151 comments on “Dear David, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is a combination of joy and excitement

  1. This blog was created by Norman to express his unwavering support to all PH bets – any Filipino/Filipina who carries the great flag of the Republic.

    These lowly bayots are really doing a great disservice to this beautiful blog.

    Go to hell.

    Pia for the win!!!!!!

  2. Nakakaloka!!! Hindi ko carry ha. Bad vibes na siya mga mars. Pagpipitikin ko kayo sa you-know-what. Chos hihi

  3. Hahahaa pagkahawud sa mga bisdak mo comment diri oi,hinay hinay lang ta ani mga kabisdak

  4. Dahlinns..ang seseryoso naman, beauty pageant lang eh…di naman ito discussion ng mga world leaders sa Vienna to stop the war in Syria eh…Go Nawat!

    • HOY JEREMI… DI PLA SERYOSO BAT PAIBA IBA KAPA NG USERNAME PARA LNG MAGCOMMENT AT IBASH C PIA? kung di to seyoso bat nandto ka/ imbos na matirik k ng kandila sa bahy nyo? #talkshit

      • pageantryXXXpert… you are funny hahahahah I never change usernames di gaya mo…tandaan mo yang picture sa wordpress account ko yan si Jeremi…masyado kang suspetsyosa…Tama na nga..Enough said Diosmio.

  5. Dear All,

    I am totally amused and flattered on how a single voice expressing a differing opinion (not counting that “it creature” called Angelo Reyes and Jeremi dahlinnn. Lol) can elicit so much caterwauling, bleeding hearts, and essay writing contest in this room. Chill lang kayo. It is only Miss Universe. As Ru Paul said, “A thing of beauty is a joy for …… exactly one year”. Lol.

    Thanks Mr. Norman for making this forum not boring or sanitised too much (Angelo Reyes, is another story. Lol.) to allow only comments praising to high heavens Ms. Wur..Warts…Wurthsa… Ms. Pia na lang.

    I stand by my opinion.

    World Peace. =)

    • What are you doing here if ‘Miss Universe’ is not that important to you? You , high ang mighty!!!

    • Thomas .. u are trying so hard to impress… well.. using highfalutin words all over ur statements make me feel sick.. just do wht u do.. and PLEASE dont throw garbage here.. Just keep ur opinion in your DARK CLOSET dahlin

      • Dear Triple X,

        Of all the essay-writing entries below, yours is the most amusing. And I mean that in a bad way. Lol. Dahlinnn, those are not highfalutin words.. Lol. I pity you for considering those words highfalutin. Anyway, to recapitulate, if aureate, florid, grandiloquent, magnific, ornate rhetorics MAKE YOU SICK, then get well soon. =)

        World Peace. =)

      • Natawa naman ako dun sa “…you make me feel sick…” ; “…get well soon…”

      • @Thomas I dont mind..Im not competing to ur proficiency in english. idont think it’s a barometer to sucess.. atleast im not trying to be Mr. Know It all like u. Pretentious and full of bitterness.. I believe if someone if happy and contented all the good words will overflow him. too sad urs is different.

        The point here Thomas is that ull be forever insecure to Pia kc inggit ka mga taong may angking ganda and tunay n pgkababae.. bakla k na nga wla kpa respeto sa babae. #Trashtalk

      • Also Thomas dont pity me.. Pity yourself for being so rude and trying your very best to Belittle Pia. Matalino k nga bastos k nmn 🙂

      • Further, beauty pageants are just one of the spices of life…not a “life and death” thing dahlinnn…

      • ***pareho naman kayo na mahihirap spellingin ang mga words…ano ang “highfalutin” … parang nakakatakot sya ha..joke hihihihi

  6. Hello mga mars! Ohayo! Hihi Daming ganap sa airport ha, parang dito lang hihi

    Ako naman pag BBP, may mga nananalong hindi ko masyadong bet. Like si Bianca, MJ, Rogelie, Christi to name a few. Pero dahil winnie monsod na sila, at papalapit na ang laban, I owe it to my country (oha!) to support them. So kahit di ko sila betcha by golly wow nung local pageant pero dahil sila na yang anjan at lalaban for us, support all the way na ang peg. Cause I know I need to move on by trying to see the wisdom behind their winning. Plus, we cannot achieve development without us rowing towards the same direction.

    Everybody has opinions, different at that. But how, where and when you communicate it matters.

    Tatlong bagay na dapat isulong:
    1. Tito Norms, as fair and competent as he has always been, should practice self-regulation in his blog. Yung mga indecent and foul words, burahin, if not i-block ang audience. Ang mga inosente and virgin na gaya ko ay naooffend chos mga mars… Sa naooffend. (Akala nyo chos sa virgin?)
    2. Kung sila na ang bet, suportahan na natin. Constructive criticism is healthy, we should know when it’s becoming destructive and unfair already.
    3. Sasali ako sa BBP next year to unite all pageant fans and afficionados. Para walang away. Mag sacrifice ako. Chos

    We are accountable to the energy we bring into this wonderful blog. Hihi oh ayan may opinion ang Mitchesang Bruha ever.

  7. @NATHAN

    Wow, my fellow reader! Your comment is precisely on the money that it should be published, copyrighted and distributed. 🙂

    I’m all for freedom of speech, and we all should “agree to disagree”. However, there does come a point when we must all understand the precious concept that “all things are lawful but NOT all things are beneficial.”

    There is a time and place for everything. But as of right NOW, so close to the meat of the pageant season, PIA and the rest of our Filipina reps require encouragement and exhortation from fans who desire the Philippines to capture that elusive 3rd MU crown, and enjoy a highly successful pageant campaign at International, Suprantional, Intercontinental, Earth and World.

    Go get em’ PIA! Hoping for the crown on your head next time we SEE YA!
    😀 ♡

  8. medyo tabingi parin mukha nya…saka ilong nya di ko gusto lalo na pag nakangiti siya

  9. Whoa bakit nagkakagulo na Dito? Di ko kinakaya ito… Si C2F kasi ginawa nya akong busy sa “fowl odor” comment. anyways ayoko sana mag comment dahil sobrang dami na pero napansin ko may mga nagbanggit ng name ko. @Thomas dahlinn I am not Sylvia LA Torre’s contemporary, my grandma is. Idol nya sya kaya alam ko ang hitsura nya, buhay pa ba sya? @Laila I am a supporter of Pia of course, simply because she is our rep but I must be honest, I am not a fan. I can say that I share the same view as that of Thomas.

    As far as I can remember, eversince nag start akong manood ng BB, naging fan ako ng ibang candidates like Mirriam, Bianca, Nina Ricci, Venus,Janine, Ann, Parul, Shamcey, Ariella and even MJ dahil may nakita ako sa kanila na uniqueness na Di ko maipaliwanag kung Ano. Di ko sinasabing sila ang pinakamagaganda sa kanikanilang batch pero there’s something in them that makes them beautiful.

    Now, let’s go back to Pia. Sure, she is beautiful but IMO, she is not a beauty queen material and I don’t see in her that “something” that our reps I mentioned above have. Further, those photos of her experimenting on different looks/styling/make up or whatever you call it, didn’t help either, parang pinaglalaruan sya ng mga handlers nya. Dapat may naiiwang mystery sa isang kandidata to make her interesting, para tuloy syang bodering on desperation which is very different from determination.

    Nevertheless, I honestly wish her the very best comes Miss Universe. Mabuhay ang Islas Filipinas and World Peace!

  10. This is in reply to a message posted by Thomas. (I lost it, so I had to post it as a separate comment instead of a reply LOL)

    To be clear Thomas,

    You’re only calculating your thoughts and opinions based on the final results of each telecast. You don’t know what is going to happen. Yes, they’re your opinions but your calculations are not based on facts, they’re based on comparable evidence which in this case (Miss Universe) is unpredictable simply because they have a different criteria each year.

    That is not fair game.

    Pia may not fit “your mold” of a Filipina but your opinions are almost discouraging. Calling someone pretty but also saying they won’t make the is pretty much saying, they’re ugly. It is redundant. You’re being polite, I can give you that but your opinions are determinants which are not fair to her and for the people who do believe in her.

    I had my doubts about certain reps who surprisingly did much better then what I had expected at the time. If anything, it has taught me to allow our reps to prove to us what they’re made of and to give them a chance. To deny them that right reflects our image to the rest of the pageant world.

    The Philippine Sash alone should be enough for all of us to unite and support ALL our reps.

    World Peace.

  11. Guys question… ako lng b nkkpansin ung mata ni pia hindi pantay? if hindi .. can a surgery enhance it to atleast correct it before she competes in vegas? Shes a near-perfect candidate to win the crown kaya sayng kung dto cya mbubutasan

      • @Jeremi ur funny.. dont u know tht technology nowadays are advnce? beauty procedures can heal in 1 month time? how would u know by the way?

      • @pageantryXXXpert, of course, I know, nagbibiro lang ako kasi masyado ng seryoso dito. hindi naman ito meeting ng mga leaders to stop the war in Syria eh… Go Nawat! hihihihi

      • Jeremi please wag kna mag iba iba ng username 😉 ure trying so hard na eh.. effort to the highest level ung ginagawa mo… tska please ung alter ego mo n c angelo reyes and Thomas.. patahimikn mo na kc nkkamalas yan sa winning streak ng pinas.. Kung wla kang mgndang sasabihin pwede ba manood k n lng ng idol mong aldub.. dun ka mg runong runongan!

    • I think its the false eyelashes that makes pia have the not aligned eyes. Her eyes are aligned last time I checked

    • A lazy eye is usually caused by one eye being more dominant than the other whenever looking afar… I guess she doesn’t have 20/20 vision.. so I assume she’s wearing contacts…. at the same time… her vision must be uneven….I don’t know if she already had lasic eye surgery to even them out but I believe its could really help… once it is done, the muscle memory ( lazy eye) would stiĺl be there but it will go away because her brain would gradually adapt to her new vission… problem is the recovery period or down-time…. I don’t think she’d be ready by December. Not to mention all the ribbon cuttings, photoshoots, media- launchings, and press conventions she would miss.

    • A lazy eye is usually caused by one eye being more dominant than the other whenever looking afar… I guess she doesn’t have 20/20 vision.. so I assume she’s wearing contacts…. at the same time… her vision maybe uneven….I don’t know if she already had lasic eye surgery to even them out but I believe its could really help… once it is done, the muscle memory ( lazy eye) would stiĺl be there but it will go away because her brain would gradually adapt to her new vission… problem is the recovery period or down-time…. I don’t think she’d be ready by December. Not to mention all the ribbon cuttings, photoshoots, media- launchings, and press conventions she would miss.

      • Ano ba C2F paulit ulit ang comment mo… di pa naman pweded magdelete ng comment dito sa blog ni Sir Norman hihihihi kahit na ikaw ang commentor….tomah ba ang commentor na word.

      • @jeremi as if u dont know??? dba ure a grammarian like ur alter ego n c THOMAS? hahaha nkktwa ka.. crazy faggot! I AM AN IT BY PROFESSION.. I ALREADY CHECKED YOUR IP ADDRESSES.. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.. ANGELO REYES, THOMAS AND JEREMI.. THis people behind BASHING PIA ARE THE SAME.. #WORLDPEACETOYOURFAGGOTFACE

  12. Dear Pia,

    Pia, fight lang ng fight. Wala ng magagawa ang mga haters mo and bashers because you are going to Vegas whether they like it or not. No one knows what the future brings. Ganyan palagi ang sinasabi ng mga doubters and pessimists sa mga kandidata ng Pilipinas year in year out. Walang pagbabago. Next year or next pageant iba na naman ang target nila. Such is life. for them. Nakakapagod di ba?

    But you know what you and all of us can do? Malaking dedma! Let’s focus all our energy on the prize – the crown at hindi sa opinion ng iba na hindi naman magbabago. Changing their mindset is impossible, let alone begging for their support. Wish ko lang na sana may magic ako to shut them all up. But this is a free world and everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. So the next best thing is just to ignore them and let’s carry on. We don’t need them to move forward, do we?

    Anyway, I will be in Vegas. If any of your haters or doubters want to come, they can cheer for the rest of the other candidates but you. We don’t care kase we all know mas maraming mag-che-cheer sa yo kesa mangungutya. Eto pa, maingay lang sila case they feel threatened. And they enjoy the anonymity of hiding behind the computer. Kung matapang sila, why not say it to your face or to the faces of your countless supporters para magkaalaman na. What they do isn’t healthy debate for obvious reasons – paulit ulit lang ang arguments. Nakakasawa na. Zzzzzz

    On this note bago ka manawa, hindi po kA fan. Follower mo lang. Pero gusto ko manalo ka kase ikatutuwa ng marami pati na rin mga haters mo. Good luck Pia and see you in Vegas!

    Ang inyong lingkod

  13. may miriam quiambao ang aura nya ditey. winnie cordero, wyn wyn marquez, winona ryder, lahat na ng win, punyemez, win na win. period

  14. Everyone has their own opinion and ideas of what beauty is. It’s okay! However, your opinion doesn’t make you right. The fact that you believed it doesn’t make it anymore more valid or worthwhile. It’s only your opinion and far from the truth.

    You guys appear on every post about Pia expressing regularly your dislike in repeated reasoning since day one. I and the others here get it but after a while it has become repetitive and I’m sensing that it’s more than dislike. You actually hate her. You hate her guts. You hate that she has improved a lot and has a fighting chance. You hate that she has proven you wrong. You hate it when some people are starting to like her. Of course you won’t admit it and will rather find fault instead…It’s easier to hate than to admit that you were wrong. Again, we get it.

    What do you mean she doesn’t look like a Filipino? What does a Filipino look like nowadays anyway? It has evolved and we are a very diverse nation. We come in different skin shades, looks, eyes, etc… The whole world knows that but you. She’s a Filipino mestiza, it’s not her fault. Accept it.

    The beauty of the Philippine pageantry is that, it has a variety of contestants unlike the pageants in other countries. We should celebrate it. We have a great pool of beautiful women. We accept all colors, status, etc…Although you seem to have a strong prejudice against mestizas and I’m not sure why.

    Lastly, please don’t speak for the “masa” or “masang-bekis”. Unless you did a solid survey, went from house to house and now holding some sort of proof that Pia doesn’t appeal to the “masa” and that they agree with you. From where I’m looking, there are probably 4 or 5 of you guys here (I maybe wrong) who bark everytime they see Pia. Again far from what you call “masa” or “masang-bekis”.

    World Peace. =)

    • Thank you Nathan. Well said, well written.

      From the tone of their posts, it was almost beginning to sound racist. As a Mestizo, I was starting to take it personally. I have always been of the opinion that Filipinos come in all hues. That the definition of what a Filipino “looks like” is varied and diverse. The fact that The Philippines can send such a diverse set of beauties to international competition speaks well for the cultural diversity and cultural acceptance of The Philippines and its people. While there are those Filipinos that hold some sort of negativity towards those who either “don’t look Filipino” or aren’t “Moreno enough”, the vast majority (IMHO) of Filipinos accept that Filipinos come in all shades, all eye colors, all hair colors. What matters most is what is in their hearts.

      If we must put on a pedestal someone who is “pure Filipino”, then let us give due regard to the true Filipinos who were truly here first. Those wonderful, sometimes misunderstood/mistreated, humans that roam our jungles undisturbed, some undiscovered. They are the “True Filipinos”, they were here first. Everyone else… we’re just living here and loving the country and thanking all of our ancestors for discovering this island paradise.

      My two cents…

    • I concur Nathan! It’s unfortunate that you have to write a scathing letter to remind these haters what they feel about Pia is beyond constructive. Obviously, advice is always helpful to challenge our representatives, not just Pia but all the titleholders so they can better themselves and build their confidence prior the pageant. It’s also unfortunate that rancor comments are coming from our fellow countrymen. I’ve seen it all and it never fails. Anyway, I share the same sentiments as you do. I am glad you’ve accentuated the word HATE to point out that this is a social media BULLYING.

      Thank you again for making this clear because at the end of the day, we have a representative who we all know will make us proud.

    • I must admit, I have had my fair share of rude arguments with “Angelo Reyes” and I shouldn’t have let him get to me. It got to the point where I would imagine, what if Pia were reading this. Naturally, I defended her. Not to start a fight but because “Angelo Reyes” was becoming so abusive to everyone just because they would show support or encourage Pia. It was not classy and his foul mouth tarnished anyone’s capability to provide their own opinion and suggestions.

      I don’t like all the beauty queens but because they wear the Philippine Sash, I still support them. Angelo Reyes was crossing the fine line between opinion and abusive and it got to me.

      This was a peaceful website before he/she came in and we loved reading each others comments. We have become a family of pageant aficionados and it is nice to share each others insights and opinions in a civil manner.

      I hope Tito Norman does take this petition into consideration for the sake of his websites reputation.

      World Peace.


  15. I like Pia enough to say na hindi nakaka hiya kandidata na ipapadala natin for MU. Her physical transformation is so evident patuloy pa rin syang pinag uusapan sa social media. She gets features in Latin sites so sa palagay ko, hindi lang tayo nakaka recognize ng potential ni Pia. She’s almost always included in top 5 polls. Mahirap maging cocky lalo na’t may mga nag aabang bumaba tayo pero what I am saying is…bago pa mangyari yun, sa fighting spirit lang ni Pia, hindi magpapatalo yun sa Las Vegas. Kung kinakailangan possibleng mag ala Ms. Macedonia peg ni Pia ma-secure lang ang attensyon sa kanya. She’s that hungry for the win.

  16. Dear Norman,

    I became a regular reader of your blog just for entertainments sake during my bored hours abroad. I have my + and – days ; debated and express some thoughts ; may it be acceptable or not ;may have hurt some people with my occasional arrogance -that i admit.

    I am writing you this as a response to someones ” alias” Angelo Reyes because he is getting to everybody s nerves. I know , that you know ” good or bad publicity is still publicity” . You needed him in your blog as an antagonist in your circle. I get that – “no protagonist exist with the opposite”. Everybody needs a nemesis.

    At first i tried to understand where he ( Angelo- i would have refer to him as “it” ) is coming from but i failed. Conversation wherever and whenever this ” Angleo Reyes ” pops out becomes dark, offensive and worst ” sick” . I would have tolerated him if he wouldn’t have place my mother and everyone else who has contradicted to his opinion – but it s offensive. And it is .

    We all have our own opinions; but it is the manner on how you deliver it that makes the difference. It may sound “petty” since not all have met each other (perhaps); maybe you will advice to just “ignore ” – but it s impossible at all.

    I am not trying to be an angel here. I m just trying to persuade you / the admin that it s time for you to speak up , correct or if you can spank the “pwet ” of – why not. It s time for you to have at least better guidlines , ” no foul words ” perhaps!

    This i request with due respect sir ; unless you are “Angelo Reyes” – that i do not hope .

    Shk Ayesa’

    • I, too am hoping that Mr. Tinio would exercise his censorial prerogative as owner of this blog.

    • Hi Norman, I hope you’ll consider this. The language is so off-putting hindi na sya pambalanse sa popular opinion. I like this blog but I’m not comfortable in seeing the words, KANTOT, PUTAHIN, etc…see ako pa lang nag ta-type hindi na maganda basahin? What more dito sa taong to na kain sa space and ang daming variations ng sinabi ko?

      • I think Norman is using wordpress. It’s so easy to block email addresses sa wordpress. You can even block their IP and nasty swear and curse words. Ang bait kasi ni Norman kaya ina- abuso. Norman, let me know if you want to block them, super dali lang talaga. I’ll do it for free. Haha.

      • i agree.. this angelo reyes might be using a computer in free wifi cafeteria or even worst in free wifi malls. hahaha so poorita.. a certified JOLOGS.

    • Agree with this. I’m all for freedom of speech and expressing opinions–good or bad–but Angelo Reyes’ comments are already kind of abusive. Pia’s detractors are free to dislike her and to express that dislike, but there are civilized ways of expression that don’t involve below the belt remarks that are spewed just out of hate. Honestly those kinds of comments don’t bring anything to the forum aside from negativity. An online forum like a comments section is a place for discourse, and it becomes almost like a community. The kind of comments Angelo Reyes is posting first of all does not contribute anything of substance and value anymore (because no matter what the context, if the post is about Pia, the same hateful comments are made), and second of all, is already offensive to the members of the community.

      Almost everyone who visits this site has beauty queens they don’t particularly like. If everyone did what Angelo Reyes does, it wouldn’t be pretty. Test of universality lang.

      • Korak! I never liked Janine when she won. MJ manok ko nun. But I held my tongue (or my hands from typing, for that matter) in respect to the supporters, to the blog and the blogger, and mostly, in respect to Janine herself. I might have disliked her but I know the moment she willingly signed up for BBP, she deserved to represent the country. Everyone does. Hindi kaya madali yung ginagawa nila. Dagdag mo pa rude words ng haters. Imagine how much hateful words can hurt the confidence of these beautiful ladies.

        But anyway, I showed my quiet support, despite my doubts in her. But come MU season, she really surprised me. Sobrang lumaban talaga si Ate noon, at humanga ako sa kanya (higit pa sa physical transformation).

    • Thank you guys for the support. At least i know hindi ako nag-iisa.

      Arguments are healthy. But “foul” remarks is sickening – unless u are used to it at home. I m not 🙂

    • While I have the ability to ignore rude, notorious comments (because I would normally skip reading ALL CAPS and foul/rubbish posts), I agree with Shk, Fuchsite, and Laila. Unruly commenters reduce the “classiness” of this blog/forum. It’s like we’re not educated or at least civilized people at all.

      I normally avoid forums with cheap-talking people. But the only reason why I keep on following this blog, and actually visit it everyday (since Shamcey days), is that I get the best pageant tidbits here. I believe Norman is not only a gifted writer, but he has a keen eye for beauty as well.

      [Trust me, I tried to read missossology before, but I quit after a few weeks. That forum just reeks of “kacheapan” – for lack of better term; and I still have not gotten over the Yvethe-Krestepani-Hillarie sabotage rumours]

      • Josko ako rin, I tried Misso, even kay Joyce Burton ek ek blog….nagugulahan na rin ako and ang simple ng format nito. Usually, that person, when he posts, I just scroll up. I don’t even indulge him by wasting my time in countering what he just said by attaching a comment to his thread. Again USELESS. Dapat yan iniignore or in Norman’s case, dapat nililinis.

        Thomas and Jeremi even Basil are not strong supporters of Pia. I’m not crazy about Rogelie but I don’t think we can ruin this blog by posting our thoughts. Hindi naman pang komunista tong blog. I bit of well placed censorship lang sana. It really cheapens this blog and I am in no mood to look for a more “credible” site coz this is IT.

      • LOL. Laila, apir tayo.

        1. Nagbabasa din ako nung ABQ dati but not as frequent as Normannorman.
        2. Sa current queens, si Rogelie lang ang ayaw ko. Sana si Alaiza Malinao na lang, or Hannah (or even Ria, Ejercitado, or Nancy Leonard). BUT, I respect the judges’ decision. Kaya quiet lang ako. At hiling ko rin maganda maging performance ni Rogelie sa Supra. Kasi kababayan natin yun, bitbit nya bandila natin.

        I don’t understand why can’t other people support their fellow Filipinos. I’m sure one inkling of support can boost these queen’s confidence and the needed fuel to fire up their performances.

        P.S. Nganga ako sa last post ni Norman about Rogelie. Ganda ni ate dun.

      • @lonewolf hay….if only we can benefit from this person’s vitality and energy against those pesky Indonesians lol….

    • I agree minsan sobra nagmumura pa, most of the time offensive yung pinagsasabi niya!

    • I dont want to be diplomatic here towrds angelo reyes… He has a bad mouth and no respect to other people… he has to be blocked here.

    • @Shk Ayesa, you are absolutely correct. I am also wondering the existence of this person in this blog and why Sir Norman allowed him to post such rude and demeaning comments. I am a pure-blooded cebuano so I really understand some of his comments stated in cebuano language. Yung sasabihin na ang ina ay pakantot, puta, burikat etc is really hurting and derogtory. Sana naman Sir Norman will do something about this para naman po maiwasan na natin ang di kanais-nais na mga pagdududa na iisang tao lang ang nasa likod nito. I really love Sir Norman dahil napakagaling at balanced talaga sya na blogger. I hate to think na magkatotoo ang last statement ni ShkAyesa.

    • AGREE… PAIBA IBA YAN NG STATEMNT.. Since hindi nya kaya ang englisan ni thomas agree n lng cya hahaha poorita girl.. PIA dont get affected by this begative feedbacks follow your dream to become the NEXT MISS UNIVERSE

  17. The Latinos are raving about Pia, She always came out as one of the predicted candidate to win and she looks like Kristine Hermosa.

  18. kahit na anong sabihin niyo, pilipayns ang magiging country of the year! miss international 2015 si the janicel lubina, miss world 2015 si hilarie parungao at miss universe 2015 si pia alonzo (hirap spelingin ng last name e!) abangan nyo na ang pag-ngi-ngitngit sa galit at inggit ng mga indian, thai at indonesian fantards at lalung-lalo na ang globulok na sponsored ni nawat! bwahaha :devil:

  19. Pia always came out in the predictions of pageant sites and Latinos themselves are raving about her. The truth she even looks like Kristine Hermosa. Only now I can see that Philippines will get the 3rd MU coveted crown. She will not be a clapper and the sad part is the bashing is coming from her own countrymen

  20. AYAN! Papalapit na ang MU. tumutunog na naman ang mga torotot ng mga taga papaitan. Mas malakas ang ingay nila pag dating sa MU. Pero hinay hinay lang sa pagtotorotot at baka makain at malunok nyo agad yang torotot nyo. sa finals nyo pa dapat gamiten yan tapos sabay lunok. isigaw nyo nalang ang pangalan ng mga Manok nyo kaysa i bash ang sarile nyong kandidata.

  21. Gumising kayo mga Vaks!
    Paano naman irarampa ni Piyaya ang kanyang legs sa swimsuit round.
    Hindi ko mawari kung anong shape ang thighs nya.
    Diusmio , mas shapely pa ang legs ng alagang inahing baboy ng kapitbahay kong si Aling Siony!
    Pwede ba, si YayaDub na lang ipadala natin sa MU at tyak trending sa twitter yan.
    Oust Pia!

    • basil mahrp bng mging bakla na hindi tanggap ng magulang>?Or baklang wlng gustong pumatol man lang? Im sad for your . your life seems so dark.. if need help just let me know.. ii can listen to ur problems

      • HAHAA PATHETIC STAMENT.. TRY TO VOTE AND KISS BINAYS CLAN.. para hindi kayo mapa alis sa squatters area.. ung baho ng bunganga mo abot sa sementeryo vaks..

      • basil… bka mapalunhod k pgnkita moko.. e ung mga tulad mo ung pgupit gupit tpos kpg nkakubra kakain n ng banana hehe tpos pag bored maninira nmn dto haha… ur life is so boring. bigti n te

    • Basil,

      Please don’t chuck an “Angelo Reyes”.

      I understand that you don’t like Pia but it isn’t necessary to be abusive or negative towards her. Try being more constructive. At the very least, it would help us understand your opinions in a more encouraging tone.


      • Ang mga tiyhain ni Piaya, contodo sanib pwersa, e may magagawa ba yan para mabura ang kamot at pileges ng bruha?

      • u yung kamot mo sa utak pano nten yan aalisin bakla? inggitera palibhasa wlang mani… hahaha

    • Basil and angelo reyes are one and the same.. so parthetic.. get a life dude… nkakaawa k nmn.. ito lng ba libngn mo>>?? try mo mg travel abroad.. oopps bka money and problem>? haha

      • pno ka mgiging pabebe girl?? bka padedeng bakla pwede?? o ung mga callboy mong papa ngtetext na.. palumunin mo na para di ka iwan bakla

  22. Philippines has been performing very well in the last five years of miss universe! Philippines is the country to beat probably next to Venezuela each and every time. to doubt Pia at this point is simply unthinkable! she has all the past girl’s experiences and their mentors at her disposal. Pia is the girl to beat. her face alone can win the entire competition for her! Caucasian looking? just look at miss Japan!

  23. Dear All,

    I am sorry if I ruffled some feathers in this room.

    In the name of World Peace, Political, Fraternal and National Alliances, I hereby declare:




    Peace =)

  24. Lets wait and see na nga lang kung paano na rumampa si pia sa miss u. Look at janine tugonon super wow din transformation nya.tapos super bashed din sya but she was dedicated and she did well. Confident ako kay pia.

    • Confident ako not because shes more beautiful than her competitors but because she is a performer.

      • Exactly!

        Aanhin ang sobrang ganda…
        Kung hindi ka naman magaling rumampa!

        Pia Papaya FOR THE WIN!!! 😀

        Hahaha 😀

  25. Mga baklang puro dada at utak talangka……….go PIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  26. You are delusional if you think Pia is not a strong bet for the Philippines just because her skin is more fair than other past PH candidates. News flash, PH candidates are not compared with past PH candidates when it comes to MU–they are competing with their delegation. Pia is articulate, talented, and by far the most prepared bet we’ve had in the past 5 years. She can style herself with being heavily coached and carries herself with such grace. Our reps these past few years were beautiful and did us proud, but Pia has the international appeal and self determination to win us the crown. Even Venezuelans in other websites and blogs are saying they prefer Pia over their own bet, which NEVER happens. Also, Paulina Vega, Olivia Culpo, Leila Loles, and even more last winners share the similar mixed look, but show stopping facial beauty as Pia. Pia is a contender for the crown.

  27. Gets ko na ang dahilan for the bright lips… para yun ang tingnan natin kesa mata nya…

    Pero mas nadistract ako dun sa blush on nya sa video… kulang sa blending.. mukhang pasa…

    Sana madrawing nya muna ng maganda yung upperlip line bago lagyan ng color…

  28. Oh. I am sorry for the wrong spelling :

    It should not have been ‘World Peave Madam Gaga”, it should have been “World Peace, Madam Gaga”. Lol.

    • Guys panisinin nyo ung thread.. pag nagcocomment tong BAKLIATANG THOMAS NA TO saktong sakto na mag aagree agas ung MISS TISSA.. ano to nag aagree sa sarili>>>??> te huli kana.. ilan b acct mo dto???? hahah nkakaawa k nmn.. walng magawa>>>?? alam mo mas ok sau sa blog ng mga may tama sa utak k mag join… sige ka bka mgbigit knlng bgla nyn THOMAS este Miss TISSA este Angelo REYEs este BASIL este JEREMI jusko npakadming pagkatao ng bakiltng to… kain ng banana pa more… #worldpeaceyourDIRTYFACE

  29. why can’t we be support to a kapwa Filipina? Nenega nyo! Papanget nyo tapos wala naman kayo Pera!!!!

      • Thomas, i actually agree with your message below. During the BBP 2015 finals, I am not in favor of Pia winning the MUP crown because in my opinion there are other candidates who deserves more than her. And the reason is the same as your opinion below. But what can i do? I am not a judge. Until I met Pia personally during one of their activites with the other winners, then that was the time I started to like her. Nakausap ko sya at randam ko yung kanyang sincerity to win. Gagawin nya lahat para manalo.
        Just like what c2f has mentioned, lets give Pia a chance kase talagang she works hard in preparation for her contest. The winner would still depends on their performances and depends on the judges. Masyado pang maaga to assess the candidates.
        Let us support her, she is our representative.
        Go Pia!

      • Dear Miss Tissa,

        1) Thank you for agreeing with me. =)

        2) Again, we all want to see a Miss Philippines win the crown. And Pia is no exception. Go Pia!!

        3) There is a thin line between “giving support” and “not stating what is obvious”. And the obvious thing is that our candidate this year is not strong.

        4) Too early to assess? Of course not. You don’t need to see the other candidates to know if your candidate is strong or not. And why is “one month” too early?

        5) You are lucky to have spent some quality time with Pia and got to know how ‘sincere and determined she is to win”. I hope the judges of Miss Universe will have the same perspective as yours – when they interview 70 + dazzling, beautiful, EQUALLY determined and sincere women.

        My point is, if sincerity and determination are the only things going for Pia, then we have a problem.

        My posts are not meant to put her down. We can not do anything about her lips / chin / teeth structure anymore at this stage. We can not do anything about her Caucasian-looking features and skin color, or a surname we can not pronounce. Lol.

        My posts are addressed to her handlers, her stylists / make – up artists / trainers. Why exacerbate her current situation? Pia has her beauty. She has a voluptuous body. However, Pia for me is being packaged cheaply. Para syang make-up na nilagyan ng mukha. She comes across as an Eastern European escort lady.

        World Pia-ce! =0

      • @Thomas by the way you assessed things you are so PERFECT AND GURU IN Pageantry. Whatever your thoughts are is just an OPINION. Do you think those negative words will help Pia’s performance? You better keep it to yourself beacuse those points are irrelevant.

        If she doesnt look good to you. FINE. atleast Pia is Pia and Thomas is just a netizen who keeps bashing others life.

        If I were you Thomas try to make yourself busy and engage yourself in more positive environment because you are so BItter towards Pia.

        sHe doesnt need your opinion because YOU ARE NOBODY. Whether she place or not I know that She did her best and no pressure to her, Cmon! crown will not make this country a 1st world. Just enjoy the ride and be more postive in your thougts.

  30. She’s very cute in these videos! She has a sincerity to her and she does come across as if she’s genuinely enjoying herself. My only criticism is that she tends to yell her words out at the beginning of each of her parts. Everything else is excellent.

  31. Those, pageant fans/fanatics, who live here on the west coast U.S. can watch the Miss World pageant on TLC at 5 a.m. and the Miss Universe pageant, on FOX, the same evening. How about that? Pretty interesting and exciting if I do say so myself.

    Let’s go PIA

    • How about east coast people like me? Will it be 8am Dec 20 for miss world on TLC also and 7pm on fox for miss universe? Thanks for the info!

      • My bad Tabularosa… I was eyeballing the time slot from when Megan won Miss World 2013 in Indonesia.

        Miss World will be on December 19, 2015 which means us folks here in the U.S. will be able to watch it on December 18… I added time when I should have subtracted… 😦


  32. She is much improved and definitely prettier. I wonder how they fixed her eyes and mouth. More symmetrical and pleasing . I still don’t think she will crack top 10. The competition is too strong. She looks like “a pretty white girl”, she has good enough features but she simply won’t stand out.
    Japan and Vietnam are the strongest Asian bets this year.

    • Agree@ Venus. Pia is a pretty girl. And so are the rest of 70+ girls. Pia will be a “pretty white girl” in a multitude of pretty White, Latina, Asian, European girls who are younger-looking, taller and possess a jene sais quois that Pia sorely lacks.

      I watched the video above, and sad to say that the Sylvia la Torre face / smile (as described by Jeremi [Sylvia’s contemporary. lol]) is still there. It can only be described as a ‘forced kind of smile (no matter how sincere)”. Me, I simply describe it as the constipated look.

      My two-cents worth:

      1) I don’t remember ANY Miss Philippines who is CAUCASIAN looking (meaning as white or as fair as Pia) ever winning a crown for us. If the judges want a German-looking, Norwegian-looking girl to win, they will make Ms. Germany or Ms. Norway win.

      This is the same sunken feeling I had with the past Ms. World-Philippines : Valerie W. and Queenerich R. Dindi G.). Pretty but not remarkable.

      Megan Young has an American father (?) but the look of Megan is still very Filipina, albeit a beautiful Filipina. Gwendolyn Ruais has a French father, and while not remarkably pretty, she ‘looks like someone with Filipina blood”. And she is tall.

      2) There is something “forced or desperate” the way Pia is being packaged. You can’t help but get that trying hard vibe. The fire-red engine lipstick and animal prints make her really , really look old. Believe me, she looks old.

      3) Which brings me to this observation (and I will be crucified for this. Lol): Caucasians and/or Caucasian looking women in general, do not age well. Must be the gene. The skin and the weight thing easily catch up on them

      Many years from now (say five years, lol), I will bet my balls that Parul or Janine or Ara or Janicel will look a lot better than Pia, Valerie and Queenerich. And many, many years from now, these white-looking beauties will eventually look like…Elaine Cuneta. (+). Matapang ang mukha na porcelained skin and most likely…… not thin. Lol.

      Again, unfair to be bringing out names of people who are resting (Valerie and Queenerich) and who are resting in peace (Elaine). Lol. but I need to make a point.

      4) Pia never connected with the masang-pinoy. Must be the surname that is hard to pronounce, must be the look (there it is again) that is foreign looking to us, or the initial arrogance of “babawi tayo” statement after Manny’s loss. She is not yet winning the hearts of the masa or the bekis or the masang-bekis (lol) that MJ or Venus or even Miriam Q did from day one.

      We all want a Ms. Philippines to win the crown. Be it in some minor pageants, or some major, major ones. I hope I will be proven wrong with Pia.

      Is now waiting for fire and brimstone.

      World Peace. =)

      • @Thomas

        In my opinion, just to be fair with Pia…

        – Gloria Diaz is around 37.5% mixed European
        – Margie Moran is around 50% mixed European
        – Charlene Bonin is around 56.25% mixed European
        – Helen Gamboa sister of Elaine Cuneta, I don’t know their ancestry but they may have one or two caucasian ancestor.

        They all look great at their age then and now…
        My point is just because you have a caucasian facial bone structure doesn’t mean you will also inherit the lack of colagen/elastin of caucasian skin.. and at the same time, aging depends not only on genes but also how well you take care of yourself… Pia may look aged before maybe because she was doing tapings as a teen and later on did her internship as a chef therefore she lacked a lot of sleep which may have caused her skin to age earlier regardless if she inherited caucasian genes ( there are many factors that trigger skin aging aside from the gene that causes fair skin). Finaly, with regular non-surgical dermatological treatments, her youthfull skin can be restored and maintained for decades. 🙂

      • Dear C2F,

        Thank you for a very sober and mature reply. So unlike you. =) Kudos.

        On Gloria and Margie: We have no argument here. They are a like Megan or Gwendolyn in my example above that DESPITE their European mix, they still look “Filipinos”. So I don’t understand you using them as examples. I never said European or mixed beauties are not beautiful.

        On Charlene: Good that you pointed her out. Because she reminds me so much of Pia. Let’s face it.: Charlene is not a Great Beauty. She is mestiza and she has that Sylvia la Torre face also (forced smile, a threatening double-chin : very much like Pia) . But Charlene was charming, tall and les we forget, Ms. Universe that year was held in the Philippines, thus the token finalist positioning. But ask me now if Charlene is beautiful (compared say to the beauty of Ruffa), I would just say she is mestiza. Lol.

        And now, you have turned my post into “Caucasians are beautiful, yes or no?” type of discussion. No quarrel here, many are. What you’ve conveniently forgot is the CONTEXT of my post with regard to Caucasian-looking Filipinas who join beauty pageants who for me, are not winnable at all.

        World Peace C2F! =)

      • @Thomas

        I understand what you are saying. I also have a bit of doubt based on her features but when it comes to dedication and pageantry, I am confident that she can slay them all. In my opinion, t is too early for us to judge her winnability. I suggest that we give Pia the chance to prove herself.

      • Wether pia wins or not we just have to see. However it is good to debate her merits and weaknesses. I’m happy that Tito Norms is allowing this healthy discussion. We don’t need to call each other names or shout or be mean spirited. We are all worthy to express our opinions.
        I just don’t see an international beauty in Pia. I maybe be wrong Coke pageant time. I will be very happy to be proven wrong , but sadly I think we may need to wait for the return of Charmaine Elima for that 3rd MU crown.

      • Charlene gonzales was and is still a great beauty despite her Castillan features. During my time in ust, she was often mistaken as thai or mexican. She is a beautiful tisay na pang beauty pageant talaga deserving of the crown. Now, sino ba ang tisay na maganda but not pang beauty queen? Si karla henry ( yan nnalo dahil homecourt advantage talaga and smart and mapersonailty rin naman). Si imelda shweighart who looks too caucasian to be miss phils. In my opinion, pia is no charlene gonzales. She is i would say an inferior beauty. Yes, her transformation is truly remarkable!!! That is if we conpare pia now from pia early this year or last year. But to compare pia with other international competitors this year, medyo may sabit. Sana daanin sa performance at x factor.

      • True! Charlene is Charlene you cant compare her to Pia..totally different beauty !

      • I think since you are so Perfect in assessing Beauty Queens… Why dont you put up your own camp and show your expertise in handling National pageants? hahah pathetic. I think its more appropriate for You to use “Mr. Know It All” alias rather than Thomas cause it will fit you better.

        I was so amazed how sure you are on every single observation you are stating.. As if its a FAct. 🙂 poor boy

    • Just shut up. Go to hell. If you don’t have anything good to say to PH bet, then don’t be so stupid in this forum. Go away.

  33. Now I see a Universal beauty. Her looks above, maitim man o maputi skin nya, maganda padin!
    Excited to watch her stint in LV! 🙂

    Angelo Reyes bring it on again ahaha… I am sure madami na nag aabang sa mga comments mo na mapanlait ahahaha!

    • As for Ms. Elima, If I’m not mistaken she’s no longer eligible to compete next year because of age limit. As for Pia, let’s not over think, just give her the support that she needs.

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