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  1. Kasing tangkad lang nya si Cory Quirino? Kaloka, good luck sa Sanya #NoTeaNoShade ##Truth

  2. High hopes for Hillarie.

    By the way, after looking at the list of Pinay delegates to Miss World through the years from 1966 to 2015, I just realized that Hillarie is the 50th Filipina to grace the Miss World stage!

    Hillarie is the 2015 Miss World Golden Girl!

  3. She’s beautiful but looks lightweight. She’s a princess or a bridesmaid .. Not a queen. Walang arrive. I hope she makes the final 5 or even 3. Para masaya

  4. Hilarie is gorgeous! She’s a mixture of Megan Young and Shamcey Supsup! I know she’ll make us proud! Although, I don’t quite understand why MWP doesn’t hold their pageants earlier.. Kakapanalo pa lang ni Hilarie, send off na kaagad.,,

    • maybe because the host country is China, kahit gano pa worthy a girl natin ay susulitin ng mga beho sa kanya.. duda na natin to matagal na.. tapos ngayon may psychic prediction tungkol sa kanya na mag ala Miss Asia-Pacific World scam na naman to. So para que pa. Remember Hillarie said it herself na 3 of 5 judges told her that she’s their no.1 so pano nanalo si myanmar? Ngayon, mauulit na naman daw kuno.

  5. Goodluck Hillarie!pamukha mo sa mga intsik ang ganda mo ,Ipaglaban mo ang filipinas sa mapangaping lahi, mahirap ang laban mo,pero naniniwala ako makakaya mo yan.Laban Philippines!

  6. China is a huge business for MWO.
    I’m sure China will be in the finals again😃
    China will celebrate in advance because the least that MWO will give to China is Top 5 or 2nd princess😲😲😲
    Congratulations in advance China 😃

  7. MW is a highly and very respectable pageant organization just as the women being sent are descent and well respected…MW is still number 1 though its production show is not so glitzy…In terms of quality of women decency and intelligence wise MW has it…Hillarie our representative is a full pledge degree holder who can will be able to fairly compete and make our nation proud..Her BWAP which tackles in reducing childhood and infant mortality and morbidity rate is timely inline with the abolition of ‘One child policy of china that existed for 35 years and upward to 300 million abortions were preformed..our contry though having the same problem with population explosion has not resorted to legal abortion…hillarie likewise is simply beautiful and not too complicated…good luck!


      • Erick, i wonder if you can you use Filipino, Tagalog, or Visaya instead of English? Sakit sa bangs ng English mo teh. Kahit yung mga acrostics mo teh nakakasira ng araw. So sorry. 😦

    • @aj

      just have the time to simplify my comment…

      china being the country to host MW has ended its law on having one child in a family. this law has been implemented for 35 years .reports
      show that about 300 million abortions were performed. that law has been removed or abolished. this means that they are” pro-life, Hillarie’s BWAP is pro-life.so it’ s an advantage for her.

  8. So, China has only TWO Big 4 (Universe, World, International and Earrh) pageant titles to show for and both are from Miss World in 2007 and 2012? It would be easy to cry foul and I would be the first in line. However, the Philippine based Miss Earth has crowned TWO Filipinas to wear its crown in 2008 and 2014.

    The difference is that the Philippines boasts 2-Miss Universe crowns (and an abundance of runners-up), 5-Miss International crowns, and 1-Miss World crown and NONE were won in the Philippines.

    If the Chinese delegate is crowned for the 3rd time IN China within an eight year span then something is most definitely rotten in Shanghai. It would cast an unfavorable reputation for the MWO. Julia Morley should be concerned.

    Nonetheless, I believe Hillarie will give it her all and that’s all we can ask. She definitely is Miss World worthy and will excel whether the pageant is hosted by China, anywhere else in the world or even the moon for that matter.

    Kock em’ dead Hillarie!

    • It could have been three Miss Earth. But the organizations flip flopped in 2009 even if our delegate was very deserving then. Even pageant sites are in unison giving her the pole position. Also, she topped the preliminaries by a wide margin and was flawless during the finals.

  9. Really really like her. She is one of those very rare girls who has the natural enigma and “beauty queen” aura.

    • Praise of death by the one and only miss Jinx of pageantry, JEREMI..

      PLease bakla! tama na ang pag USOG mo sa mga kandidata… Tama ng minalas malas c Janicel despite her almost perfect performance.

      Im just saying this because very obvious na kung cno ung todo support natatalo.. MERON KBNG BIRTHMARK SA PWET MO?


      • haisssttt..basta ang alam ko nag post ako dati dito saying “For me Hillarie all the way as the winner of MWP” …so yun na! Just like when I said “Janicel for sure will be on the top 10 of MI, what happens after that, I am not sure”…so yun na uli !

    • i’m excited much. ano kaya ns nya? Sana yung ginamit nya sa korea ulit at wag nmn sana na terno eklabu ek ek.

  10. Like, Follow and Share all her social media accounts and specially her videos.

    Ang fastrack award na yan ang tanging pag-asa upang sya ay magkaroon ng magandang placement.

    Hillarie For the WIN!!!

  11. I love MWP! Pero… goodluck na lang sa China! Mas excited ako ngayon sa mga arrival ng ME delegates next week sa Vienna, Austria!

  12. This beautiful lad could win it! I hope she lands top 3 or the crown plssss kahit sa China pa gaganapin!
    Can’t wait to see what Mak Tumang would create for her. Wag na sana pumalpak gaya ng kay Valerie last time.

  13. just enjoy the trip, the friendship, the gown. we know and i bet she knows china will win.

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