59 comments on “My Miss Grand International 2015 Predictions: Indian VS Filipina-Indian

  1. I have downloaded the Prelims from youtube and watched it all over again on a 55″ HD TV.
    The following ladies stood out IMO.
    Dominican Republic
    Sri Lanka
    **Performance wise, Parul is there at the top but beauty wise, there are several candidates who are much prettier than her.

  2. My super new favorite: Ms. Macedonia …just because she’s so baklang bakla I lhooove it

    • There is such as thing as “bakla vibe” which Janicel has that is endearing and charming. And there is Ms. Macedonia who just employs cheap stunts to call attention to herself. Not charming and by herself alone, looks old.

      World Peace. =)

      • I actually saw her performance during the SS competition , i was really in great awe when she suddenly did a kick. lol, she was like a horse then, and the way she projected herself very exaggerated. Sorry, not my bet.

  3. My thoughts:

    1. India photographs old. Yes the girl’s beautiful, no doubt, but she is like a big beautiful house but the Owner forgot to pay the electricity. The lights are out.
    2. I dont get the DR hype. Sure she represented RI in the most recent Miss USA, sure she’s as tall as the Empire State Building and would probably step on all the other girls with her gigantic man-size feet, but her fake smile just creeps me out. It’s like she’s always in a toothpaste commercial.
    3. Netherland? The girl looks like “she gonna whoop yeo ass”.
    4. Sri Lanka is giving me the Asian Paulina Vega vibe. I kinda like this girl.
    5. And Parul. Oh Parul. As an obsessed fan since Bb Pilipinas Gold, i think this girl’s calibre is way above the MGI category. But do i think she’s going to win? No chance in hell. Not because she performed badly, but because she’s Filipino. I mean come on, seeing past blogs and forums, Pinoy and Thai pageant fans dont exactly get along.

  4. Meron din pwedeng spoilers I like Spain and Poland too. I think the swimsuit competition will get Parul to the semis and top 10. Similar format ba ang MGI and MU?

    • Yes Mars I find that pic so refreshing too. Magaling naman pala sumagot itong si Janicel during the forum ha in fairness sa kanya

  5. At this point Miss Dominican Republic is the most risk-free choice for Nawat.

    Having said that, and in spite of that, I’m still hoping Parul wins the title!

  6. Ah wala wala….labas na ugat ng mga kapitbahay sa IG…eto daw mananalo talaga….Potang yan…

      • Minsan may mga angles na itong si Cohem ay napaka gwapa pero now ko lang napansin he has bright eyes pala hehehehe, hope you will make it to the top 5 cohem.

      • Ang problema lang talaga kay Cohem is up to this time sa haba ba naman ng preparations nya di nya pa na improve ang kanyang katawan. He has the face but does he have the body to win the title?

  7. WOW same kame ni tito norms ng TOP 5
    Sri lanka
    si Sri lanka ang ipapalit ko kay Thailand. Mas ok sya kaysa kay thailand. mas fresh ang face. hopefully ganyan ang kalabasan bukas.

  8. Basta ako hindi deserve ng MGI si Parul SHA, Parul shah is pang MU caliber!!!!

    • hehehehe, last year wala pa yatang kalahate ng audience. ngayon kaya – baka hindi rin – baka matakot ang mga tao baka may bomba

  9. wait nasagap ko lang: si toni to noh and yung mama nya? diba may nag post recently ng photo na hindi natin alam kung mama ni Toni.

    eto yung decription:

    Mother and Daughter tandem. The girl on the left will represent the Philipines in the Miss Globe International I guess and the other side is Mrs. Universe also.

    • Omg, who’s who? They look like sisters! Srsly di ko ma-determine kung sino si Toni and kung sino yung mother, btw I’m not saying that Toni looks old ha I’m saing that her mom looks young. And they’re both gorgeous, very high fashion.

  10. Pag di mananalo si Sibuyas, cguradong mag-mamaktol na naman ang mga yan. Mark my words πŸ˜‰

  11. In my opinion, if Filipinos are allegedly the biggest rivals of Thais when it comes to pageantry and Indians are discriminated in Thailand then it’s about time to crown an exotic brown-skinned Filipina-Indian to “stop the war”. Tomorrow is in perfect timing since the Philippines is currently trending in social-media all over the world due to “Aldub” thus, Miss Grand would get a share of the publicity which would be ideal for their sponsors. It would also guarantee fairness and equality to this pageant since the Philippine representative is trully desserving therefore her win would add to the ligitimacy of the pageant. πŸ™‚

    Parul Shah for the win! πŸ˜€

  12. What about the other half Indian Miss Norway..she is pretty too. And also another half Indian who is equally beautiful Jeremi πŸ˜‰

  13. Feeling ko India mananalo kahit na di ganun ka-kabog because she’s from the land of pageant-crazed country. Maganda mukha niya oo pero di sapat yun.. yung lakad niya.. jusko po.

    Sa tingin niyo magugustuhan ng mga Thai locals na pinas ang first Asian na manalo? NOPE. Kaya di gagawin na Nawat yun.

    Tsaka diba.. yung Femina binitawan Miss Earth.. gusto ni Nawat yan!

    TOP 5

    India, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Japan

    • Actually it’s the other way around. Carousel ang nagtanggal ng franchise sa Femina (Contract is good for 1 year only) and Gave it to Glamanand kung saan Miss India Earth ang magiging main crown ng Event.

  14. i think Nawat is itching to crown an Indian for MGI in order to get support and validation from a pageant crazy nation. he knows that even if he crowns a Filipina, Pinoys will not rally behind his pageant…

  15. Hi guys may comment ba mga people from India regarding Parul as being half? I’m sure they are also proud of her

    • India would definitely be proud if both them are lost two standings! And if Parul wins, India would still be really proud because she does have a blood of an Indian as well :* Hence its a win-win situation for India! πŸ˜€

  16. overrated ang india, as usual! di ko bet si parul kahit nung bp pero i think she should win the mgi crown because she rightfully deserves it!

  17. Si Miss India rin tingin kong mananalo, but I think Miss Spain also did good sa prelims.

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