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  1. hindi naman masama ang pagiging maangas o confident basta lang may laman ang mga sinasabi mo,may stand ka may point ka may opinion ka, maganda si pia pang model siya talaga, pero to represent women i don’t think she’s on the right path… opinion sa kasal lang di niya alam sagutin? janina san miguel v.2.0 sure na…

    • Nina’s case was different. The opinions Abt Nina in 2000 were overwhelmingly positive so the expectations were very high. With Pia, The supporters are more reserved but hopeful . They see what the naysayers are seeing but they are still praying for the best .

  2. I was just holding my horses, i promised myself i will no longer say bad things against Pia but I cant keep this feeling any longer. What happened to her during that interview? There was an aura of boastfulness ,arrogance and no class at all. Forgive me I am a fan of her but seeing this interview made me think what happened to her training ? She have this mannerism of side glancing before answering the question. Her posture is tantamount to a person having a spinal injection. She was bombarded with questions but the answers are all BS. Simple question of how will you convince other delegates to go to the Philippines? Trust me first before ill give you the detail? What a thug! Attention Jonas will you kindly brief again this abnoxious , dreadful girl you have. Let me just pinch myself maybe i was just in REM ? Prove me wrong Pia im still going to Las Vegas hope I will not waste my vacation and ticket. Still I will bring the Philippine flag and support you.

    • To be quite honest, I didn’t think she was arrogant in the interview. If anything, I think she’s just really energizing herself for the big competition. It’s as if she’s building her confidence so once she arrives in Vegas, she won’t find herself at the bottom due to low self-esteem. I mean 88 girls in one venue…. Even if you don’t wanna think about it, you’ll be comparing yourself to other girls. So before she even finds herself in that situation, Pia’s already gathering her confidence in a ball so she can be prepared for what will happen in LV.. Didn’t you hear one of her mentors in the interview, Pia’s usually really hard on herself. If anything, that confidence she showed in the interview was a way to mask her self-doubts. Don’t worry Ivan, I’m sure Mama J will brief her prior to the competition. Kaya ni Pia to

    • Pia will have more supporters in Vegas than bashers that’s all I can say – the same way that MJ and Janine had during their respective competition. Filipinos are known rabid supporters and the spirit of bayanihan is very evident. Trust me. You will be cheering for Pia whether you like it or not.

      • Dawn certainly I will be cheering for her. Don’t get me wrong because I lamented my point of view here. As I have mentioned I will still hold the flag of the Philippines .

    • I honestly don’t get much of the criticism about Pia sounding boastful. This has been brought up before, and I still think that it comes with her being comfortable in speaking. Some people seem to think that our candidates should be pa-sweet and always calm and collected in interviews so as not to seem mayabang or arrogant. Many Latina beauty queens take interviews more lightly than this, and they speak with so much energy and spirit. Paulina Vega is a great example. She’s almost always just laughing, and that’s one of the things that made her so endearing to the press last year.

      I don’t think she REALLY thinks with certainty that she’s going to win. Malamang. But saying it helps morale, so whatever. This is exactly how people reacted regarding that Manny Pacquiao tweet, which I think is just ridiculous.

    • Ivan , you are going to Vegas because you are an avid Miss U fan and it’s happening where it is very cheap and accessible to you. Do not use Pia as an excuse .

      If you followed her journey from 2013, you would realize that she was among the most humble and Approachable beauty queens in history . I promise you will see that in Vegas.

    • Just because someone sounds confident doesn’t imply boastfulness. I think this is a cultural problem in the Philippines. Filipinos are known for being humble, reserved and soft when we talk to the point that we Filipinos can easily perceive confidence as something negative. Pia is just being confident about her upcoming competition and I think she’s a naturally a genuine person. Don’t hold it against her. She’s been through this 3 times and I think she deserves to feel good to finally get her chance after so many years.

  3. I’m glad I watched this interview. We can see Pia’s determination to win — she’s hungry and it shows. I was not a fan of her in the beginning pero I was never bitter about her win. I knew that with her passion and positive work ethics along with Mama J’s outstanding team, Pia would bloom to become a powerful representative (and I was right). I got teary-eyed at the end of the interview cause her passion and desire to make this country proud is really there. And it was so touching hearing her mentors give her advice. That part resembled a mom sending her child off to college. But in all honesty, you can tell how meticulous A&Q is when it comes to handling their girls. They make sure our representatives are well prepared under any circumstances and I absolutely commend them for that. I think out of all our MUP rep, Pia was the most exposed. Nakita talaga natin yung progress niya. And I couldn’t be more excited for Pia to rock Las Vegas. Whatever happens there, I hope and wish Pia the best! I know she’s a perfectionist but I don’t want this competition to consume her. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime experience — have fun but keep your head in the game! Laban kung laban Queen P!

  4. first off I know I’m convinced that she’s better off with straight hair rather than curly, she should ditch that look come competition completely. I don’t know how with that many trainers and beauty experts surrounding her would allow to make her face larger than what it is. straight clean looks works better for her because it’s just more sophisticated and highlights her beauty the best. Enough with trying to become a chameleon! and yeah with regards to the interview I think she was too relaxed to the point of coming across as over confident. calm and collected that’s the key. my god, by this time we shouldn’t be having these issues anymore. with all the trainings and what nots pia should have been nailing these points. but still I believe in her. the true judgement will be the next three weeks if she’s going to live to her hype or if she’s going to sink. most probably I think she will make us all proud! good luck

  5. Pinanood ko talaga to kagabi and I could say of all the reps we’ve sent to Miss Universe, she’s the only one who has the kind of confidence that would make you want to listen to her. With all due respect to our former queens, si Pia ang may pinaka strong na personality. May laban tayo with Pia. Ganito ka lakas ang confidence ko sa rep natin nung time ni Venus, Janine and Ara. She’s most likely to win the crown if di pa rin nag iba ang hinahanap ng org now that it’s under IMG.

  6. “Stay hungry, stay young, stay foolish, stay curious, and above all, stay humble because just when you think you got all the answers, is the moment when some bitter twist of fate in the universe will remind you that you very much don’t.”
    ― Tom Hiddleston

    • Another spiteful comment from Jeremi. It’s hard to decide what this guy is . Is he a cancer or a virus?
      Preaching about humility, the nerve of this guy.

    • Fabian, yeah he’s any of the ff: bored, unemployed, troll, cyber terrorist or even possibly a terrorist or all of the above.

      • “There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind”
        – Anais Nin

      • Lol, that’s funny but I don’t think so . I think he is just a jerk who hates Pia ‘s guts

    • Jeremi is an ugly balding fag. Gays who look underwhelming are normally haters…haven’t you noticed?

      O diba pangit ka Jeremi? Lol

  7. Screaming with over confidence coming off as arrogant.

    She can’t even gather her thoughts on marriage. You only have 30 seconds to answer one effin question which may even be harder than marriage.

    Charisma is that one thing you lack which our previous representatives have. And just like class, you can’t buy that.

    Pia Atchara Wurtzbach, GOODLUCK, you need it.

    • Cut her some slack… She’s on a diet and just came from the gym before that interview. I do agree that she could’ve drank some green tea 30mins prior but hey, she showed personlity and that’s what matters. I can guarantee that she will be very sharp a Las Vegas till the coronation night! 🙂

    • @Angel
      That is what I’ve been figuring out for so long about Pia.
      Charisma & Class, obviously she doesn’t have both.
      Some people incorporate being sosyal with class which is not always the case.
      Mutya Datul who has a very humble beginning and a certified probinsyana is very classy
      even when speaking in Tagalog while Pia who was raised in the city with a German dad doesn’t possess this trait, there’s something in her gesticulations and the way she talk that is cheap
      and bakya…Yes dahlinn bakya as contrary to being sosyal as many here are claiming.
      I am sorry guys !

      One World !!

      • Shamcey has proven something in the Miss Universe pageant and nobody can deny that.
        Peace !!

    • Angel, Pia is not running for president and she is only 25-6. Plus, she is just tying to talk in a casual manner … Being with friend/s.
      You know how she delivers…. When it really matters.. On stage.
      Charisma? Pia is one of our most approachable beauty queens along with MJ and Venus. Why don’t you try Shamcey? You will have the worst nightmare of your life.

      • Laila, she is a snob. We were in the same elevator at planet Hollywood . My 77 y/0 mother said hi Shamcey . she looked at her but she didn’t even smile or acknowledge her

        Leila Lopes was a lot more accomodating.

    • Context is everything. It’s too bad you took out-of-context most of her answers to Boy’s queries.

      • Dahlinn in the world of pageantry, context is not the only basis of judgement but mostly the overall demeanor of the contestant. A beauty queen must be cool, calm and collected when answering questions but with conviction and the right amount of confidence. Pia is the total opposite of that !

      • @Jeremi
        Thank God you will not be judging during the preliminaries and coronation night of the MU pageant. BTW, you need to start taking vitamins for your malnourished brain cells.

      • @Bijankai
        I don’t usually respond to personal insults but let me make patol to you exceptionally.
        My brain is full of vitamins dahlinnn I am very sure of that based on where I am now.
        I think you should be the one to have a brain total replacement surgery.

      • And this guy Jeremi is saying he means well. Yet he only sees the negative in Pia.

  8. Arguably the most prepared candidate we’ve ever had. Her hunger for the crown is not even personal;its for the country. Her envy of her predecessors achievements was in how they came home and everyone was like cray-cray. And that was it- national pride- everything else that comes with it (endorsements, Noynoy’s proposal for marriage?) is just gravy on the side. i love the fact that in this interview, there’s a tone of ruthlessness which some may see as arrogance; already, I can see her haters coming up with even sharper knives and pitchforks for her. But it piques some of us because we’re used to the demure, all deferential, people-pleasing Filipina queen (some have even described her as being drunk like hello!).

    Maybe that’s the missing piece on why we’ve kept nudging the top 5 and the top 10 but never cracking the top spot- a candidate who can be calculating and actually has a game-plan.

    Don’t tell me that Venezuela’s winning queens are all sugar and spice and niceness; that flawless beauty courtesy of science comes with a manual. Osmel’s creatures have been trained to annihilate the competition at all costs.

    If there’s one absolute thing that I’m still doubtful about is her wardrobe- let all this talk and show of confidence be matched with the right style and the right outfit. Otherwise..well, you know what happens next…

      • President Aquino is not a bad catch. Let me remind you that WOMEN think differently than GAYS when it comes to marriage.

      • @Lynn: How are the gays different to us women when it comes to marriage? Some marry for love, some marry for looks, some marry to better their station, and so on — whether straight or gay, male or female. Not all gays are the same… just like not all women are either.

      • @Lily…Generally speaking most women prefer security over good looks. The potential of a suitor is paramount as long as he does not look like King Kong. Most gay men are into youth, good looks, and the size of that body part. However, there are always people of either gender who are different but it’s more of an aberration rather than the rule. I’m with the majority. My hubby is average looking but he’s an MD and a good provider….which makes him a wonderful partner.

      • @Lynn: Stop making generalizations and blanket statements about gay people; it’s ridiculous. To say that “most gay men are into youth, good looks, and the size of that body part” is silly. I know many gay men and straight married women and they all are similar… and different. So what if you have an MD for a husband and is a good provider — those are not the only things that make a good husband. Not all women are as materialistic as you. Additionally, many women do not need to be provided for as we can take care of ourselves. You say gay men look at the size of that body part… but it seems you look at the size of their wallet. You’re not any better or worse. Most women and gay men marry for love, no matter what their station.

      • Bonggacious ka, Lily! You said it.

        Lynn – you are obviously delusional! Who cares about your MD hubby who is probably cheating on you. Maiya is engot.

      • I asked my two cousins who are gay and my gay friends in Los Angeles if gays and straight women are similar in a lot of ways in terms of relationship….and their answer is NO. @ Lily…I’m a CPA and have a career of my own so financially I’m no clinging vine. @ Marlon… My hubby ain’t promiscuous like you. Enough said. If you believe otherwise I don’t care.

    • True Andrew, I’m loving her unapologetic approach in getting that crown. Cunning and strategic. It’s like we’re sending someone to Syria instead of Las Vegas. I hope she can balance those qualities with being charming. Don’t lose hope about her wardrobe. I have a source now, I’m not sure how reliable this one is but she did say the natcos will be made by Andrada {who posted some blingy filipinana embroidery detail against black tulle on his IG acct} and her gown will be by Libiran. Leo Almodal, replied to one of my comments and also said she’ll be bringing a Filipino designed wardrobe so yey :}

  9. You really can’t buy charisma.

    There is so much arrogance and many unfinished sentences. Not to mention cluttered thoughts – can’t even express herself on marriage. Remember you only have 30secs in MU to answer the question.

    Overall, Charisma is something that you don’t have that our previous representatives have. You are bringing in too much confidence that is coming off as arrogance.

    Pia Atchara Wurtzbach, Good luck.
    Kailangan mo yan.

    *PS: Hate and dislike all you want. But this is how I see her and have been seeing her with all her interviews. Walang sincerity at charisma.

    • I think the young guy is not gay I have no doubt Abt piolo but what’s wrong wit that🎇?

    • Rumors are everywhere about the preference of these two yummy hunks. Whatever/whoever makes them happy so be it. After all,showbiz is one hell of kaplastikan. Maraming pagkukunwari, you live in a world of deceit and lies surrounded by hypocrites just to achieve that STARDOM.

  10. Sana mai-post din yung Bottomline interview. She performed much better dun sa interview na yun. Mas maiintindihan ng lahat that Pia is kinda scary when it comes to her focus. Now I can bombard this thread with photos hehe…

  11. In my opinion, the interview w/ Boy Abunda was great!
    She showed personality and confidence which I believe is what MU is looking for. She is innately analytical and I get that. I love that she was more casual in this interview. She may not be as candid in answering but I see it as a sign of maturity because she thinks twice before giving a statement that could possibly have great effects to those who are watching. I do agree, “daig ng matalino ang maganda” and she has both.


    • Agree. I hope she can maintain this relaxed composure in her interviews and social interactions in Vegas. Relaxed/candid communicator, but hardcore performer on stage. Bitbitin na nya lahat ng kulog at kidlat sa bawat rampang gagawin niya, kasi eto na yun. Her long-awaited moment. H’wag na magtira, ilabas na lahat ng baraha, lahat ng pinaghandaan nya, para pagdating sa dulo, gaya ng sabi nya, no regrets.

      Kung di man masungkit ang korona, yun ay dahil mas magaling ang kalaban, hindi dahil kulang-kulang ang iyong inihain na performance.

    • I enjoyed her interview with Boy. She was candid, playful, and serious depending on the questions thrown at her. Good luck Pia. May the force be with you!!

    • We have different perspective on Pia’s candid moments with Boy. As for me, I find her so outspoken. She speaks what she thinks. She is a woman of substance.

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