16 comments on “Vienna mesmerizes Angelia

  1. She is really pretty. I hope she does not win as there are many equally deserving candidates.

  2. dapat bitawan na ni Lorraine Schuck ang Miss Earth. the pageant deserves a more innovative and forward-thinking director.

  3. I actually prefer her than Venezuela’s representative, Andrea Rosales. Is it just me or Angelia’s under-rated while Andrea’s over-rated?

  4. sana naman ibang set of winners ngaung taon. kasawa na kung venezuela at philippines na lang. give chance to others. sana pasok ang colombia, russia, mongolia at isang african o pacific nation 😀

  5. Bakit wala akong naririnig na official residence ng Miss Earth winner…buti pa ang Miss Grand International, may residence ang winner nila through out her reign parang MU.

    • busy kasi sa eco projects and activities at travel kaya wala ng oras magpahinga sa bahay unlike yung miss grand imitation na puro selfie, party at tambay sa official res lang believing na these will stop the violence and war 😀

      • Aren’t they supposed to stop the atrocities in war torn countries?
        And with the recent attacks in Paris and some African cities, aren’t they
        supposed to advocate for world peace and harmony?

    • I think the Miss Earth winner’s “official residence” is the Carousel Mansion

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