20 comments on “My Ten “Hot-as-Fire” Pre-Final Prediction Picks for Mister International 2015

  1. I’ve never met anyone of them personally, but from the pics alone, Rein looks like he has the bearing and the aura of a credible winner. Te only downside is that he is the host delegate and a back-to-back win is almost impossible for a pageant that is still trying to make a name for itself in as many countries as possible. A runner-up placement would be something to celebrate about. After all, he is proving to be a very gracious host. I am sure, Rein will have a big future waiting in the sidelines.

  2. Top 5: Brazil, Czech, Switzerland, Italy and Spain or Puerto Rico… I love Italy’s rugged look.

      • This batch is the most fun ever! I am so glad they’re having a good time here or at least they look like they’re having a great time. Mr Dom Rep, heeeyy, my gaydar is ringing! The LGBTQ community is also rooting for u next to Rein

      • Your gaydar is ringing?
        Naku mas maliit sa rings mo diba? hihihihihi joke lang

        universe peace mars

  3. im ok with Spain winning as long as top 5 si Rein! I think he deserves a runner up. He’s so calm, cool and collected. I also think top 4 is Indonesia, i like male pageant when candidates are just nonchalant but oozing with sex appeal and all Indonesia has that. Did i mention that flawless skin? its not that he’s “white” looking as what many asians love in every gender’s skin but his skin looks even and u can tell he takes good care of it without too empowering unlike PR who comes off as super vain.

    TOP 5 for REIN!

  4. Did you guys see missosology’s hotpicks? They just picked Indonesia as a winner. Wth? They’re obviously kissing ass and selling out.

    • Huwag na kayong mag-aksaya na magbasa sa Missosology, dito na lang kayo magbasa sa Norman’s Blog at siguradong mo na ang nagsusulat ay may kredibilad at may respeto sa sarili, hindi gaya ng iba halos nakalimot mo na sa Journalist’s Code of Ethics.

  5. Maiba lang, yung swim trunks ba nila sinosoli pa nila sa sponsor or do they get to keep it?

  6. How I wish PH will make it to Top 5. But honestly, I think it’s a neck to neck battle between Switzerland and Spain.

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