15 comments on “The unfortunate favorites who (shouldn’t have) missed the cut

  1. Tito Norms, was Reniel made into a sacrificial lamb of sorts? I really thought he should have placed higher. And with blazing frontrunner Spain not making it to Top 10 plus Italy and Dominican Republic not even included in Top 15, what gives? Can you share already your thoughts on what you expressed last Sunday as certain “shady” developments behind the scenes?

  2. I would also like to call the attention of the organizers.
    Sana next time they should do away the long list of sponsor roll call towards the end of the show. So long that Australia collapsed on stage. Thank God the livestreaming was not able to see that. Parang nahihiya ako para kay Australia.

    Kung ginaya na rin lang nila yung MU format, they should have done away with this. Anyway, the logos of these sponsors were all over the video snippets/presentation last night.

    Also, they should have hired professional translators or interpreters. Switzerland had France’s girlriend as his interpreter. Korea had his national director as his. Mr. Venezuela 2013 was Panama’s interpreter. Vice Ganda repeated twice Miss Southeast Asia’s qustion to Korea. I thank the Lord for these wonderful people for saving the night for these contestants.

  3. I agree.
    Puerto Rico was teary eyed about his top 5 non inclusion last night. So sad he never went to the afterparty anymore.
    Italy and Poland were sad too. I dont know why ITaly didnt make it to top 15 at least? Lack of communication skills?
    Poland was visibly sad as well. Probably he felt disappointed after not duplicating his compatriot’s success last year.
    Still reeling why Spain didnt advance to top 10? For me, he should have been there instead of Korea or Phls.
    Indonesia/Venzuela or Puerto Rico should have replaced Korea in Top 5. Indonesia just shined last night. Puerto Rico has got the most beautiful eyes in the competition.

    • But to be fair to Korea, he really wore a stunning suit. I think that is what propelled him to Top 5.

    • Yes he did, T! Out of exhaustion from all day long rehearsals. probably. Thse guys have been on diet since Day 1.

    • Oist spluk ka sa kaganapan, teh. Wasn’t able to watch the livestream here in Dubai.

  4. Ay buhay nga naman sa larangan ng patimpalak ay parang pulitiko. May kanya kanyang kampo at mayroon din kanya kanyang kuro-kuro sa bawat katungali at sa bandang huli magkakasundo muli ang bawat isa. Kahit saan man patimpalak, aminin man o hindi gusto lagi ang panalo ay ang kanilang sariling manok. Wala pong kadudaduda na talagang may kakayahan manalo ang pambato ng Pilipinas pero kung sa tingin ng mga hurado na mayroon pala mas higit pa kay Mr. Philippines, siyempre doon ibibigay ang korona. Tanggapin na lang ng maluwag ang pagkatalo ng inyong pambato

  5. The only surprise of the five gentlemen highlighted in this post was the exclusion of Spain in the Top 10 or even the Top 5. I honestly can’t figure out what the judges were basing their decision on as Spain was incredibly stellar the whole evening. Maybe the judges saw something I didn’t or vice versa. Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder no matter how obvious it may seem. At any rate, I still had Spain at #2 with Brazil winning the whole thing. For me, Philippines, Puerto Rico and especially Venezuela were never Top 5-material so their exclusion was expected.

    Anyway, on to Miss Universe! Finally! Yey!

    • Philippines over Korea, definitely a resounding yes! I can also replace Czech over Venezuela or PR…oh well.

  6. I thought Puerto Rico’s body was weird! parang may silicone abs sya! Hindi proportional yung trunk sa chest nya! Anyways I thought Brazil was going to win! he was the most charming!

    • I’m more bothered with his eyes being too close together but I still feel bad for him.

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