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  1. It is because of tita Miriam that I made an effort to register as an overseas voter for the upcoming elections 🙂

  2. basta ako makabayan, yun lang naman. Bigyan mo ako ng sampung diktador kesa sa isang traydor.

  3. Thank you sir Norman for creatingbthis very timely post. My vote is for Either Duterte or Mirriam for President and of course Bong bong Marcos for VP. Let’s us put an end to the Oligarchy and give way for small entrepreneurs. VOTE for the strong leaders who will fight against poverty and reinforce discipline on all members of society.

    • @San Longhino

      Why Roxas? Don’t get me started. Hehehe 😀

      Leni may have good intentions but she has no power…. She was given the favor of her party list LP only because of her popularity. If she wins, she will only become a mere puppet of the Oligarchs who are really running our country into the piths of death.

      • In almost 6 years the good governance agenda of President Aquino has helped rekindle investors confidence in the country. Mar Roxas is the only one among the declared presidentiables who has a clear economic policies that will keep the confidence of foreign investors. The market wants continuity and does not want to be surprised.

      • @Bijankai

        The main reason why we had low Foreign Investment compaired to our south east Asian Neighbors is because of the Philippine foreign investments act of 1991 by Corry Aquino (http://www.chanrobles.com/default8fia91.htm). It only allows foreign investors to own only 40% of shares of any business in our country compaired to the average of 50%-65% shares allowed in other progressive Asian nations. It allowed the oligarchs (includes ROXAS-ARANETA) to monopolize the market by creating few competitors which also led to high prices of goods, low wages, low enployee benefits, high gasoline prices, high real estate prices, high cost of living, high taxes to small entrepreneurs, low peso value, extreme economic inequality and so much more. Another reason is the political turmoil created by the rebel groups who are funded by our own politicians and provided with weapons of war by the US. Not to mention the issues of NAIA terminal 3 even before the laglag bala incidents which makes our country a very high-risk investment making our country’s oligarchy the only local players ( 1% of the total population ) of the Philippine stock exchange (which was pioneered/owned by the Cojuangcos, allowing them to have shares of majority of the biggest corporations in the country). PNoy’s presidency was just in good timing that our economy is again rising from the piths of hell when it was pushed from the edge of the cliff by her own mother. If this rotting system allowed the rich to become richer and the poor to become poorer, why would Mar Araneta Roxas change this system when it is his own family who are one of the few people who benefits from it the most?

      • You talk like it’s only in the Philippines where the gap between haves and haves-not is widening. It’s worldwide dude. In the U.S., Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has repeatedly made this a central issue in his campaign. He never fails to mention the 1% controlling the economy, and the 99% being left behind in his media interviews, in the campaign trail, and in the past two Dems debates with the 2nd one in Iowa just concluded 2 hrs ago. It’s a sad reality but It’s true that wealth creates more wealth. How a country’s wealth can be distributed fairly to every one is the $64 question. Truthfully I don’t know.

        The state of the Philippines’ economy is so much better now than when President Aquino took over. The mess he inherited from his predecessors, Estrada and Arroyo, was so huge that it will take more than 6 years to right everything. However, the country is in the right path now so much so it is a must that his successor should continue the good governance he started.

      • @Bijankai

        Yes, so you do know that extreme economic inequality are present in countries where there is also a high level of corruption. Estrada and Aroyo admins inherited the effects of what Cory and Ramos did to our country. Prior to Estrada, Ramos sold the last important key to our Economy which is the government shares of Petron which prevents the rise of gasoline prices. That’s when Metro Manila traffic started rising to it’s current peak because it is promoted by our oligarchs. Around 2 Billion pesos are wasted everyday from the traffic.. and where does the money go? To the pockets of the major shareholders of of the BIG 3 gasoline companies. Who are these major share holders who earn from our sufferings?.. One of the biggest and technically the richest are the Aquino-Cojuangco clan. Based on Mar’s performance as Senator and DILG secretary, voting for him as president is letting this viscious cycle continue. The right path your reffering to is obviously what you see and hear from the media which again the majority of shares are owned by the Aquino-Cojuangcos.

        Federalism is the solution to our problem and it has been proposed by President Marcos during his time but a lot of Political families opposed him because again these oligarchs are afraid to lose their monopoly of our major industries. Since the time of Cory upto PNoy, all the Aquino-Cojuangcos did was to ensure that their family will keep the power decades from now, regardless if it means suffering of the masses. Next year’s election is our chance to break that cycle and spread the wealth among Filipinos by giving the small entrepreneurs in all regions the same opportunities as our oligarchs here in Metro Manila.

    • Senator Santiago is a smart woman/lawyer but her personality is akin to a carnival barker. Her temperament is not presidential. This speaks volumes.

      • Who do you think is a better choice?…
        I preffer to vote for someone because that person has good intentions for our country and to all his or her subjects. I will vote for someone who has a good track performance based on experience and not just a mere puppet of our elitist society. And, I will vote for someone who has the power to acyually create change for the benefit of the majority.


  4. Federalism is the best Solution for our country.

    The elitist Cojuangcos are obviously against this because they would lose their power and monopoly of their businesses. Any of their bets would support their selfish intentions:

    Mar Araneta- Roxas – endorsed by NoyNoy Aquino-Cojuangco

    Grace Poe – endorsed by Danding Cojuangco

    Binay – endorsed and backed by Peping Cojuangco and would be the worst choice since he will cause Real Estate inflation and would lead to our economic downfall.

    So far there are only 2 Pres and 1 VP candidate who’s Pro-Federalism:

    Duterte -Miriam – BongBong Marcos

    And they have my Vote!


    I love paris.

    IT breaks my heart when i heard the news about the current situation they are facing.
    Imagine.. ngstrt lang yan sa hatred towrds one person/s hnggng na nurture and now ended up into a devastating result of killing.

    So thats why im so very particular with one person here (JEREMI AHEM…) who keeps on saying filthy words to PIA and the rest of the queens.

    My campaign na #SaveJeremiCAmpaign is not only to bash this creature but to tame his inside demon.

    To Jeremi , Vaks you created ur own storm and nOW u get mad cause it RAINS???


    • LOL your comment just proved that you are indeed a sociopath/psychopath…nakakatakot ka in fairness! You really need a psychiatrist dahlinn and not just a psychiatrist but a very very good one.

      • THNKS BUT NO THNAKS… Coming from the mouth of the devil NEVERMIND.. #BYE GIRL

      • pageantXXXpert..you really need one dahlinn..a friendly advice.
        “If symptoms persist, consult a physician” LOL

      • ANYWAYS Jeremi thnk you for YOUR automatic 3 dislikes.. hahaah nkakatwa ka.. u reaaly made an effort to use diffrent gadgets to dislike me.. thnks for the attention 🙂 muah

        GUYS kindly obseve hahah 3 yan.. after an hour or so mgiging six ,. u know the thread hahaha

    • since hangin lng ang laman ng utak ng baklang kalbo na c jeremi… his argument now is calling me insane.

      from bashin pia ngaun nmn hes turns into a QUACK DOCTOR.

      #AntiJeremiCampaign #savEJEREMI #theDEMOMBLOGGER

      • Parang Twitter lang daming hash tags lol.
        Tama na pageantXXXpert…nakakarami na tayo dito wala ng space para sa ibang commentors dito.
        Nakakahiya na hihihihihihi
        Manonood muna ako nung German award-winning movie na “Run Lola Run”.

  6. family is the basic unit of our society.parents are the mentors, teachers and serve to guide their children.they have experience in life…somehow parents need guidance from god for the proper upbringing of their children. our country is one big family and must somehow be lead by an experienced and god fearing person…

  7. Instead of thousands of p…s, why not a portrait using of thousands of asses, better still assholes. Give the most pixelated one to Binay– the biggest a… of them all.

  8. I will definitely vote for strong leader like Trump here in the US, my choice in the Philippines for presidency will be the strong minded Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Both strong minded people and I hope both of them will win.

    • You are out of your mind if you consider Trump a strong leader. He has no proven record of being one. Just listen to all the stupid things coming out his mouth, like deporting the 11 millions illegals living in the U.S. now or building a wall between the U.S./ Mexico border with the latter paying for it. If gets lucky to become the Republican nominee which I doubt, he’ll for sure lose to Hillary in the general election next November.

    • The Donald has to be the Republican nominee first if ever he has a chance to be the U.S. President. You have to vote for him twice, in the primary election in the State where you live, and if he’s the Repub nominee, in the general election in Nov 2016. I highly doubt he’ll end up the nominee because the Repub establishment is against him. He’s just a carnival jester, nothing more nothing less. Not presidential at all.

      • I get it, Hunk5525, that you are a Repub. People who like that Pinay Repub c*nt Michelle Malkin and watch Fox News are. Well, let’s see who wins in November in 2016. In current match- up between Hillary and any Repub candidates (Trump/Carson/Rubio etc), Hillary wins. She is the best qualified to be the next U.S.president by far.

    • Miriam Santiago is a sick woman. No one diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer has survived this malady. If she is fine now, it means she is in remission. Yes, she is smart but she is also crazy. She was quoted saying if “you have money you can beat cancer”. Being smart does not mean she is presidential material. This goes for bastard child Grace Llamanzares and sticky fingered Jojo Binay, too.

      • Mar Roxas is an Araneta… His decisions would obviously favor the elite and continue seĺling our country part by part as what Aquino did to Sabah and now ARRM in exchange for the investments of Malaysia to their mining business and support in our country’s politics.

      • I have to pick between Mar and Mirriam?
        It’s no contest … Mar being DOTC and DILG secretary amidst the heavy traffic, MRT chaos, Yolanda funds and Laglag bala at NAIA… His performance says it all… 😀

  9. With due respect to everyone, let us pray for all affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris.

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