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  2. Ang laki ng improvement ni Pia. Noong una, I like Janicel to represent our country pero nang mapanood ko ang speech niya sa Miss International medyo disappointing. Looking at how confident Pia answered the questions in this show, I think she can manage a place or possible win.

    Let’s all unite and pray for Ms Wurtzbach to break the dry spell in the much coveted title.

    I also pray Hillarie Parungao that she will the second title for our country. This lady has a noticeable looks and charming aura.

    • THE VIDEO IS MISSING! This is where Aces and Queens have divulge the information that they had been contacted by Rolene Strauss team who helped her game plan and styling.

  3. This woman is so full of substance. She’s confident, she knows her self very well, and she can carry an intellectual conversation. I am so excited to cheer her on this coming December 20th. Good luck Pia! You are more than ready to rock the stage in Las Vegas. God bless you.

  4. Tito Norms – I wanna kill these nega bayots, mga chaka naman, you gays are entitled for opinions pero naman walang sense.

    • THE VIDEO IS MISSING! This is where Aces and Queens have divulge the information that they had been contacted by Rolene Strauss team who helped her game plan and styling.

  5. Pia did much much better in this interview. She already has the body & the beauty, plus the fierce determination and confidence. I just hope she continues to be wiser and be able to see things with a universal perspective, yung tipong pag may sinabi sya maaapreciate hindi lang ng mga pinoy kundi pati ng ibang lahi. kung makukuha nya yung maturity level ng pag-iisip at perspective ni MJ naku napakalaki ng laban nya kc she’s already in her best physical and emotional elements.

  6. I am excited. She is more calm and relaxed in this interview. I wonder what Barraza will make her wear.

    • Mayroon akong nabasa na news somewhere na Filipino designer na daw ang gagawa ng damit niya this time.

  7. I wish Pia only the best! i hope she will be able to get our 3rd miss universe crown.
    However, her answers to the questions were very shallow and painful to watch.
    I highly doubt her chances to penetrate in top 10.

  8. OMG! I just saw the video… totally overwhelmed… the focus, the dedication, the determination… INSPIRING!

    It was a summary of her Journey and yet it’s just the tip of the iceburg… I am almost speechless…

    All I can say now is that

    Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is ready to become…

    Miss Universe 2015


    PS. “Kung saan ka nadapa, doon ka din tumayo!” -Boy Abunda;

    And she has done it! Period.

  9. I prefer this interview better than the other one, probably because this is more in-depth. Pia has gone through a lot, I can just imagine that long hidden tiger at last unleashed now. She did sound overconfident in her previous interview, but putting myself in her shoes I’d probably feel the same. This particular interview is more level-headed and fun to watch. She is ready. That moment I saw her during the finals of Bb. Pilipinas months ago, along with Ann Colis, I knew she’s on to something.

    I can’t wait for her to win. And what an amazing, passionate team she has. I’m really impressed, esp. Mr. John Cuay. That guy is burning. Her association with such kind of people must be really infectious, now I can imagine.

    Go for the gold Pia!

  10. pia looked very composed in the interview, but she could have given more intelligent answers. her answers to the terror attacks and how pageants are political were just lacking. there is a better answer to saying that people will listen because of what i look like, or because, as miss universe, you are regarded as an idol. i am not sure how beauty queens are trained to answer political questions but quickly saying that “it’s just a selfie” to a subject that has a strong political undertone just lacks intelligence.

    • i bet to disagree. Pia answering “it’s just a selfie” to that question couldn’t have been said any better. It’s simple and short but it’s meaningful. She’s basically saying one single photo of those two candidates shouldn’t be a source of fury. Set those political issues aside because this is a beauty pageant where girls from different parts of the world can unite and inspire young women.

    • @nocarbs

      She did answer the question clearly. I assume you are not Filipino that is why you did not understand some terms that were spoken in Tagalog. Let me just translate some parts of it for you that you may have not understand… She did mention that “The pageant is about unity so what’s the purpose of being there if it’s not for peace and comaraderie; (regardless of political issues between the countries they represent) “.

      Intiendes? ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Pia just opened up herself to the world and the universe. Judging from this interview, I believe she is ready to take Las Vegas by storm and take it all the way. She is beautiful (love her fresh aura all through out the interview), able to express herself intelligently, well poised, loved how she was made up as well. This interview has already opened the door as to what to expect from Pia as she competes for the MU crown. Aces & Queens team has their game plan pretty much laid out (on a sad note though – baka makopya ng ibang candidates pag napanood nila itong interview lol).
    Let’s all (whether your a fan or not), wish Pia the best of my luck in Vegas ! Set aside our differences for now and cheer her on … for the Philippines. Love love love โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I still believe she has what it takes to be the country’s third Miss U. She’s very articulat, laser-focus, knows what she wants and confident. Siguro kaya may konting air of overconfidence to some eh dahil strong yung personality and underlying traits niya kaya parang too strong. Pero i’m sure she means well naman. Overall, I believe she’s one of the strongest candidate we will ever send in MU in the recent years. Opinion ko to mga mars ha hihi

    • Yes mars kaloka talaga tapos yung articulat kulang ng e mars,pero ganun talaga pag cp mars noh.

    • Kalurks ka mars mitchesa inglesera kadin pala. Hihihi. Gusto ko yang air of overconfidence nayan. Kay kay pia, join forces tayo!! Pia laban!!!

      • @Alit, naku englesera talaga yang si Mitchesa, pinipigilan lang talaga nya baka malaman ng buong universe na sa Harvard University itong si Mitchesa ng Ph D., di ba mars Mitchesa?

    • @laila! Anu ka baaa? Tama na yannnnnnnn! baka magtae ang mga ampalaya sa mga papaya mo ๐Ÿ˜Š. hehe

    • @laila,ay mars ito na pala yung sinasabi ko,grabe curvaceous na talaga,at ang mga papayas nagpupumiglas na sa tuwa,

      • @Mitchesa, naman Mars wag ganyan ha nakikiliti na ako nyan choz , napaka submissive ko pa naman mars kaw din hmmmm

      • ikaw talaga steamyhot malandi ka talaga parang pangalan mo. Pati si Mars Mitchesa nilalandi mo.

      • @Laila, naman kailangan pa bang sabihin yun? hahahaha, slight lang naman kalandian ko mars, tolerable at manageable lang ika nga,

      • @Aj, asus ikaw naman para ka rin d katulad namin labas na te oh, init init kaya jan sa loob baka ma suffocate ka pa te, marami din ipis jan kaw rin baka makagat yang santol mo dahlinnnn

    • fabulous!!! make up is on point not heavy just right. straight hair makes her beauty stand out. Waves on hair is just enough! this is wow!

  13. This is one impressive interview. Ready na si Pia! Dedma na lang sa mahilig mag nitpicking. Aces and Queens people have done their homework and I trust the team when it comes to Miss Universe. Dami ding panlalait from Pinoys kay Ariella before she left for Moscow. Kay MJ wala masyadong mga Pinoys na nag-bash before she flew to Doral. Pia is getting the same amount of criticism from Pinoys as Ariella, from styling to how she does interviews. I believe Pia will do her 101% and will make us all proud! See you in Vegas!

  14. off topic pero I was browsing the MW fb page and Lebanon is almost in all of those pictures being put up on the page. Hint hint, bet ata siya ni Madam Julia …..

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