30 comments on “Jamie Herrell: The Young Big Sister of Miss Earth 2015

  1. Most of us wouldn’t know how irritating pubic crabs are. It seems someone is an expert. Lol.

  2. Bed bugs and pubic crabs, they are small and yet so irritating. One picture and they all come running raining on the MEO’s parade .

  3. if there’s a common denominator between Mars Fabian, Mars Heather and Mars Thomas, that is their fluency in English. Kakaloka! Galing mag Ingles. Kelangan at least twice kong babasahin before ma-comprehend. Lakas maka t*nga. Turuan niyo aketch plz mga mars. hihi chos

  4. Mga mars kong mahal, palampasin na natin ito plz, tutal hindi naman natin alam pa ang real score about the bartolina room – kung bakit sila andun talaga. hihi. ang mahalaga, nasa Vienna na sila at wala na sa clubhouse na yun sa Alabang na dinadaanan papuntang Molino. chos hihi.

    kisses to you mga mars. hihi chos lang

  5. Lahat nalang napapansin ninyo. Hahaha, cheap sa paningin ninyo atleast ang goal nila ay na achieved concerning on Environmental Awareness!!

  6. I don’t know the place myself. And yes I googled it… Just to make a point .
    Nincompoop? This is the last time I will reply to you? A cheap venue ? Princess Thomas, just look in the mirror and swho thinks he is high and mighty. u self-aggrandizing biyatyat!!!

  7. The number of delegates are now down to 90. What happened to Rwanda and Haiti?

      • hahahahahahaha sir Norman sino nag thumb down sa simple answer mo na “yes”…i ban yan please lol

      • I know Jeremi. What a weird reaction. I have a suspect though. Someone who doesn’t like Norman for that person to suspect that Norman has an evil twin. Lol.

      • Mars Thomas and Mars Jeremi, wait ha… ako ba ang tinutukoy niyo? hindi ako ang evil twinnie ni Tito Norms no! hihi sabatero lang ang peg. chos lang hihi

  8. Oh my… while the shot is cute, the question that came to mind was: This is the orientation room? lol. Mukhang tipid. The function room of Max’s fried chicken restaurant in shang mall is bigger than this.. and that room was good for 12. Lol.

    World Peace.

      • Dear Fabian,

        I seldom reply to those who take the time to read and react to my post. (thank you by the way. I am flattered. Not). But I will make an exception for you just to put you in place with your stupid, sarcasm-laden reply.

        No, I will not let them use the Scho..shcoh…Sko….nevermind, the Palace. Lol. (Just because you know the place – and know how to spell it, doesn’t make you high and mighty Dear. It can simply mean you know how to google. Lol.)

        By saying “r u gonna let them”… you are implying I own the Palace. Which makes you an even more stupid, condescending nincompoop (yes, I can spell too). Lol.

        The point Fabian is look at that sorry excuse for an “orientation room”. It looks so cheap. There were 40 visible girls on that pic (not counting those under the table. Lol) in a room clearly meant for 12. Can’t the organisers afford a bigger place? Geesh. Ang cheap. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jamier H. was using an acetate presentation material with matching overhead projector and flip chart.

        That is the powent Fabian. My last time to reply to you.

        World Peace.

      • i hope you are not Norman or rather his evil alter ego. you sound like him except for your harlot-y tone lol

    • @Thomas…I have the same question and impression. Hopefully, this is a “quickie” orientation/casual briefing/hi-hello moment between Jamie and the candidates. There is no way this room could fit the contestants comfortably for a proper orientation session.

      I did a little Google search and found this picture in the hotel website…definitely more apt for an orientation.

      Kaya naki-criticize ng ibang pageant fans ang Miss Earth as a second rate pageant because pictures like this doesnt give the impression of a Big 4 beauty pageant. No need to do the orientation in Schönbrunn but a proper function room is more than sufficient. Fifteenth year na nila pero hindi pa rin super polished ang ME…remember last year’s Yahoo voting and interpreter incident? Sana this year pulido na ang activities and production nila.

      • Thanks HG. You said it better. I rest my case. If we can only read the thought bubbles of the contestants in that pic.

        Ms. Czech Republic. : what a total waste of attire. Lol.
        Ms. Ecuador : The last meal of Ms. Lebanon was a shawarma. Lol.
        Ms. Hungary : I can feel the boobs of Ms. Indonesia. They’re fake. Lol.

        World Peace.

      • hihi lakas ng tawa ko mars sa thought bubbles. ang taba ng utak mo in fer, sarap sipsipin. chos lang hihi

      • Oh my God HeatherGrey, don’t ever remind me of that interpreter incident. It was simply sacrilegeous!

      • @Thomas dahlinn…may I ask if you are a writer? your English proficiency is simply gorgeous honey 🙂

      • I am not a writer dahlinn Jeremy. But you’re right, I’m simply gorgeous. Lol. Thanks.

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