26 comments on “Trixie Maristela begins her quest for Miss International Queen 2015

  1. Looking to other international pageant on going this month like Miss Tourism Queen Intl 2015 its final that no Philippine delegate had sent to the said urong sulong contest, they listed 92 delegates but only 52 had participate, so far this is a no bearing pageant because of its we just decided attitude, hopely this will be the last and next year it will be buried slently and peaceful.

      • I don’t hate them, I just dislike their odor..I can’t explain but it’s like a mixture of their ladies perfumes and their natural manly body scent secreted by their hormones… it’s hard to tell but it makes me wanna throw up…Sorry again.

      • No offense taken here since I’m not a Transexual but I’m just surprised of your intolerant attitude towards them, that’s all. Based on my understanding of Sigmeund Freud’s teachings, we usually hate on those who reminds us of our flaws. So Jeremi, what gives? 🙂

      • @C2F yeah I know about that Sigmund Freud’s theory but he is my least favorite psychologist because of what he said that every human behavior is sexual in origin. I prefer Alfred Adler or Carl Jeung. I think “intolerant” is not the right word because I really don’t hate nor care about their preference but this is based only their certain scent which I don’t love smelling, if that would make sense. By the way, I am a self-declared gay but most people say, they don’t see any traces of it with me but I am and proud to be.

      • @Jeremi

        According to studies, pheromone compatibility is not gender exclusive as in male to female and vise-versa… I do agree based on my own experience because some girls do like how I smell and some don’t. Same thing applies to other guys, some boys like how I smell and some don’t. I am not sure if it’s only based on my hormonal balance or only my DNA. My point is maybe you are too quick to generalize that all Trannies are foul smelling?.. In my opinion, you just havn’t met the Trannie:-)

      • *In my opinion, you have yet to meet the most pleasant smelling Trannie to you. 🙂

      • C2F I’ve met a bunch of them and I had the same experience, the only difference is on the notes of their perfumes but there is this underlying odor which is hard for me to explain I think the word in tagalog is “singaw”. Anyways, I hope to someday meet a trannie that would change my sensory perception about them. Sorry…we’re all good right?

    • @Jeremi

      I’m a straight-acting bisexual and a good friend of mine is a tranny. I am friends with a few others. I get to meet their other friends. I don’t get to notice anything foul-smelling from them wafting over their Jean Patou Joy, Dior J’adore, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue or what have you. Methinks it is offensive of you to post in this thread your derogatory opinion of dubious origin regarding trannies. And I thought you’re a bigger and better person than that.

    • Fowl odor talaga? As in amoy manok? Kukuda ka rin lang ng wala sa lugar, wrong spelling pa. Kaloka ka, bakla.

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