6 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: The Tim Yap Show Episode 58 on Pia Wurtzbach

  1. Out of topic lng po😃
    Bakit ignored ang Miss Earth sa Global Beauties 😲😲😲
    I need the true reason po not kuentong beauty parlor/barbero😂
    Salam alaykum☺

  2. Am I the only one who’d say this but… Pia looks her best when she isn’t tanned? I remember what she said in her past interview: she’s naturally mestiza, and that it’s something she would embrace?

    My favourite look was her in straight, raven, soft tresses in an off-white dress during a fashion show where she looks like Kristin Kreuk in Snow White. Her feline eyes was piercing, with those very dark lashes to match. That’s her perfect look for me.

    She still looks pretty when slightly tanned, but her best is just her natural colour, God knows better I guess! And anyway, it’s time to show the diverse side of our country. Not everybody here is brown anyway. Break that stereotype and let’s represent our country just as who we are.

    • like pia. venus raj’s father is an Indian national and she’s born In qatar so this is not unusual..shamcey supsup though fully blooded filipina has a mestiza complexion…
      so I don’t see an issue. .


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