29 comments on “Sunday Specials: Who will take it all the way in Mister International 2015?

  1. Miss and Mister Pancontinental 2015 Results

    Miss Pancontinental 2015 – Vietnam, Maria Ho
    Mister Pancontinental 2015 – Philippines, Ben Hitchcock


    Best in National Costume :

    Mr. Sri Lanka
    Miss Vietnam

    Best in Resort Wear

    Mr. Malaysia
    Miss Malaysia

    Best in Swimsuit

    Mr. Malaysia
    Miss Philippines

    For Mister International 2015 – Good luck dear!

  2. Mr International 2015 for me is Australia. 1st RU Puerto Rico. 2nd RU Spain. 3rd RU Switzerland. 4th RU Philippines.
    6th-10th Indonesia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Italy.
    11th-15th Panama, Brazil, Lebanon, Poland, China.

    Kung hindi nanalo ang Pilipinas last year, malaki ang chance natin kay Rein.

  3. hmm, let me guess..china can spoil the fun because it has lobbied to host next year’s event (God forbid), and venezuela might win because of the politics of osmel??? yaay,if true, dirty politics rearing its ugly head..in an event hosted by the philippines.. TSK! TSK! TSK!

    • they might not be the judges’ nor the organizers’ choices but hell, they’re the majority’s top picks. i would be happy if the big winner will come from this group

  4. of course spain will win…why? because his mom is half-filipina. san ka pa sa pinas? tapos kakalat sa fb, MR. INTERNATIONAL: Pinoy

  5. I so love Mr Indonesia and Mr Australia. I still cant forget last year’s Mr Indonesia. Ohh my baby, Kevin was his name if i remember correctly. & i don’t mind if China, Spain or Singapore wins.

    I hate to say this but i reallly don’t see anything special with Mr Philippines. I’m sorry that i’m not fond of our bet but this is just my taste. I wish him best of luck though.

    • its ok, We super Reingers are aiming for a top 5 for him. or at least this Super Reinger. I think in a way, he knows he can’t win and i don’t think Mr. International does a back to back win either. Plus u can tell he’s such a gracious host and cool, calm collected kinda guy which epitomizes what Mr. International should be. I notice the more I examine the camaraderie of these fine men, the more i see some of them are quite desperate to get the title. Gentlemen, ur not in Miss Universe, male pageant should embodies a cool, nonchalant attitude like Ren, kinda like Chris Pratt, u know just enjoying himself

  6. Are f-ing kidding me! China? Ewwww! From the land of knock offs and fake goods, are u sure that guy isn’t fake? Lol anyhow of all the Asians aside from our Rein. I would rather go for Indo or India even Singapore I would consider def not China, China is a joke very average looking. Small frame ofcourse tiny d!ck, plus not to mention he ain’t charming at all! I would never consider Venezuela he’s older looking like his in his mid 40s and very robotic when he talks. I would hate this pageant to go down if they choose either these 2 hags, anyone but them. Rein for top 5. Atleast gift na Lang Nila yan sa Atin

  7. I would say Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Poland, Indonesia and Venezuela in the Top 5. Spoilers could be Czech Republic, Philippines, Brazil, Italy and Spain.

  8. Hmmm. I usually agree with Sir Norman’s choices but I think Brazil and Dominican Republic are very strong that anyone of them can take the title.

  9. Puerto Rico’s consistency in the looks department will surely put him on top! Brazil and Switzerland next…

  10. I think Mexico should replace Czech Republic

    China looks twinkish. Korea and Indonesia looks better than him.

    Puerto Rico should change places with Brazil

  11. I would definitely place Brazil in the Top 5 (if not the winner) over Philippines (sorry)… certainly put Poland in the Top 15 over China, Indonesia, India or Netherlands.

  12. this one is pretty tough to judge. there’s lots of possible winners! it could be anybody

  13. Naku po tsina daw!. Baka maging country of year sila Ms.Mundo sila na raw!? At nagbabanta na rin ms. Tsina kalawakan gagawin raw lahat makuha ang ms.kalawakan wow gandang lahi talaga! KAY MR.SPAIN HINDI KA MAN PALAIN , parasa karamiha mucho mucho guapito ka pa rin! Viva Espania ariva!ariva!

  14. Poland, Mexico, Panama, Belgium, Colombia and Guam are also deserving to win. Hirap mag judge halos lahat pwede kahit ang Mr. Singapore.

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