8 comments on “Miss Republic of the Philippines 2015 in full swing

  1. Tito Norms bakit naging United Kingdom un dark na girl dba dapat Roxas sya dahil dun sya nanalo?

    • The black girl is half British. Perhaps her dad is from the UK. So she represents the Filipino British community?

      • Right. Alexia Sonia Edmund is half-Brit and half Fil. Instead of representing Baguio, she will raise the banner for the Fil community in the UK. BTW, this pageant has been revived after 38-year hiatus. The pageant is a Scholarship pageant with no international competition to follow. This will be like the Miss America-type of pageant.

  2. Ano nga ulit ang Vision, Mission ng pageant na itey?

    Saka na ako mag comment ng maganda pag may demonstrated success na. So for now, jed madela muna ang bruhang Mitchesa. Hihi

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