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  1. Pia will rock miss u. She will place. Very beautiful pics. People bashing Pia already got their karma last Nov.Life is sweet.

    • I changed my mind. From Sweden to Russia!! For the win. Langya, ang gandang babae nito.

      The sexy poses are REALLY sexy. Not contrived nor pathetic.

      World Peace.

  2. Wag nang umalma, may dalawa pa tayong nag co-compete na sige sige updates sa events nila and isa na kakaalis pa lang…

    Angelia ong in Leo Almodal {kay SMA lang talaga sya may issue}

    Hillarie leaving for Sanya

      • Shut up dude! It’s just Pia showing a whole gamut of emotion, from sadness to despair. You have such a provincial taste.

      • @Lynn, provincial taste for Basil? I am sorry but nothing is cosmopolitan about these pictures…none at all…they scream DESPERATION. Pia doesn’t have to do this. Let’s be real please !

      • Parang bigla akong naawa kay P.W. pagkakita ko sa mga photos nya na to..
        With all honesty and sincerity, it broke my heart..I don’t know why. Nakakalungkot !

      • Hi Jeremi. Serious na to. I totally agree with you. I have the same feeling. Nakaka awa si Pia. And. I felt the same tinge of sadness on the things she has to do. Pang ba baboy na to. And the sad part is instead of being titillated with those pics and all the sexy innuendos , pity is what I feel for her. And the sadder part, ang pangit nya jan. Desperada. She looks like an aging bomba starlet.

        Dear Pia’s handlers, in the name of everything good and decent. PLEASE STOP.

        World Peace.

      • Hi Thomas, I am also serious when I said the pictures broke my heart. At first, I was like “eeeow” but upon further scrutiny, I felt sadness; it shattered my heart actually, after all P.W. is our representative to the most pretigious beauty pageant in the world and deserves to be treated as such with utmost respect and dignity. I don’t know the personality of P.W. but what I can say based on these pictures alone is that she is a “yes” girl; someone who can not say “no”.

        I stand by what I said in one of my previous comments that what P.W. needs by her side is someone who can distinguish not only the good thing but also the not-so-good thing about Pia (flaws & assets) Someone who is sincere because in the world of pageantry there are so many unreal people.

        I was broken hearted because I sensed the effort of Pia but these picture sadly evoked despair.

        To the handlers of P.W., please treat our candidates with respect and have their dignity intact as they go out there to represent our beloved country.

        World Peace !

      • Aligned na naman tayo Jeremi dahlinnnn…lol. I was looking (ogling) at the pics of Ms. Russia and Ms. Sweden above and honestly, they looked so natural (for lack of a better word) and yes, sexy. Maybe because they are young and fresh looking. So unlike the B&W collage pics of Pia that screamed of desperation and “trying-hardness”. I’ve seen better pictures of Diana Zuburi and Katrina Halili back in the day.

        Some stupid commenter (whom I refused to reply to…baka sumikat pa. lol) even said that Pia daw was trying to “show her range of emotions, plain and simple”. Agree ako actually, her emotions on the pics are very plain and very simple Lol. Specifically, plain desperation and simple constipation. She really looked tired.

        I’ve never sensed this kind desperation from any of our recent candidates in the Miss U. And I really want to know the reason behind it. Is it because the new franchise holder of Miss U is a model-management company (?) and Pia’s handlers are now scrambling to produce her mowhdel portfolio showing her “range of emotions?”. Lol.

        From fake jewel stickers on her face to what appears to be a simulate cum-shot on her face. Ayayay. Pathetic.

        World Peace.

      • LOL Thomas…are you talking about the photo at the very middle? if yes, I agree…the cum-shot photo lol… Eyyup ka talaga hahaha !

    • I think this is the first time na susuway ako kay Queen P, I don’t like these photos they came off as “too much in a bad way” and “trying too hard” especially yung gitna. Though this is coming from someone not very well-versed in the “high fashion field”, I have one advice and that is to not let the pressure get to yuou Queen P.

  3. Nakakaloka mga tao dito. Kinastigo nyo ko kagabi for flooding Rogelie’s post with Pia’s pictures tapos nandito kayo with your never ending iyak-tawa critiques, partida nauna pa kayo mag comment ha. Hindi pa nakuntento, binigyan nyo ko ng crap about kabastusan na dapat para sa candidate lang ang photos na pinopost pero wala kayong bayag i pulis si basil na picture ni Peru At Sweden {which by the way is not Paulina Brodd MU Sweden 2015} nilagay. Wag ka napaka haba pa ng conversation nyo sa thread na to daig nyo pa supporters ni Pia…Just saying

    • P.S. Binalkian ko post on Rogelie…WOW. Thomas, Jeremi and Angl, clap clap clap for you three. You guys said some really nasty things yesterday so laking gulat ko na makita mga comments nyo sa photos na pinost ka. Aba eh interesado naman pala kayo eh. Umeffort pa kayo mag scrool down to give your two-cents. Bipolar lang?

  4. My current Top contenders at MU in no particular order:


    Could there be a surprise from Africa?

    • No offense but I think ms. Vietnam looks like Janine Desiderio. She will not even make the semi cut.

  5. I am sorry..I don’t like these pics of P.W. I don’t know but they remind me of Anacondas…what’s going on with the team? This is unacceptable. Please let the real Pia emerge not the P.W. that they want….and oh my Geesh those 1meter eyelashes are simply sacrilegeous! If they continue to go overboard with these experiments of desperation, P.W. will be a laughing stuff comes Miss Universe.

    • Jeremi dahllinnnn…. From Zuma and Galema to Anacondas…. You really have this thing for phallic-shaped snakes. Lol.

      Inquiring minds would like to know, how would you style Pia?

      Light. Light. Light. Love. Love. Love.

      World Peace.

      • Thomas dahlinn hahaha! lol to the phallic-shaped thing ๐Ÿ™‚
        Can you teach me how to embed photos because there are several photos of P.W. that I really really like…

      • Jeremi dahlinnn…. I can’t even embed a human being…photos pa? Lol.

        But I remember you saying that audrey hepburn peg of Pia?

      • Hmmm yeah that one, but there are other photos that I like..for example the shots by Jory Rivera (I don’t know who that is), I like her styling in that pic.

  6. Pasok c Pia sa top 5. 99% sure yan. Pero runner-up lang to.sasabit to sa Q&A.di kasi sya impressive magsalita.

    • @norme we’ll wait for her anc headstart interview. Ng magkaalaman na.

  7. Let’s just stay positive and support Pia in her quest for the crown. From reliable sources, she will NOT be wearing a Barraza gown in the evening gown competition. The identity of the designer is still top secret.

    • Dear Basil,

      It is one thing to express your lack of confidence in our candidate, it another to bully her.

      Believe you me, I also think that Pia is not the best choice for Miss U. I’ve expressed this also several times in this forum and I also got the flak for it.

      But your tactic of bullying her by posting pics of other candidates with matching threatening words is not fair. It is not Pia’s fault that she was selected. Let us support her and tell her / her team what can still be improved on.

      But having said that…Deym that Sweden! Lol.

      World Peace.

      • baks si Andrea Tovar sa 2016 pa mag co-compete. Eto and kalaban ni Pia this year. Ariadna Gutierrez.

  8. Kay Sweden pa lang e lalamon na nang alikabok tong pia Papaia, e paano pa pag nakaharap na nya sina Peru at Colombia.

    • Basil, eto si Miss Sweden mali ata yang post nila.
      Paulina Brodd daughter of former Ms. Universe Swede 1994 ata

      • @Laila, e san mo ba nakuha yang info na yan, at sino ba yang mahaderang Paulina na yan, saan nakatira yan, anong street, sitio, purok, kanto at eskinita yan?
        Tell me te, sige na te, tell me, quando quando quando!

      • SwedenPreviousNext


        AGE: 21 HOMETOWN: Stockholm
        HEIGHT: 5โ€™ 9โ€ LANGUAGE: Swedish, English
        Paulina Brodd believes that true beauty comes from a healthy, natural lifestyle. She embodies this beauty and she is always trying to motivate and help others live a healthier life through her blog for the popular swedish health and fitness magazine “Hรคlsa&Fitness”. She also is a very passionate advocate for the rights of children and the rights of animals, promoting various charity organizations through her blog and social media. Paulina was born in 1994 in the beautiful Stockholm and had a wonderful childhood with her two younger siblings. Today she lives for adventure and is always ready to try new things.

        Her mom won Miss Universe Sweden in 1992 and placed in the top 10 in the international contest. I hope to follow in her footsteps!

      • Your infos are wrong, here’s the real one.



        AGE: 21 HOMETOWN: bangkusai, Tondo
        HEIGHT: 5โ€™ 9โ€ LANGUAGE: jejemon, Bekimon
        Paulina Bogart believes that true beauty comes from a hell, natural hell. She embodies this beauty and she is always trying to motivate and help others live a healthier life through her vulcanizing shop for the popular swedish health and fitness magazine โ€œGulong Para sa Masaโ€. She also is a very passionate advocate for the rights of chikens and other animals, promoting various charity organizations through her blog and social media. Paulina was born in 1994 in the beautiful Bangkusai and had a wonderful childhood with her two younger doggies. Today she lives for adventure and is always ready to try new cooking oil.

        Her mom is aling Goria who won Miss Teen Bangkusai in 1992 and placed in the top 10 in the interbarangay contest. She hopes to follow her footlong!

  9. She looks like Maritoni Fernandez on her first pic.

    Ang dami ng pic ni Pia, nakakaumay na.

    O siya, Good Luck Pia. Harinawa’y hindi maging atchara ang mga papaya mo.

  10. Look at her!

    Can’t wait for December 20. Less then a month to go. Let’s hope PIA can sustain her awesome look and style with no distractions from Stella, her gown, the national costume and just allow her to go with the flow come finals night.

    MJ Lastimosa was stellar all the way to finals night. Everybody had her pegged. The drama with her dress and Stella’s determination for no change took her out of her natural element. It broke my heart because I’d already crowned her MU, as did many other people.

    May PIA’s enterouge of organizers learn from last year…GO PIA GO!

  11. Love the subtle make up. The one in the bottom right would have been a nice photo for the Miss U site

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