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  1. So Anea has won the right to be spokesperson of a pageant advocating peace. What has she to tell the world about peacemaking? I am a bit stunned that in the Q&A portion she divulged the dark secret about her life in front of a global audience that she is a child of rape, all the more shocked in disbelief that she took that opportunity to tearfully confess to the world that despite of this the most influential person in her life is the father. Yes, not the mother who heroically carried her in her womb, who despite the personal pain and social stigma that accompanied rape victims, managed to raise her to the kind of person she is today. What kind of peace advocacy will she tell the world? That peace can be had if we forgive the aggressor and ignore the victim? That peace can be had if we extol the aggressor as the most influential person to our lives. It should have been an answer that will add credence to MGIโ€™s advocacy if she mentioned the mother, the victim, who weathered all the odds and sufferings and raised her the best way she can as a testament of her admirable tenacity, forgiving heart and peace with herself.

    Well as events unfolded, MGI chose to elect Anea as the ambassadress of its โ€œstop the war advocacyโ€.

    • Simply because that “stop the war” advocacy is nothing more than hogwash for a pageant masquerading with the pretense of a noble reason for existence. Seriously. Pray tell – what have Janelee Chaparro and Daryanne Lees done significantly during and even after their respective reigns to promote that so-called advocacy other than residing opulently in Bangkok for a year to do modelling and endorsement gigs? None that I have heard of. Anea simply pandered to the emotions of the judges aside from her exemplary physical attributes, thus her victory. She gave them beauty and drama – nothing more, nothing less. It has zilch to do whatsoever with her being the most appropriate ambassadress for a shamelessly overhyped advocacy.

  2. Oo nga pansin ko rin pero nung Ms. USA di naman ganun. gusto ko nga na sya ang Miss USA dati eh. Siguro nagkaroon ng botch surgery hihihihi

  3. @Baldo ur so obvious w/ ur intentions here gusto mo lng gumawa ng issue against tito norman i dunno wats running on ur mind but u want people to go against him by claiming “ramdam ng lahat yan” kahit hinde nman. character assasination tlaga motibo mo

  4. maka Aces ka talaga sir Norman. Halatang halata. Pero ayos langm, magbabasa padin ako ng write ups mo kahit madalas halata na may pinapanigan ka. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sigurado ako ramdam ng halos lahat yan,

    • Honestly, I go a long way back with some of their members ever since I started with Mabuhay Pageants before. But without sounding plastic or anything, I always try to remain in middle ground as much as possible. I am friends with Rodgil Flores of KF, maybe not as close but I try to cover them whenever they ask me to or provide me with infos to help spread the word about their ladies.

      • ramdam ko yun noong si tiglao nagpost ka sir norman ng pic nya na unflattering. I don’t know biglang nalungkot ako bat ganun? Tas ngayon unflattering pics ni janicel naman andami naman dyang ibang pagpipilian. Or is it just me? baka ako may problema. LOL! Pero I know you try your best to be fair but of course kung saan ka mas close medyo may slight na panig padin. Hindi ako maka KF di din naman ako maka Aces pero honestly mas magaling magtrain ang Aces base sa mga nakikita kong difference from bb to mismong international pageant na sinasalihan nila.

    • Todo exposure na nga kay Janicel si Tito Norms pero meron ka pa ring nalalamang maka-A&Q siya at kesyo ramdam ng lahat pa? Personally di ko feel yun kung di mo lang ineechusera ngayon. Oo patola ang peg ko – NKKLK lang kasi. Di ba, Tito Norms?

      • Pasensya na ha.. Patola din ako.. Naramdaman ko din yan nung mayat maya may write-ups tungkol kay Hillarie para bang alam mo na agad na yun gusto niya manalo di pa nag sisimula ang MWP. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • @Tito Norms

        Told you madaming nakapansin…
        Bakit nga ba walang special feature sa inyo si Emma (interview) pero the other girls like Janicel, Mia, Bea, Julian, Athena and most of the other KF girls meron? Ganun ba sya ka “elusive” sa inyo? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sir Norrman, halatang halata na maka Aces ka.
    Ramdam ko yan
    E ano naman ngayon? – Wala lang gusto ko lang sabihin. Halata lang kasi na may napapanigan.

    • Well’ it’s Tito Norms blog ang he can blog whatever in whichever way he wants to, so kung may ayaw ka the answer’s easy ;).

    • Syempre di maiiwasan naman talaga na may mga favorites at pinapanigan..example: Fabian is for Pia while Angelo Reyes is for Janicel hihihihi

  6. Wow, these 5 are all deserving of d crown (save for Ms Thailand, korthod krub to my Thai friends who can read this hehe).

    I must give special mention to Parul though. She’s sweet, regal & smoldering rolled into 1 in that fierce red number!!

    Ms DR already had it in d bag, but boy that speech? Off tangent. What an insult to her mother and all other rape victims! She could have at least chosen her mum who suffered from unimaginable pain & trauma but still managed to not only carry her in her womb but also to raise her into who she is now. Talk about someone who had taught her forgiveness and influenced her life the most. I just wonder, does the bastard father even know that she exists? & she chose to glorify him.

    Oh well, the audience bought it for the same reason that many senseless dramas sell. I shouldn’t be surprised. But… oh well

    • AJ, you hit it right in the head. I could not believe that something very personal as this can be brought out in public, and revealed a sentiment that is a downright back-stab to the victim, her mother, who suffered an unimaginable pain yet still triumphantly brought her into the person she is right now. She blabbered about forgiveness and peace. But there is no forgiveness without repentance, and no peace without justice. Coming from a Catholic country Dominican Republic, she must know this. If her winning the crown is due to this melodrama, I cannot imagine what message does this bring to pageant enthusiasts worldwide. All the more, the “stop the war” advocacy of Miss Grand International becomes a distorted idea of a grand delusion.

      • My sentiments exactly. It would have been so much more acceptable and even laudable if Anea pinpointed her mother instead as the most influential person in her life who propelled her to be an achiever who is not just a mere “accident” despite the erstwhile despicable circumstances. Nevertheless, I commend her for her courage in being honest about a rather dark aspect of her life although I also feel somewhat squeamish myself about her washing her dirty linen in public – on a global stage at that.

      • Ken, you are right. But I see it as misplaced courage and honesty. If she is to declare to the whole world that dark aspect of her life, why extol the tormentor and not the victim? This is like raping the victim all over again. This is not peacemaking, as what MGI trumpets. This kind of action is a recipe for war. And she seems to have been rewarded for that?

  7. I’m just excited now seeing all those beautiful gowns. I’m just wondering right now what will be Janicels gown? Anyway , looking back watching the last part of the pageant. I would say that Parul should have won it. The answer of DR is such a Bullshits. Come on . Australia in the same wagon Bullshits the reigning queen? Really? India, just a cliche. Just my thoughts.

  8. A historic feet of 3 american women winning Miss Grand International back to back to back. Puerto Rico, Cuba and Dominican Republic.

    • Indeed, all of them are Americans. Miss Cuba who has competed in Miss Purrto Rico contest must be a Cuban exile in the USA. Puerto Rico is an American colony, so de facto, Miss Puerto Rico is an American citizen. Miss Dominican Republic represented Miss Rhode Island in this year’s Miss USA won by Miss Oklahoma.

  9. People who have doubted her from day one (you know who you are – you are the same people who doubted Ann Colis would win Miss Globe) are probably hiding somewhere. Parul did her best and she owned that stage. Plus she seemed to be having fun, and if ever she felt the pressure, she didn’t any show any trace of it. She only wanted to represent the Philippines on the international stage and she exceeded all expectations, including these doubters’ and naysayers’ doomsday prediction or plain pessimism. I’m sure their verdict on Janicel’s fate is already out in the open.

    I never doubted Parul would deliver and more. However, I did doubt, and am still questioning, MGI’s integrity. DR’s triumph is well deserved, in my opinion. She appeared sincere in the final answer and she was indeed queenly. In an era of Facebook and Instagram, baring one’s personal secret is no longer a taboo. Her answer felt honest and frankly unrehearsed. Brief, direct to the point, and personal.

    Congratulations Parul! Indeed you would have been better suited for bigger pageants like MU or MI but the fact that you brought us honors in lesser one like this is good enough to make us admire you even more, doubters be damned.

    • Same here. I never doubted our Parul. naalala ko sinabi ko she can win or at least top 5. not a clapper. mas nag doubt ako sa pageant na to. but DR is very deserving, she’s really a strong contender. It would have been great if it was PH vs DR. but stil, a 3rd RU finish is still something to be proud of.

    • Very well said, I just can’t understand, why so many people cannot be happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m not hiding. I was a doubter . when I saw her pics during the prelim, I knew she deserved to place. But I still doubted her chances bec of the venue and bec her facial beauty was debatable.
      I’m glad she won , she repped the country really well… From beginning to end. PALaBAN TALAGA

    • I never doubted that Parul will shine and will place. I doubted tho that she will win considering Nawat’s history with ME, Gouldian, Miss Intercon and a lot of bruhahaha against the filipinos. Like I have said before, I don’t think we will ever see a filipino winner in this pageant. A runner up is not a win just a reminder. For me, Parul should have won but with that Q&A and that answer of DR, who wouldn’t give the crown to her?

  10. Job well done, Parul! Congrats!! oh, ayan ha. wala nang makakasisi sa gown kung bat di tayo nanalo ha.

      • Let’s be honest naman. dati talaga kahit may mas malakas na kalaban ang representative natin, at hindi nanalo, isisisi kesyo chaka ng natcos, chaka ng gown keme keme.

      • Ugali na ng ibang countrymen natin yan hehehehe..ewan ko ba mahilig tayo sa maasim na grapes;)

    • it seems tht our queens will be having 2 different gowns for prelim and finals. excited ako sa gown ni Pia. hope 2 beautifull elegant and stunning gown ang ipasuot za kanya. same with the others. hinde man zya nanalo. she proved her worth. take note 2 trophy pa. haysss. Tapod na Miss Globe at MGI now be ready for international.

  11. I thought that when someone influences you it’s on something positive. Miss Dominican Republic ‘ s answer of being raped by his father came as a surprise. So, was she saying that her father influenced her by raping her? Interesting! I’m not questioning the outcomes of the pageant. I just thought that the answer given was wrong. Unless I miss understood it completely.

    • Yes you misunderstood her answer. She said she is a child of rape – meaning she was conceived when her biological father raped her mother. Apparently she never got to know who her real father is, but finding out that she is a child of rape somewhere along the way put so much stigma on his identity and ominous presence – thus his being considered as the most influential person in her life. A heartfelt answer if I do say so myself.

      • here here.. Her answer says it alot. very heartfelt and on point. Who doesnt like Drama? Her first statement of being a child of rape is impacful.. it takes her courage to broadcast that. its not easy…

      • Agree @ Boris. Heartfelt and brave of Ms. DR to admit that she was a child of rape. And even without this Q&A performance, I think Ms. DR is a deserving winner. Statuesque, beautiful and looks sincere and humble.


        It still feels a little iffy disclosing something as personal as this – beamed throughout the world with and end view of winning a crown (and let’s admit it that for all the posturing and declaration for Peace and Against War, the end goal is to win the crown).

        For Q&A alone (and without sounding bias), I think Parul gave the best answer.

        No blue-sky, motherhood statement like Ms. India (Who doesn’t admire Mahatma Gandhi? Duh). No sycophant answer like Ms. Australia (Really? The past MGI winner is the most influential person in your life? Gee. I kinda pity your life. Lol). No incoherent, aneurysm-inducing answer like Ms. Thailand’s – lol. Parul’s answer (while obviously rehearsed) was intimate without the drama. PEACE STARTS AT HOME. No grand statement but heartfelt just the same. And most importantly : No soul-baring, chest-beating, caterwauling from Ms. Philippines. These are all beneath her.

        Congratulations to Parul. Ma-aga ang Pasko. Magsabit ng Parul. Lol.

        World Peace. =)

      • True@Thomas. DR deserves the crown no doubt, but so does Parul with her very dignified answer & delivery. Not to mention that dumbfounding presence in her fiery red gown.

        Oh well, maybe just like u Thomas i don’t take delight in washing linen in public, dirty or not.

  12. IMHO Parul did well with her honest answer. Peaceful and proactive co-existence amidst diversity in faith – how can she now make mention of religion? At any rate, methinks no matter what answer she gave, MGI politics will still make its presence very much felt in the outcome. Nawat is just not ready to crown a Filipina in his contest. Still and all, Parul did us so proud. She actually exceeded the expectations of many in the Q & A which was not her strongest suit as evidenced by her Binibining Pilipinas stint. Congratulations, Parul!

  13. Why is it that they choose the Carribean or Latin American to win, this is third in a row Puerto Rico, Cuba and now Dominican Republic, the Thai preferred the Latina meztiza’s instead of those like Asians and European where in fact the owner is an Asian. This years batch were dominated by Asian Beauties and European as well. I dont know what kind of person is this qwner, if he influenced the judges better think it twice because this contest became a hatred ground for beauty pageants and became less popular each year and will surely end up to it’s downfall.

  14. Good job, Parul! I know she did a good performance for her countrymen. She truly never let us down. From the day she joined Binibini I knew there was always something special about this girl.

    I am more delighted though with her win in NatCos. It only shows that Filipinas are more fitting to be designed by Filipino designers. Also shows that our Filipino designers are world class!

  15. Pano nanalo si Japan with the evening gown??? I know it’s Pinoy designer but the color is awful!!!

  16. 2015 pageant season (Bb’s, MW, ME)

    Globe – winner
    Grand International – 3rd ru

    International –
    Intercontinental –
    Earth –
    World –
    Universe –

    Keep the ball rolling ladies!

  17. Yung sabi ni Parul, ayoko mag-Gold!
    Bahala kayo sa buhay niyo basta ako aangat sa inyo!

    Congrats Parul!

    Thank you for giving it your all and for making us all proud!


  18. Sincere congratulations to Parul.

    Chosen to compete in Bb Pilipinas 2014, to have won Bb Pilipinas Tourism 2014, to have endured the cancellation of Miss Tourism 2014, to have completed her reign as BBP Tourism 2014 and passed her crown to Bb Pilipinas 2015 Ann Colis, to have been appointed and train to represent the Philippines at Miss Grand International 2015, and to proudly have placed 3rd runner-up within a highly competitive top 5… shows a GRAND example of patience, endurance and -above all- class.

    If life’s journey is a book, then this ends a chapter filled with triumph, trial, adventure, and an abundance of memories… On to the next chapter Parul with all the blessings prepared for you!

    To the truest sense of the phrase, YOU GO GIRL! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. I think the best actress goes to Australia. Kiddingly aside, Parul should have won a better placement if she didn’t mentioned religion on her answer. Rule in every beauty pageant : religion shouldn’t be exploited just to let your voice heard.

    • I think Parul’s answer was based on her upbringing and personal experience – she was born in Dubai, a muslim city, with a Filipino mom, a christian and an Indian father, a Hindu. It was heartfelt for me.

  20. pansin ko lang, the past few years, laging Red ang final evening gown ng mga representatives natin!

  21. Congratulations to all the winners! Especially to Parul who gave it all until the end. I’m also proud of Anea for her tenacity and transparency. She definitely earned this title. By opening about her past, I’m sure she’ll inspire a lot of people who are victims of rape. It’s an is an issue in every society and usually swept aside but I’m glad she came up the bigger person in the end.

  22. SO PROUD OF PARUL! She gave us a good show! She was so fierce ha, hindi ko carry! (If she was able to compete in MU, she would’ve been phenomenal!) From the beginning of the competition, she showed everyone what she’s capable of! She never lost her momentum throughout, she got stronger each day. Winning a 3rd runner up slot is a big achievement already! Think about those years of drought before Venus broke the spell. Maka abot man lang ng semis hindi magawa-gawa, Top 5 pa kaya. This placement is a blessing already! This is a great year for us pinoys, we’re constantly landing a placement in the semis/Top 5. Go Go Go!!! Janicel it’s your turn!!!

  23. Congrats Anea!! Kahit na I wanted Parul to win, Anea deserved this title without a doubt. She gave an outstanding performance! Pang MU ang aura niya just like Parul. Her answer was very genuine which made it clear for the judges that she’s the right one! I’m happy that you continued to pursue your dream after Miss USA. You’re drive and passion is an inspiration to others!

  24. Dominican Republic could’ve won this pageant with looks alone. I wasn’t a fan of her waterworks and her “child of rape” answer to the final question, but it somehow moved the Thai audience. Still, she deserves to win and looks darn good with the crown.

    Parul should have been third after India. I’m still wondering how the Aussie girl got second place. She sounded like a phony bum licker.

  25. Pahabol lang.. Since nanalo yung gown ni Japan na gawa ni Leo Almodal para na din tayong nanalo ng Best In Long Gown maliban sa National Costume!


  26. Off topic: Post ko lang bagong release na photos from the Manila Fashion Festival
    Credits to real-missosology

    Actually, natutuwa ako at pumayat na sya pero visible pa rin yung curves nya.

  27. Honestly, hindi masama loob ko sa placement ni Parul. Good job talaga that she looked her best, her red gown was simple but really really elegant. Anea is a glamazon and sayang naman talaga sya if hindi sya maka sungkit ng title kase she has the goods. Mayb pagka bobita lang sa MUSA pero mukang umubra naman sya dito sa Ms. Grand. Weird lang yung mismong pageant but but the stage and the production ok naman. If they drop this franchise wala rin akong problema. I feel lang na medyo waste of time to. Magandang opportunity lang talaga for Parul. Nakaka panghinayang si Vartika pero even with her sparkly dress, ang lackluster nya. I don’t know why. Moving on….Janicel, let’s go baby let’s go baby come on….

      • BFF talaga nya si norway kaya lutang na lutang sya lol…salamat Ga.
        Kidding aside, he face registers well sa camera talaga.

    • I actually like the stage and production. It’s not as extravagant as MU. Pero hindi naman pipit-chugi. Magkasing level lang ng Supranational. Mas maganda nga to kesa sa Intercontinental. So pano naman ang Miss Globe, in your opinion mas angat bayon kesa sa MGI? In terms of production, panalo naman ang MGI, I think.

      • I am actually surprised by MGI’s production. Parang MU na mas simplified. In my opinion, mas okay production ng MGI kesa Miss Globe.

  28. Congrats Parul!

    To think she though her moment was wasted on her lost Tourism title. Glad she had her moment on the international stage. With two major accomplishments to have for a lifetime (Best in National Costume and 3rd runner up).

    She looked so natural onstage. Parang alam na that was the right time and place for her.

  29. Omg my heart goes out to Anea Garcia. Congratulations Anea! And of course to our very own, Parul Shah she was dominating on that stage I must say, her pasarela was one of the best IMO and your Best in NatCos award was very well deserved. Congratulations also to the other winners! Parul did really well despite the homecourt disadvantage, now it’s time for BPCI to drop this franchise :).

    • hahahaha..ganun! Ganda ng pasok tapos ipapa-drop lang pala! Pero you have to admit @jajang, clever mga organisers- the top 5 pretty much satisfied the majority of pageant fans and even if they weren’t aiming to please, deserving nga naman yung mga placements…but Parul should’ve placed higher, like maybe top 2 with India. Australia was like puhlease and DR for all the drama that came out of her Q&A looks terrifying..may mga angles siya na mukha siyang retarded…but with that height, who could possibly ignore her????

      • Haha ganun tlaga, Andrew Espino XD. I actually like the girls, ang ayaw ko lng naman yung org hah but yea I admit, veryclever ang placements. And I also admit that the pageant has a lot of potential, and it could BEpart of the alphas IF they f*ckn change the stupid stop the war thingy, IF they stop aligning themselves with GB (garbage boonies) cuz srsly isa yon sa nakakasira ng reputation nila ang war freak and delusional masyado ng gb, IF they stop pying attention and bringin down other pageants and insted focus on their own, AND of course IF they stop copying the alphas and make their own gimmicks. Well of course di ko na ineexpect na mangyare pa yan so I really wish BPCi drop this.

    • Why would they drop? Mrs. Araneta is aware of this unproven rumors surrounding this organization before having the franchise so I believe, the rumors are not true but only generated by bitter people like you Jajang.. sorry

      • I ain’t bitter tho? And I don’t actually believe the rumors in fact Idc about those, I already wrote my reasons as to why I don’t like the org pls read it and if you still think I’m in the wrong then by all means hate me as much as you like ๐Ÿ™‚ I stand on what I think should be done. BTW I never wrote anything about the rumors cuz like I said I don’t believe them Jeremi.

      • “generated by bitter people like you Jajang…” that was a bit uncalled for Jeremi ๐Ÿ˜ฆ CHAROT haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Che, I don’t accept your apology hmp. Chose haha jk lng kaw nemern pti yung knina haha.

  30. Congratulions Parul! Hindi na masama ang 3rd runner up kesa naman ligwak sa top 20 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. To all those who are sour graping, I think Dominican Republic deserved the crown, she could do well even in Miss Universe same with Parul and Miss Australia. These 3 ladies deserve a bigger pageant like MU. Further, Anea is an inspiration to aspiring beauty queens to never give up their dreams, just like Pia who joined BB 3x to fulfill her dream to represent the Philippines in an international pageant. To those who are bashing Anea for representing Dominican Rep after joining Miss USA I hope you wont say the same to Pia if ever she wins MU. Let’s try to accept defeat gracefully and be thankful for everything. This is exactly the reason why I sometimes dislike being Filipino.

    P.S. I was blown away by Parul’s answer maybe because we have exactly the same upbringing but I was moved by Anea’s answer. For me, the placements were just right albeit all the unproven rumors surrounding Nawat’s organization. Thank you very much and world peace!

    • Jeremi my dear, idk about you but please if i can give you an advice, never dislike being a Filipino. Dislike your countrymen yes but never yourself being a Filipino.

      If anyone is affecting and harming the way you see yourself as a Filipino like u said, accept defeat gracefully and be thankful for everything, you’re a Filipino!

    • Jeremi will you kindly look into your five fingers are they the same? Certainly no. So don’t you ever mentioned that your not proud of being Filipino. Paraphrase it in a more acceptable way. You basically generalized all Filipino as a bashers. Five percent can’t be consider or fifty percent can’t be consider an absolute 100. Therefore be mindful. Peace.

    • Hoy ate Jeremin, sino ba may sabi na bitter ang pinoy sa pagkatalo ni Parul. Parul did a great performance, and she’s 3rd runner up. Better than top 10 Finalist. If you dislike being a Filipino, welll sorry sa iyo, if you will unworthy!!! Probabably may hindi ka matanggap sa pagkatao mo!!! Have a life teh.

    • Bakit ba daming nag rereact, eh speech ko lang naman yun! Ang speech ba sinasagot? maliban na lang kung may open forum eh wala naman ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. As I mentioned in a previous post, Anea was the most risk-free, most sensible choice for Nawat. He appeased both local and international pageant fans, pleased his local sponsors, and crowned a stunning, statuesque, Miss Universe caliber beauty queen. Anea’s answer to the Q&A was the icing on the cake so to speak.

    Nawat’s choice of the top 5 was very well calibrated and his eventual pick of Anea with her strong ties to the pageant community in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean serves Nawat’s purpose of building the pageant’s brand and networking.

    Parul did an excellent job throughout, and although I was hoping for a higher placement, her ability to jockey for a successful top 5 placement despite the cultural and political factors being played out in Thailand truly deserves our congratulations.

    • Best in gown japan! Designer leo almodal
      Best national customs Philippines! Designer edwin uy
      Cacaloca diba sabi ni estella not good enough hello mas gusto niya ata yung design na rosa mystica at wedding gown!

    • Oh ayan ah Madamme Stella, don’t come back to Barazza anymore, this award should be enough to tell you na Filipinos have the talent to create marvellous costumes for international pageants!

  33. Congratulations Parul! Now go on and live a full and abundant life. 19 months of a pageant experience that successfully come to an end. Best wishes and abundant blessings to the new chapter of your journey! Bravo!

  34. So happy with the quality of costumes were sending.. from colis artistis adarna inspired costume to whamming costume of parul’s imagine how big and extravagant ang kay PIA ๐Ÿ™‚ excited for her pasabog costume and evening gown ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Another US citizen representing another nation won this pageant. Looks like we know now the formula for winning this pageant.

    • I’m curious too. We all are. The prelim gown, I’m quite certain is from the Cumbia collection. Pero ang red gown, may blessing kaya Ni madam?

      Norman, please find out. Salamat ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Salamat sa info madame Laila! Panalo ka talaga pag dating sa pag usisat! Ang linis linis kaya naman pala eh!! Andun din si Maggie Wilson sa Thailand.. Pinag Palit yata si Parul ng damit.. You think? O may basbas naman ni SMA? Hihu

      • Ayun Na mga ang 2nd question. May blessing ba Ni madam Yan? I guess it shouldn’t matter anymore pero dahil knowledge is power, I want to know! Hehehe

    • It’s also similar too the one worn by Canaceli during the World Beauty Queen pageant in Korea. The same color and similar cuts.

  36. I still belive that the last two standing should have been Parul and Vartika..

    Here’s my final pick:
    Miss Grand: Parul
    1st: India
    2nd: Dominican Republic
    3rd: Australia (sipsip answer)
    4th: Thailand

    But I’m PROUD of Anea cause she was really BRAVE while answering her question. Rape victims are soo scared and in denial about what happened to them tapos siya nakaya niyang isagot yun? Wow!!

  37. I think its a well deserved win. And the fact that parul was one of the runners up is no small feat. Somebody here mentioned before the pageant that dominican republic is a sensible. Safe and diplomatic choice for nawat. Couldnt agree more. Congrats parul!!!

    • same thoughts here… if you watch closely, the audience were moved by her (anea) answer. It has impact and the delivery is believable. For me very deserving…

      However, Parul shines in Evening gown section ๐Ÿ™‚

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