9 comments on “A Swiss Mister named Pedro Mendes

  1. I hope Ren can get at least a runner up. mask 4th. Im not feeling PR anymore. I feel either Switzerland, Brazil or Czech. Definitely I don’t feel Australia to be even in top 10. he’s not that charming for me to be in top 10. Anyway, go! go! go! Ren!

  2. The way I see it…

    Winner – Puerto Rico
    1st RU – Switzerland
    2nd RU – Australia
    3r RU – Spain
    4th RU – Netherlands

    Special Awards

    Mister Great Body – Singapore / Sri Lanka / Guam
    Mister Runway – Puerto Rico
    Mister Elegance – Venezuela
    Mister Photogenic – Switzerland / Poland / Colombia / Belgium
    Mister Congeniality – Czech Republic
    Mister Swimwear – Dominican Republic / Panama / Mexico
    Best in National Costume – Philippines


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