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  1. Guys mas gusto ko itong hairstyle ni Pia (first 2 pictures sa itaas). Ayoko yung straight na straight ang buhok niya. Ganda rin ng pose ni Pia sa GGV (nung nag-laglag bala walk siya). ❤

  2. after reading several blogs pertaining to mu2015, nost of the asian delegates are prepared. parang palabn ang mga kndidata ngaun.

    miss venezuela’s gown is stunning and sexy. same with miss india both are silver.
    i saw miss indonesias gown.. head turning din even the color is nice.

    for sure pasabog din ang kay miss thailand…

    i wish libiran executed the gown of pia well ung tipong di lang layogenic kundi very classy din pag malapitan:) super excited to see her lown gown portrait

    and btw… THE CONCEPT OF FADIL’s photoshoot is not in swimwear but in couture dress casino inspired.

    #goPIA #PIAfight

  3. Off topic: just to add more chika about AsNTM (napost ko na po to as a reply sa comment ni steamyhot): Accdg to AsNTM Cycle 4 (supposedly currently shooting at SG) rumors and possible spoilers (with at least 80% credibility) 3 Phil reps daw ulit: Alaiza Malinao, Ja Flores and you’re never gonna guess…. Gwendoline Ruais! This came from a fgrum which predicted 13/14 contestants last AsNTM cycle with Barbara whom they failed to get info from kasi nga she wasn’t very active on her social media back then AND accdg to their insiders Alaiza was one of the girls who was sent home early then Gwen, Ja is doing good daw and is still in the competition. Tho they may have infos on girls, medyo off yung info nila about kung anong week na-out yung girl. OMG at Gwen, can’t believe it at Alaiza IF rumors are true.

    • When do they start airing the show?

      Is Georgina still the Asian host/model version of Tyra?

      Interesting. Alaiza and Gwen may be to pageant patty for the fashion industry. Who knows. We won’t know until it actually airs.

      • No, Cindy something from Thailand na and wala na din sina Joey Mead-King and Alex Perry ang pumalit kay Joey as model mentor is Kelly something from Indonesia and kay Alex naman Yu Tsai daw. Sa January ata ang airing.

  4. So on another note, Miss Indonesia’s dress is stunning. The details are incredible and the colour screams wow.

  5. 08-Dayana

    All silliness aside, most of the people in this blog can agree that she’s doing pretty well so far. Iba talaga ang beauty nya. I can’t wait to see more pictures. She makes me proud to be Filipino.

  6. Wala pang update kay Pia maaga pa ata. In the meantime napanood nyo ba to? It’s an exchange between Ousmel Sousa saying something about natural beauty na sinagot ni Lupita Jones former MU from Mexico na National Director na. She said something like : Diba dyan ka magaling taon taon?



      I don’t know, but from what I have seen on youtube, instagram and facebook Mexicans are starting to sound really arrogant about their rep. Claiming victory over every other Rep from each country adding that they are NO where near their rep etc etc. Belettiling is NOT needed. It’s not classy at all. I’m not chucking a Donald Trump here but that kind of diva/standoffish attitude can be a reflection of their National Director as well. If their national director thinks it’s okay to speak to people like that, their reps attitude will more likely be high all might as well.

      Miss Venezuela has won so many times compared to Miss Mexico. I don’t think Lupita Jones is in any position to be speaking to Ousmel in that tone even within the competitive circumstances.

      Besides, Miss Venezuela’s always seem nice and friendly to our Reps. Look at MJ and Migbelis. (If that is her name), Molly and Ara. I don’t think Miss Mexico’ has ever really gotten familiar with our reps. Sad to say, it is true.

      Oh well. =)

      • So on another note, Miss Indonesia’s dress is ravishing. The cut and the details are sublime and the colour screams out wow. It’s beautiful!

      • Ajay, hindi yan ang gown ni bakla. Anaz is a good designer but what Anaz did for her is a gunmetal gray gown mukang chainmail na asar na asar na mga Indonesians at ang bigat daw nya dalhin.

      • Laila,

        Oh thank you for that! I’ve been stalking Insta for a while now. Nothing new.

        That dress looks extremely heavy! Style over comfort maybe? lol They really want the crown too I guess.

        I can’t wait for Queen P’s dress. I can’t imagine how captivating it would be. Considering how angry most people were about MJ’s dress last year.

        Laila, who are your favorites so far?

        I think mine are,

        Philippines (of course)

        Those are the people who have stood out to me post arrival.

  7. thanks laila for rogelie and hilarie. ung kay Pia. nakita ko na din yan hehe. wala bang iba? hihi. pero thanks din at bumisita ka dito. post lang ng post never mind tito norms hinde magagalet yan. hehe.

    • ata na rin ako lol. kaso it’s too early pa ata in Las Vegas. In a couple of hours may mga bago na yan. By the way, the theme pala of the photoshoot is casino in the 1950s. Ok lang yan siguro, traffic din naman for the blog. Wala eh, sabay sabay pageants eh. Tulong tulong nalang for the girls.

  8. Timeout muna:

    Former Ms. Universe from Colombia, Luz Marina Zuluaga passed away on Wednesday at age 77.

  9. Teka lang maiba lang ako di ko alam sa ko sisingit.

    Inday Rogelie pasok sa top 3 best in evening wear.

      • hi thomas.

        dexter and i aren’t one. if u’r referring to me as my handle, then nope, again i’m not him.

        i was d3ch here before. but if u insist i can be dexter for u. no problem.

  10. Hola Dahlinss…. sorry napasarap tulog ko….
    Henewei…an insider took a short vidoe clip of Pia walking to her Fadil photoshoot. Nangunguna daw ang kanyang pwet. Sabi daw ng securit personla “hot” o ayan Thomas para sa yo haha. Try ko hanapin yung clip. Medyo over the top hair nya pero if it’s for CHI what do you expect? In the meantime, here’s what she wore:

  11. Pia Papaya, cagayan de oro philippines! iluveet..good luck dyosa! dedma ka na lang sa mga nagmamarunong na chakang bashers hihihii

  12. hay nako. nakakainet kayo ng ulo. puro kayo away. simple as that kung wala magandang sasabihen o ayaw kay ganito ganire. matulog nalang kayo. tsaka na kayo magtalo kapag tapos na ang coronation.okay? asan ba si laila? laila UPDATE PLEASE! tabunan mo nga ng Update tong mga nega na d2

  13. It’s my third time visiting this blog today. So excited for Miss Universe! Just wondering why there are no Miss World updates.

  14. This is already my third time visiting the site today. So excited for Miss Universe! Pero, bakit parang wala yatang Miss World updates?

  15. To all Pianatics.. lets just pray for the sOULS of this two bitches (JEREMI AND THOMAS) who always like to BELITTLE our queen, Pia.

    Thomas and Jeremi aren’t u guys happy with ur life? if not then try to hang urself para mgkita kitA n Kau ng mag kapatid nyo sa impyerno!!!!!

    To quote Thomas,, feeling mo blessed ka talaga>>>??? hahaha yes you’re blessed to have a devil’s horn and a faggot’S overused ass!

    and also! please leave this blog peacefully para NAWALA ANG negative forces ditto


    • Dear Triple X,

      You never fail to entertain me. You are so pathetic dear. You have made it your life’s mission to wait for my post and react with your stupid comments. What a sorry life you have for stalking moi =) Keep it up. I am so amused dear.

      Your gall, temerity, nerve and chutzpah to ask any commenter to leave this forum, (a forum you don’t even own, a forum whose owner has the graciousness to accept all opinion), is just laughable. Keep on quoting (and thus attracting) Satan and Hell. You deserve it. =)

      Finally a simple wish for you : May the fleas of a thousand camels infect the armpits of your mother.

      World Peace.

      • @Thomas are u talking to your old and rotten face? hahaha.

        The way u construct you lines very ANGELO REYES, ENGLISH VERSION NGA LANG WHERES THE SAPYOT?? HAHAHA:) anGGGG dame mo namAng alias’ teh.

        Remember what goes around comes back around. and bad karma is waiting for you! IngAt k lAng AT Baka di lANg saU balIk nYan patI sa mGA mahal mo sa buHAy na hindi knmn mahal.. DAHIL may anak sila na super insecure sa sarili,,,,, baklita na nGA matanda na AT GURANG PA…

        By the way bat ba galit n gait ka kay pia???… nkikita mo ba unG muKHA mo sa SIKO nya?>??? hahaha

        life is unfair no te>? deal with MR KNOW IT ALL!!!



      • Dear Thomas,

        I don’t want to meddle with your negative behavior, however, for someone who wants to be tipped off as intelligent, sophisticated and classy, it doesn’t paint you in that light at all.

        Your over critical analysis of every single detail of Pia proves only one thing about you. You’re harshly judgmental. If you think that makes you extremely classy or better than everyone else then you have some serious issues. Psychological ones at that.

        Stay positive Pia fans.

        There is a reason why Pia is there competing and while Jeremi and Thomas are sitting behind a computer screen, reminding everyone how un-happy they are.

        WORLD PEACE.

        GO PIA!

      • Dear Thomas,

        OH I’LL MEDDLE.

        If you don’t shut your negative trap.

        Be more optimistic and hopeful and MAYBE I won’t meddle so much.

        Either that, or shut the eff up. LOLOL

        Peace out. =)

      • Sorry ARJAY ha… this will be my last reply to you. I also choose who to reply to. TripleX is at least entertaining. You, you are plain boring and KSP (in English, NMH, Needs More Attention). Para kang Toyo… ang hilig mo makisawsaw. Lol.

        May pa “I don’t want to meddle , don’t want to meddle” ka pa… and then all of a sudden “I’ll meddle”. Wag ka magtampo ha… you will be ignored.

        (*blocks ARRRJAY*). Lol.

        World Peace.

      • EVER DEAREST Thomas,

        LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Ignore me all you want. But i’ll be as rude as you will be if you continue to bash Pia.

        And you think I am KSP? WOW. People who HATE ie, you, are the ones who require the most attention in life. WHY? Because your little delicate soul is too fragile to comprehend that you will forever be a by stander within the shadows of successful people and that you will never amount to what Pia has achieved or will achieve.

        You think you’re SOOOO smart when really you are dumb as shit. Mate, my first language is ENGLISH. For you to insinuate that I am trying hard is just LOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! Pathetic.

        You sound pathetic when you try and type English. Next time you point out any other grammatical errors from anyone else’s point of view. I’ll point out ALL OF YOUR SYNTAX errors and make you a laughing stock of this forum.

        From then, you’ll know how it feels to be put down, the same way you put other people and Pia down.

        PEACE OUT,

        To meddle once more and to reiterate the irony which Thomas presents,



      • Thanks @ajay for believing kay Pia. she doesnt deserve this kind od bad mouthing and bashing from this old faggot na si Thomas. i already made a research about this old faggot at sa call center pla to reyna.. kung mgasalita at mang mata e akala mo presdente ng federasyyyyoonnn ng mga baklang senior citizen.

        @thomas!!!! konting konti k nlng sken at lalabas na ang pagmumukha mo dto sa blog!


      • gets ko na. Tomas tries to get into our nerves more by tagging us with wrong handles/usernames on purpose…

        while we’re on this, @pageantryxxxpert @ajay wag na kaya nating pansinin to. isami narin yung side-kick nya.

      • Sinong sidekick ha sino? Tell me, tell me please!
        Chos ! By the way nagbago na kami ni Thomas kasi
        ang gaganda na ng mga photos ni Pia na lumalabas.
        Hindi lang kami siguro yung tao na amen ng amen sa lahat ng photos ni P.W.
        kahit obvious na obvious na hindi maganda ang picture.

        Pa-syntax syntax ka pa dyan …eh ikaw kaya ang syndak-in ko dyan … joke lang po!
        Wala namang personalan please……………………..

    • @pageantXXXpert
      In fairness parang napaka dark and creepy ng personality mo ha…gusto ko yan !
      Keep it up…bravo dahlinn bravo !

      • Jeremi dahlinn…isn’t “it” amusing. Katakawa at nakakawa sya di ba? hahaha. It can not even construct it’s thought with clarity, much more express itself coherently. Do you think nakapag-aral sya Jeremi dahlinn? As my grandma would say, walang urbanidad. Lol.

        But to be fair (mali daw kasi grammatically lang “in fairness” lol), Pia’s initial pictures in Vegas are beautiful. I hope she will do us proud.

        Lab ya dahlinnnn.. (be it labya minora or labia majora). Lol.

        World Peace.

      • hahaha nagsama ang dalasang matandans demonyl sa blog na to hahaha.. may urbanidad pla si atey pero babad n babd dito,, hypocrite 🙂 @Thomas if i were dun k nlng sa mag pinapalamon mong callboy nkatulong ka pa 🙂 #ThomasIStheepitomeOFDEVIL

      • @baklang Thomas na feeling nasa english class cya.. ipkorita ka 🙂 npaka mapagmataas nmn nitong mtndang baklang to na akala mo perpekto.. wag kang msydong mayabng at mpgmataas THOMAS sa kpwa mo AT hindi dITO ntatapos and buHAYy mo te!!! maghnda ka sa kbilng buhay mo at tiyak n mggmit mo yang paging suppppeeerrr gaLing mo sa impyerno bitch! FRST HONOR K DUN BKA RUNNER UP MO PA C JEREMI

        Let your boastfulness eat u alive. STOP BASHING PIA!!!!!!

        Go to your place in hell and leave this blog plsssssssss!!!!!

      • @PageantXXpert
        Nope, sadly I won’t and couldn’t be in Vegas coz I’m departing tonight for Poland to see my girl Rogelie…Mwuahhh

    • Thomas dahlinn leave this low life creature alone.
      People who don’t know what a civilized discourse is should not be entertained at all.
      Namemersonal sya eh !

      Bye pageantXXXpert !
      If you are that sure and secured about Pia winning the MU crown, then you don’t have to rebut everyone here who has a dissenting comment or opinion, unless you, yourself is not sure and
      very doubtful of her chances.

      • hi jeremi i miss u 🙂 please update us sa finals night ng supra. i also want to see warsaw kc im more excited to see Pia wearing our 3rd mu crown very sooooon …..

        btw bagay kau ni thimas dun since mahilig akying mang warla ng kandidata nten 🙂 muah #gotohellJEREMI

  16. From Sash Factor mga Mars,

    My God! I am shaking a little bit as I type this.

    But our exclusive Sash Factor source in Las Vegas has just confirmed that…

    As early as now, Pia Wurtzbach is making huge, huuuuge waves among the organizers, press people, corporate sponsors and even her co-candidates.

    She is like Venus Raj all over again!!! (This were the exact words of an MU insider who has worked with the org for the last 7 years)

    REMEMBER VENUS RAJ??? She rocked Las Vegas in 2010 by becoming the most talked about, most intriguing and most exciting candidate that time. Heck, she almost even gave us a third MU crown if not for “chance”. She was really our best bet to have won a title for us in the last 5 years. Agree?

    My source says… Pia is Venus Raj 2.0!!!

    Pia is an instant darling of the media, and the sponsors too! (Breaking news: She just got handpicked to join CHI promotions.)

    This is such a great news because Pia now has a very very strong chance to “deliver”. (A crown this time?)

    Stay tuned!

    And trust that if it’s from Sash Factor, it must be true.

      • I doubt Angel not unless she will make major major error during Q and A. But knowing Pia’s fluency and articulation plus wit and spontaneity, it is gonna be a big WOW!

    • i never thinked that before. but they are right. shes a 2.0 of venus raj. now ko lang din napansin. hmmm. basta bigyan sya ng magandang gown ung talagang mapapansin sya. medyo maliit na percent lang naman ang kulang nya for Q & A. hopefully maintain nya lang lahat ung mga nagugustuhan sa kanya ng Org. umaasa ako na mapa top 5 sya at makuha ang korona.

      • @Geoff, I would like to share same sentiments with you. we are here to support Pia , no matter what her bashers say, they will never put her down. Pia is on fire right now.

  17. Off Topic mga Mars: Confirmed na pala kasalina si Malinao sa Asia’s Next Top MOdel Cycle 4, sana manalo na siya.

    • Steamyhot100,
      Malamang 1st runner up na naman sya kahit gaano kagaling.
      Ewan ko ba sa contest na to lagi na lang runner up ang Pinas kahit deserving namang manalo.
      Anyways, wala namang relevance ang contest na to in the international scene.
      Yung mga nanalo may projects na ba sila abroad?
      Buti pa yung winner ng Africa’s Next Top Model na si Aamito Lagum sa NY na nakabased and has been gracing the runways of Paris, London, Milan, New York etc. doing the ramps for top caliber designers and houses such as Givenchy, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Valenciaga, D&G, etc. and has been featured or did covers and editorials for top fashion magazines in the world.

      • @Jerimi, at binago mo talaga name ko ha sukdulan na talaga ang init Jerimi, pero tama ka, di ko talaga bet ito, I was so disappointed sa time ni Jodily sya talaga clear winner nuon pero nilampaso lang ng isang X-men character na si Storm este Shina ba yun, haay naku tapos nung cycle 3 din, ganun din.Masayang lang si malinao pag nagkataon.

      • Exactly…lalo na nung time ni Jodily, kahit dun sa final shoots nila, Jodily was the clear winner dahlinn

      • Kaya nga eh, tapos ito na naman ngayon haayy di na talaga nadala sana naman mabigyan na ng justice mga reps natin buti sana kung kulelat talaga pero crystal clear naman yung performance nila na pang winner talaga.

      • pageantXXXpert
        Kaloka ka wala naman ako sinabing masama ah siguro di mo lang kilala yung winner ng Africa’s Next Top Model na sinasabi ko kasi si Pia lang kilala mo kaya nagalit ka ng ganyan. lol
        Eeeoowww but anyway una ka sa impyerno..baklang pangit na to !
        Ayan binigay ko gusto mo

      • Ito naman kung maka Chanel sobra hihihi C. Chanel talaga
        pero uu correct ka, I stand corrected.

    • Accdg to AsNTM Cycle 4 (supposedly currently shooting at SG) rumors and possible spoilers (with at least 80% credibility) 3 Phil reps daw ulit: Alaiza Malinao, Ja Flores and you’re never gonna guess…. Gwendoline Ruais! This came from a fgrum which predicted 13/14 contestants last AsNTM cycle with Barbara whom they failed to get info from kasi nga she wasn’t very active on her social media back then AND accdg to their insiders Alaiza was one of the girls who was sent home early then Gwen, Ja is doing good daw and is still in the competition. Tho they may have infos on girls, medyo off yung info nila about kung anong week na-out yung girl. OMG at Gwen, can’t believe it at Alaiza IF rumors are true.

  18. Mga mars sorry naman ketch. maiba lang… di ko alam kung saan itatanong hihi echos! anyare kay mars christi? kelan kaya ang biyahe niya?

  19. hello daw sabi ni Peru sa taong nag warla dito nung isang araw about Pia’s swimsuit photo, yung OVERLY PHOTOSHOPPED ang sabi ng hitad.

    so ayan, hello from the other side!

  20. jeremi and thomas bat nandto pa kau? para lang manira? pwede ba??? mga baklang nega!!! lumayas nga kau dto

    tama na kamalasang ginawa nya kay Janicel!!! wag nyo na idamay si pia!

    mga epal tong baklang to! panay tira kay pia pero panay nmn chismis sa mga ganap kay pia hahaha

    sirauking baklitang kampon ni satanas!!!!!!!!!


    • hihi lakas ng tawa ko mars sa hashtag mo hihi nag tinginan ang mga tao. naloka aketch hihi

    • Dear Jeremi Dahlinnn,

      Don’t stoop down to the level of that pathetic creature. Just ignore it. Ang kapal ng mukha mag palayas sa hindi nya blog. Palengkera, Walang Class. Squatter. As Alma Moreno would say “The nerd!! of that creature”.

      We are too blessed to be stressed Jeremi dahlinn.

      World Peace.

      • @Thomas lets meet in vegas and ill slap you my millions bitch! speaking english doesn’t make u class and rich! GO TO HELL!!!!!!

        Thomas is just an old faggot waiting for his time in hell!!!!!


      • Dear Thomas and Jeremi.

        Pathetic. Absolutely Pathetic. You’re a walking contradiction. You say you’re, “to blessed to be stressed”? Then why the hell do you keep reading Norman’s blog when you know you’re going to get a large amount of flack with your negative attitude.

        Do yourself a favor, if you don’t have anything nice to say at this point in time of the competition, then don’t say anything at all.

        We are all up in high spirits for Pia right about now. You and Jeremi are only going to bring it down.

        Walk away “Mr Intelligent”, for the good of the many. =)

        PS: LOVING the positive vibes everyone else is bringing to this forum.

        Keep it Pia. Your aura resonates beauty and I can’t help but feel so proud of you.

        From Australia.


  21. Bagay ang colored contact lens kay Pia. Akala ko nagpatan sya, di pla but Paulina wasn’t tanned nung pre-competition nung finals night lang. We’ll see.

  22. I must say I like these selfies of P.W.
    The MU glam team got it right.
    So mga pangit na baklang pinoy make-up artists lang siguro ang problema minsan
    dahil pilit nilang ginagaya ang mga make-up ng mga models sa magazine
    di nila ina assess ng husto kung ano dapat ang babagay sa mukha ni Pia.

    For now ayoko umasa..I will wait for the Prelims to say a word.

    One World !

    • Jeremi dahlinnn…. ganda ni Pia sa first two pics di ba? Even the hair look so natural and flowing, the make-up flawless and not trying-hard. The shots, candid an beautiful.

      Sobra ka naman maka generalize dahlinnnn..”baklang pinoy make-up artists”! Lol. Loaded statement with judgement. But that’s what make you, you dahlinnn…

      Ano naman ang gimik natin na pa One World, One World ka pa ngayon? hehe.

      World Peace.

      • Hahahahaha Thomas dahlinnnn yup I must agree, maganda sya sa mga main photos ng article – fresh, light and youthful.

        Well I got the inspiration from Mr. Nawat’s “Stop The War” advocacy.

        One World !

      • Dahlinn…ko kopya ka na lang ng tag line from that pageant..sana kinopya mo na lang , “I am a child of rape”. Di ba bonga ang closing statement mo? Lol.

        World Peace.

      • Hahahahahaha ayoko nyan dahlinn may hyrdroquinone at saka masyadong revealing LOL

      • Pero mukha ngang magandang tag line lalo na pag may hash tag like…

        Fabulous nga hahahahahaha !

      • not trying to be sour panda here but in all honesty, rape is not something one should really joke about….

      • @Thomas, yan na ang bagong tagline(hope i’m using the right word) ni Jerimi dahlinnn since siya ang appointed Miss Grand International 2020! Kudos ! Jerimi! I a so proud of you dahlinnn.

      • Thomas nakuha moko sa “Ano naman ang gimik natin na pa One World, One World ka pa ngayon? hehe.” *claps*

        ito ang IMPACT! diba. parang ang peg mo to Jeremi, you’re just a second rate trying hard copy-cat. pero with a touch of sophistication. may CLASS!!!

      • @Jeremi Hi. u’re excused. D3ch po initial handle ko dito. hindi Dexter kaya wag epal ha. thank u

    • @Jerimi…Napakalaking Oucchhhhh para sa sandatahang kabekihan na make-up artists ni Pia pala,

    • Was this styled by the MU make up artists or by herself. I think this is self-styled

  23. I checked IG for the latest posts about Pia after work, and I couldn’t stop screaming in my car cause she’s doing really well and it’s just the first day! I saw a post stating Pia was chosen to be in a CHI commercial. So hindi ko alam kung anong totoo! Sherri Hill ba or CHI? Either way, I’m glad she’s being selectively chosen by sponsors! WOOT WOOT! I wish you all the best Pia and keep that fire within you!!

  24. Nag post na ng roomies. Kay Myanmar si Pia. Mukang positive reception sa kanya doon. Kaliwat kanan repost sa kanya sa IG. Grabe umatake mga Colombians. Kahit post na si Pia lang dun sila naghahasik ng lagim. Para silang desperado.

      • Alit,

        Actually na stress na rin ako…
        Daming borrowed Spanish words sa Tagalog na mahirap itranslatesa sariling wika.

        Ngunit, aking pipiliting panindigan ang aking adhikain upang maitago ang ating nasasa-isip sa ikatatagumpay kabayan. Malapit na malipol ang mga bitwin sa pag angat ng ating binibini.

        Si Pia ay handa na maging…
        Lakambini ng buong Kalawakan!

      • ^LOL. Ang galing. Parang hindi ko kayang managalog ng ganito kalalim. Pag Bisaya kasi madalas mas kumportable gumamit ng Inggles kesa sa Filipino.

        On Pia: Doing great so far! 🙂 Exceeding my expectations. 10 points for Pia!

    • Ano ba yang hair ni Ms. India? Parang tatalbog ang butiki na mahuhulog jan a? Lol. #spraynet.

      World Peace.

    • Lait kayo nang lait kay Rogelie na malaki mukha eh tingnan niyo nga tong Urvashi Rautela malaki pa kay Rogelie, siopao kung siopao! Haha ✌

    • either of the two will bring home the crown. both Asian countries…15 years since lara duta…

    • Kailangan ba talaga ibunyag ang hugis ng mukha at ngipin ng ating nakalipas na lakambini sa pagpapakita ng isang lalaki na kanyang kawangis? Sukdulan sya! 😀

    • ui teh. sana totoo yang kay Pia ha. medyo sad ako so sana more good vibes. pam pakalma. i have a problem kase. sana nga from favorite to win. kahit ist runner up ok lang. since fav sya hopefully palagi syang makaka attract ka sa mga tao don lalo na sa Org ng MU. nakaka excite MU ds year.

      • For God’s sake Geoff, hindi pa dumating lahat ng candidates at saka December 2 pa lang dahlinnn para masabing favorite si Pia…sino ba ng kakalat sa bali balitang ito?

      • Jeremi, sempre mga pinoy. Parang aldub worldwide trending daw (pero among pinoys long nman). But in fairness nman to Pia, malaki talaga ang laban nya mars. Yang gandang yan, pasok sa banga basta wag Lang sesemplang sa Q&A mars.

  25. guys wag nmn sana majinx tong pnlbn nten.. from dffrent countries mgnda feedbck sknya.. heres the post of one the blogger from colombia

    Based on photos, my thoughts so far

    – IDK if Brazil is here yet, but she’s killing it already, I told you guys to look out for her and I expect the org to favor her as well.
    – Philippines may be end up like Paulina did last year as everyones favorite then winning the crown. She has been looking amazing and has seemed to already gained attention from the org.
    – Love her or hate her, Mexico is gonna kill it, that outfit wasn’t her best, but theres no way I see her leaving my Top 5.
    – Australia’s styling is on point, she looked fantastic today and may be able to crack the Top 5.
    – Thailand may enter my Top 15, she’s looking great and I can even see her winning. She reminds me of the current Miss Earth.
    – Costa Rica is a pleasant surprise and looks a lot more youthful than I thought she did.
    – Not counting Peru out yet, but not sure she’ll still make it, when I go tomorrow, I’ll look out for her
    – Not sure what you guys are seeing in Singapore
    – Lebanon has also been looking stunning, facially she’s one of the strongest and I hope her natural beauty gets noticed
    – India needs to fix her hair, but other than that looking good.
    – France should sport curly hair during the pageant, but she’s still the best from Europe, IMO.
    – Kosovo and Puerto Rico are looking gorgeous as well
    – I’ve always thought that Indonesia is a hot mess, they won’t place again this year
    – I don’t know if Venezuela will clap this year still, but I’m not feeling her at all, to the people above who say she can win, are you serious 🙄
    – I’m nervous about Ari with her new hair color. It’s not looking good and I think a darker color would work better. Like georgj said, it’s like Michelle Rouillard cutting her hair all over again 😐 doubt we’re clapping this year though.

    Waiting to see photos Vietnam, Poland, Dominican Republic and many others.

    • Woww nakaka-inspired naman yan, thanks sa pag share mo ng ganyang post. True talaga na marami nakapansin kay Pia at maganda and feedbacks ha infairness.

  26. Australia-Thailand-Philippines


      • Infairness kay Nat mukhang approachable ang mangga nyang fez. ✌🏻 i mean parang friendly xa… And ofcourse just look at our Pia, isn’t she divine???

      • Ayyy mars Alit. natumbok mo hihi. maganda si Thailand pero parang may awkward sa fez niya. iniisip ko kung ano, at nasabi mo hihi. medyo awkward ang shape ng chin niya nga hihi peace mga mars opinion lang ng bruha.

      • Mitchesa, ako ay sang-ayon sa talas ng iyong mata. Ang iyong napunang baba ni Alit ay tunay na may pagka-tulis na maihahambing ng lubos sa isang malaking manggang kalabaw.

      • @heather, thanks for this one. Pano ba mag post ng pic ? na di na kailangan yung link pa

      • SH14, ng tulay na mga titik at bilang ay dapat may “j.peg” sa huli. Ang pagpipilian na magaya ang mga tulay na titik ay lumalabas lamang sa kanang-pindot ng naturang kaguhitan.

      • Etong tai lang kung hindi guyabano mangga! Kung makalait ang lahi niya sa ating prinsesa akala mo diosa pinadala nilang abot hanggang babalu sa lupa! taon taon naman yang mga tai yayabang tapos klap klap kamay lagi…

      • Mas maganda sana ang attire ni Indonesia kung raw / dark denim ang jeans
        Yun lang po ! Hwag nyo akong awayin 🙂

      • @c2f, naman kinakaryer mo na talaga Mars ang pagiging true-blooded filipino in words and in deeds ha, kaw na talaga pero sa totoo lng wala talaga akong naintindihan dyan hheheheh kailangan ko ng google translate siguro Mars but anyways thanks sa effort mars , irerekoenda kita sa balagasan showdown sa amin tiyak palong-palo ka!

    • Ako ay nabighani!
      Ngunit, ako parin ay umaasa na ang kasuotang pang gabi ng ating lakambini ay walang butas na hahamakin!

      • I watched the collection of libiran… his style is not close to this 🙂

      • Yung almodal na red cown collection xxxpert maganda, pero malay natin baka gumawa sya ng gown na sobrang pasabog alang-alang kay Pia.

      • Malaki parin ang aking tiwala kay Kiko sa kanyang talinong-angkin, buliga sa kagandahan at sa kanyang paraan na isa-buhay ang kanyang nasasa-isip.

      • Ako nga rin, siguro hindi naman nya ipapahiya si Pia by wearing an ordinary-looking gown at alam na alam ni Francis kung gaano kabongga ang mga gown sa Miss UniverseKnowing his expertise and ingenuity tiyak palong-palo itong kay PIa (nag assume lang heheh) . Pinaghandaan nila ang ptimpalak na ito. As I said before ,it wasn’t about Pia’s luck, it was blood, sweat, and tears all the way. Sensya na po c2f di pa talaga ako ganun ka bihasa sa filipino kaya may halong ingles ito kahit simple lang.

      • sana nga psabog tlga/// actually kht whie dress lng n body hugging na very classy pwede un pra dyosa tlga

      • SH14, walang anuman at walang alinlangan na ako ay tunay na wala lang magawa. Hahaha 😀

    • Love her skin here, siguro kung ca 360 ito yung sa guy eh bongga din sana effect but you can see the difference of their skin so Pia is really fresh and ready for the crown! Fact na Fact!

      • agree look at the oily skin of the guy beside Pia. I think pia has a radiant skin. very prepared.. hopefully makukha ng maraming sponsors si pia para mpnsin cya ng IMG …. 🙂 so far so good.

        Im not sure with her libirans evening gown. im not just a fun of his work but lets see. 🙂

      • We will just hope Francis created a gown that is not only exquisite but also unique and breath taking that will showcase her vavavoom figure, gorgeous face and pasarela.

    • Ang karikitan ng kanyang mukha ay tunay na nangingibabaw at dahil dyan, mataguyod ang aking paniniwala na ang iginuhitan ay hindi ginamitan ng anumang sumpang kagandahan.

  27. Mukhang witch ang peg. Is it just me that sees this? Come on guys lets get real. It’s either the make up or the hair! She looks so much older. She deserves better styling. Go Pia!

  28. I read a post from Pageant talk overload, Pia is chosen to do a commercial. Though di masyado dinitalye kung anong commercial yun basta she has a photo together with her make up artist na lalaki ang ganda ng pagkaayun ng buhok nya at face ha.

  29. Ang ganda ng jacket nya. May pinoy tribal patterns sya.

    Yung maganda at fresh sya, it goes without saying na (pero sinabi ko parin hihi)

  30. Ok from now on ang ating salita na ang mamumutawi sa aking bibig upang tayo lang ang maka-alam sa ating usapin. Hindi masyadong nakakakita ng rikit kay Pia sa una niyang araw ang mga tagasunod ng mga kalaban. And kanyang gayak ba sa itaas ay upang maging hindi kapansin-pansin muna at para habang tumatagal ay mag-ipon ng lakas para sa isang malaking pasabog? Ako parin ay nagagalak dahil alam ko na mayroon siyang tiyak na plano upang sa huli ay siya parin ang mangibabaw sa patimpalak na yaon.

    • @C2f, ako ay sadyang nabighani sa yong mga salita, Tunay ngang kagila-gilalas at kaibig-ibig sa sinumang bumasa nito. Nawa’y magdilang anghel ka sa ating marikit na kalahok sa tagisan ng ganda. Kung mamarapatin mo sana C2f, ibig ko sanang magpaturo sa iyo upang lalo ko pang mahasa ang aking kaalaman. Ang pagiging makata ay isang pangarap na matagal ko nang inaasam -asam, harinawa’y ikaw ang magiging daan upang ang mga pangarap ko ay magkatotoo.

      • Ako ay taus-pusong nagpapasalamat dahil sa iyong pansin ay parangal na para sa akin. At dahil sa iyong mithiin, aking malugod na ipagpapatuloy na bigyang buhay ang ating wika sa aking mga tugon sa babasahing yaon.

      • Maraming samat p C2f, ikaw ay tunay na makabayan, sa talas ng iyong pag-iisip tiyak marami kang matuturuan at sana isa na ako dyan. lol

  31. Panalo! Ikaw na ang Miss Universe! Di muna ako tatanggap ng plantsahan sa araw ng Miss Universe.

      • @Thomas, if ganito talaga ka fresh face ni Pia , grabe lakas ng laban nya Thomas. Global Beauties used to ignore our past candidates in their hotpicks bu this time I am a bit startled kasi nasa top 5 si Pia so they can’t really neglect Pia’s presence in Vegas and that’s a FACT!

      • @ steamy: I agree totally. Pia’s beauty just cannot be ignored — coupled by her determination — she is a force to be reckoned with… and even Global Beauties cannot deny that.

  32. sana hindi camera360 to ha.. kasi kahit ako nagiging miss universe narin pag itong app na ito ang kumuha sa pichure koh

  33. ang ganda and fresh lang hihi. go mars! i can’t wait for the photos to flood online!!! excited to see her standing alongside the other early favorites like colombia, mexico, DR, USA and Mitchesa 2.0. chos

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