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  1. please lang sana try soft curl naman sa hair ni pia. ibang style naman. ok ang straight hair pero sana try different style naman. para makita kung ano babagay sa kanya sa finals. i like kay pia ung hairstyle ni MJ last year while she wearing pink almodal gown during rehearsal. cant wait sa SS at IG photoshoot na maipost sa MU website.

    • She was in curls yesterday for the CHI shoot. Pia looks really good in straight hair.

      I veto the MJ hairstyle…that hairstyle is very pageant patty.

  2. In all honesty, maraming malalakas sa Asia ngayon. Philippines (not biased here) India, Vietnam and Thailand. Noon parang mas may dating si Indonesia sa akin than TH, but now Thailand is stepping up at natatabangan ako kay indonesia.

    Can’t wait to see more photos!

  3. Thanks sa mga nag Update!. more pa! hehe. hopefull merong pic magkakasama Philippines, Peru, Mexico, Venenzuela, columbia, japan and thailand.

  4. Thanks sa mga nag Update!. more pa! hehe. hopefull merong pic magkakasama Philippines, Peru, Mexico, Venenzuela, columbia, japan and thailand.

  5. Thanks to all for the updates, the pictures and the “inside stories”.

    I’m truly proud of Pia and happy she is finally fulfilling a dream. She’s doing us all proud. We can all hope for the best and it’s important to hold on to that hope in spite of the naysayers. We’ve come together as a community and we show the world how Filipinos, for the most part, will come together in spite of the possible over whelming odds. And though there are those in our community that show an uglier side of our culture, they are still a part of us and we just let them be until they either mature or they waste away into oblivion. Whatever their choice, when they are in need, we will help. It’s the Filipino way.

    To Pia, thank you for reflecting our love, our determination, our culture and having the guts to do it on an international stage. God bless you and may He guide on this journey. #FORTHEPHILIPPINES!

    • agreeZ ๐Ÿ™‚ lets pray for pia’s success.

      p.s. kapag may ng unlike nito kilala nyo na hahahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. just so thankful for all the updates you commenters are providing by the hour! Here at work and all of your updates are putting a smile on my face. Wish we can all go to vegas

  7. Just today meron ata syang 4-5 wardrobe changes. Sino !an maka post may bago na ayang photos.

  8. Pia looks and believes that she’s a winner. Grabe, kiting-kita mo self-belief niya sa aura niya. Whether this would translate to a really good placement or the 3rd crown itself, we won’t know and we can only hope and pray. Pero ang importante actually, yung laban; when our representatives are actually 101% proud that they’re carrying the Philippine sash. The days of the timid, slightly insecure Filipina beauty queen (cringing at the Bazurra dress she has to wear lol) ARE OVER (well, Venus Rah paved the way)

    • Yes, nothing is expected of her except to do the best she can. There’s no controlling the results so just let it go and have fun.

    • Why do you even try to wish Pia good luck if your motive is to put her down?
      #eyeroll #sobarbaric #findahobby #wasteofenergy

    • guys kilala nyo tin tong venus rah nato ๐Ÿ™‚ beleive me madalas ko tong kabak bakbakn dto..

      alam nyi nmn papalit plit lng yan ng alias haha

  9. @Pia
    You CAN do it,
    You CAN do it,
    We know you CAN!
    All you have to do,
    Is put your mind to it,
    Buckle down, buckle down,
    And just DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!

    PIA’S look is off the charts right now! This is sooooo EXCITING!

  10. Omg may photo na si Pia nag try on ng shoes for her swimsuit photo labas dibdib ang sexy. Anyone? Inaantok nko eh.

      • Nagpatan nga sya! Hahaha ano ba yan, ang puti nya kasi sa ibang pics ehh lighting sigurech. Anyways, waley na ako ma-say I agree with AJay her styling is always on point that even the hard-to-please-peeps, Jeremi and Thomas, have given their thumbs up. There is beauty in unity, charrrr.

    • Lai. Spoiler alert. Gown daw ni P is by Rajo Lau? Tama ba source mo??? Tama kaya ang chismis??

      • According to my Source,
        A day before she went to LV, Pia and a A designer attempted to talk to madam and present an evening gown but… it was declined
        hanggang doon nalang ang kwento ko. ๐Ÿ™‚

        – this is still not confirmed pero reliable naman si source ko ๐Ÿ™‚
        and as far as I know, susunod at susunod si Pia sa gusto ni madam kaya if ever its not a pinoy designer, gagalingan nalang ni Pia sa pagrampa onstage

        Kaya yan! Laban PIA! ๐Ÿ™‚
        I smell victory! Ambangobango tignan ni Pia!

      • Espyuk nayan! Hahaha joke only. Maganta tong ganto. May suspense effect. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • So she will wear also an andrada for eg? Ic anyway i like the suspense of not knowing whose gown she will wear. Adds spice to this festive season. Hihi

    • May nabasa ako sa sash, ang pasarela coach daw ay si Miss Macedonia! ๐Ÿ˜† naalala ko na naman sya!

    • Kahit pa Almodal ang isuot nyang gown kung ganyan sya maglakad, WALA!
      practice pa more Putri!

    • Actually yung lakad nya is more of a “runway walk” yung nakadikit lang ang arms sa body, maybe it’s a way to please the IMG people (I am not sure) ..ang pageant walk kasi kailangan ang kamay nag sa sway front to back…yun lang po hwag nyo akong awayin

  11. Pia is on point.

    Her smile and charisma translates well through the camera.

    She is doing so well even as early on in the stages of Miss Universe 2015.

    GOOO PIA! You’re already making us proud.

    “World Peace”

  12. this is the batch without 18 year old contestants. gone are the days where 18 year old beauties are being crowned…

      • alert ka talaga Lai! anong event naman to ngayon? naghahanap ako ng pics na kumakain sila, wala eh.

      • Ang gondo gondo ng pagkaka muk ap. ang lakas maka fresh ! Pak! Buhay na naman ang katawang mortal ok. Miss Universe na talaga! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™€

      • waley pa eh pero may photo si peru na minu mik upan. katabi sya. parang short dress. yan din usapan namin sa IG. nagagandahan kami sa dress.

        Here oh…makikita nyo ng slight

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