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  1. Anyone who is ignorant on current environmental issues will never understand the significance of this competition. Ms. Scuba International is more significant than most pageants since it addresses the needs of the ocean that makes up 70% of our planet on which all humans rely on. Let me remind you that most of the cities in our country are along the coast lines and we are one of the top countries that are vulnerable to rising sea levels and climate change.

    As for those mocking the representatives, I would like to point out that this is not a run in the mill kind of pageant.

    Miss Scuba International 2011 Dayu was chosen as one of Indonesia’s 50 Most Influential Youth of 2012 and Cosmopolitan Indonesia’s New Rising Fun Fearless Female 2013. She is also an active ambassador for Save Sharks Indonesia Org.

    Miss Scuba International 2012 Jamie has spoken in front of CITES (an international treaty that was created to protect wildlife ) as a representative of the diving industry and is currently a Certified PADI Open Water Instructor and project head of Manta Trust Thailand.

    The winners of this competition go beyond their reign and do not conform to most of the beauty pageant standards. I don’t think you can name any other young pageant that has contributed greatly in protecting the environment.

    There are no third rate beauties, only third rate irrational comments from people who refuse to see the diversity of beauty.

    Please do your research before you start trolling.

  2. Unlike other pageants the winners go beyond their reign like Miss Scuba International 2012 Jamie Piyada who is project head of Manta Trust and delivered a speech to CITES which is an important international treaty that fights for wildlife conservation. Miss Scuba International 2011 Dayu Prastini who has been actively speaking about marine conservation and New Rising Fun Fearless Female of Cosmopolitan Indonesia.

    Anyone who is ignorant about the fact that the planet is 70% water will never understand the relevance of this competition. I suggest you guys brush up on current environmental issues before you mock the competition or any of the participants.

    This young competition has probably contributed more to improving the environment and safeguarding probably important species than most superficial pageants have.

  3. She’s pretty in person. Saw her last time and she looks like michelle aldana.
    I hope she wins this time.

  4. pang katulong tong contest na ito… winners will be assigned to scuba the laundry para mas malinis…

  5. This is a very young pageant that was started in 2011 (with Indonesia as winner) aims to 1) save the ocean through a celebration of physical and inner beauty as well as courage among today’s modern women, 2) promote marine conservation, environmental health, and safe diving practices through worldwide professional training organizations, and 3) elevate international tourism and cultural appreciation. The winner undergoes intensive campaign to educate and inspire everyone to protect the ocean. Janicel Lubina represented the Philippines in 2012 and reached the Top Five. The following year, pageant veteran Christine Paula Love R. Bernasor of Ormoc City won first runner-up. Last year the Philippines was represented by Amanda Arbitrario of Panglao, Bohol.

  6. • Mister Global 2015 : Top 13 (Joseph Doruelo)
    • Miss Summer International 2015 : 3rd RU (Athena Catriz)
    • Mrs. Universe 2015 : Top 20 (Jennifer Cruz)
    • Top Model of the World 2015 : Delegate (Kim Fyfe)
    • World Beauty Queen 2015 : 2nd RU (Divine Ezrha Canaceli)
    • Miss Asia 2015 : 1st RU (Alfe Marie Nathanile)
    • Miss Freedom of the World 2015 : 2nd RU Christine Marielle Stubergh)
    • Miss United Continents 2015 : Top 10 (Anabel Tia)
    • Miss Tourism Universe in Lebanon : Delegate (Rianne Kalaw) Miss Asia
    • Miss Global Intl. 2015 in Trinidad : Delegate (Larissa Obediente)
    • Miss World Peace 2015 : Top 10 (Jeslyn Santos)
    • Miss South East Asia Tourism 2015 in KL : 1st RU (Rowena & Alexandra) – Alex
    • Miss Mermaid International 2015 : Delegate (Kayla Marie) Miss Asia
    • Miss Globe 2015 : Winner (Ann Lorraine Colis)
    • Miss Cosmopolitan 2015 : Delegate (Patricia Cabawatan)
    • Face of Beauty Int’l. 2015 : Delegate (Mary Eileen Gonzales)
    • Miss Global Beauty Queen 2015 : Top 15 (Fatima Al-Sowyed) Miss Photogenic
    • Mr. Real Universe 2015 : Top 13 (Mark Andrew Baron) Mister Internet
    • Miss Global 2015 : 4th RU (Mary Candice Ramos)
    • Miss Grand International 2015 : 3rd RU (Parul Shah) Best in National Costume
    • Mister Tourism 2015 in Panama : Top 5 (Juda Cohen)
    • Miss Model of the World 2015 : Delegate (Dollie Jane Lleto)
    • Int’l. Best Female & Male Model 2015 : 1st RU (Roselyn Ugay) / 2nd RU (Marc Paulo Noces) both won Best In Natcos & other special awards
    • Miss International 2015 : Top 10 (Janicel Lubina) Best Dressed
    • Miss International Queen 2015 : Winner (Trixie Maristela)
    • Mister Universal Ambassador 2015 : Top 10 (Alexis Martinez)
    • Mr. Model International 2015 : Top 13 (Arcel Yambing) Mr. Congeniality and Mr. Photogenic

    • Miss Bikini Universe 2015 : TBA (Yesley Cabanos)
    • Miss Heritage 2015 : TBA (Ma. Daziella Gange)
    • Miss Charity Queen 2015 : TBA (Ysh Ramos)
    • Miss Scuba International 2015 : TBA (Cindy Madduma)
    • Mister International 2015 : TBA (Reniel Villareal)
    • Miss Tourism Intl. in Vietnam : TBA (Janela Joy Cuaton)
    • Miss Tourism World in Thailand : TBA (Roanne Refrea)
    • Miss Tourism Queen 2015 : TBA (Leren Bautista)
    • Miss Earth 2015 : TBA (Angelia Ong)
    • Miss Supranational 2015 : TBA (Rogelie Catacutan)
    • Miss Intercontinental 2015 : TBA (Christi Mcgary)
    • Miss Globe International 2015 : TBA (Toni Hipolito)
    • Mister World 2015 : TBA (Sam Ajdani)
    • Miss World 2015 : TBA (Hillarie Parungao)
    • Miss Universe 2015 : TBA (Pia Wurtzbach)
    • Miss Multiverse 2015 : TBA (Angelee delos Reyes)
    • Miss Diversity Culture 2015 : TBA (Ria Rabajante)

    Miss Heritage Philippines 2015 Maria Daziella Lazaro Gange will be wearing Jearson Demavivas creation for the Miss Heritage 2015 evening gown competition.

    Miss Bikini Universe 2015

  7. Kelan naman kaya ang Miss Scuba Cubeta? At kung may Miss Charity International na, meron din kayang Miss Hope International, Miss Faith International, Miss Honesty International, Miss Love International, Miss Respect International, Miss Justice International, etc. etc.? Hinding hindi nyo ba talaga kami tatantanan? Mike Enriquez, paaaasok!!

    • hehehehe…..nice one you have a sense of humor..added to that we have Miss papaya in Pia, so there
      must also be Miss banana, Miss mango, Miss guava etc.

  8. I’m sorry, but “Miss Scuba International?”
    Who would be the emcees? Moby Dick and Jaws?

    I’m sorry, but this is hilarious borderline get ridiculous! Hope for the best for everyone involved nonetheless. Good luck.
    😀 😀 😀

  9. Ang babaeng walang kapaguran. Sumali sa Miss Global Philippines 2014 at naging runner-up tapos ipinadala sa Venezuela para sumali sa Miss Tourism World 2014 pero hindi sinuwerte ngayon lalaban na naman siya Malaysia para sa Miss Scuba International 2015. Sana naman masuwerte na ka ngayon. #CindyMadumma26Philippinesforthewin

  10. She will definitely give the best performance.

    Goodluck! 😀

    Cindy Maduma FOR THE WIN!!! 😀

  11. what’s the relevance of this kind of pageant to the community in general?
    could there be Miss snorkeling or Miss banana boat riding in the fiture? somehow there must also be Miss sky diving.A competion with no bearing at all…

    • @Kagandahan

      I agree, sobrang mukha akong syokoy…
      hahaha 😀 ( Diba Tito Norms? 😉 )

      Samantalang ikaw naman ang pinaka Kagandahang Sirena sa balat ng lupa.
      Pang Miss Universe! 😀

  12. paano ba pinipili mga contestant sa mga pageants? ang papangit por pabor! natalo na nga minsan, ipipilit pa din e di wow!!!

  13. Good luck girl…sisid your way to the crown!

    Buti pa mga Third Rate beauty queens ng Pinas, nakaka-ilang pageant while high-calibre girls like Hannah Ruth Sison nganga makapag-represent abroad.

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