15 comments on “Liesl Laurie: The Girl who will go for a Back-to-Back in Miss World 2015

  1. I dont see, feel, expect any positive halo effect from the start ..definitely no back to back to even consider.

  2. She speaks well. Period. I guess it’s not enough to clinch the blue crown. Baka Top 10 pwede pa. Dami kong alam eh. Hihi

  3. Not as beautiful as Rolene but she is a top contender.
    If she can do a back to back, no prob with me

  4. wow..she is gorgeous..i mean please, i hope we get past this super pointless communication skill debate (English is NOT our 1st language!!!! Foreigners who listen to us can’t pick up the awkwardness of metaphors and turns of phrase that we accuse others of having- in their ears, they’re only picking up what we’re trying to say, gets?????) because by face alone, this girl can go all the way; and she has serious Cover Girl moves too.

    East, breezy and why the hell not- SA can do a back to back.

  5. I don’t agree that she has enough to clinch the title “again”. But I maybe wrong. Eloquence is a plus but not everything. Julia is looking for a complete package. A lady who is able to speak convincingly to millions of people in inspiring them to donate to the causes of MW. A lady who even if she does’t speak will still have that convincing factor . A lady who usually has that shining aura. Just my humble opinion.

  6. Wow, I was awestruck with her Communication Skills. She is very confident and fluent in the way she talks. She is a Miss World winner material. If she places in the top 3 or even win the MW crown, I won’t be amazed since she has the all the makings of the a true beauty queen.

    And that leaves a question to be asked about our very own Philippine candidate. Will she have a natural fluency that doesn’t sound rehearsed in her communication skills?

    Or in the most general sense, is the Philippine Education really teaching us the right way how to express ourselves in English as it is our supposed Second National Language?

    Can Philippines produce a beauty queen who is pure Filipino (Not mixed blood like Megan Young) who can really express herself well in English?

    This really makes me keep on thinking….

    • Another sock puppet among many of one of the non-Filipino trolls strikes again….and as usual the crypto racist speak does not make any sense…Janine Tugonon anyone?

      Is natural fluency in english a requirement for an INTERNATIONAL beauty pageant? Of course not because that would be racist and discriminatory. Therefore is the concern for lack of fluency valid? Empirical evidence of past and most recent winners says no.

      So what’s the point of the post….well like usual for the foreign racist troll pretending to be Filipino…it’s just to insult Filipinos.

      Just an fyi so in the future you might be more convincing as Filipino…english is NOT our national language but just one of the official languages. BIG difference the subtlety of which is beyond your ken.

      Your continued racist attempts by trying to insinuate that Philippines success in beauty pageants is due to mixed blood candidates is just laughable in it’s desperation. Using different usernames will not make you anymore right. You realise this is a Filipino blog, full of Filipinos with pageantry history knowledge right? This is not a foreign site like you are used to where your lies may convince some due to lack of knowledge about Filipinos.

      But then again, it must be hard coming from a race of people who need plastic surgery, heavy makeup and photoshop just to look acceptable. And who need to bribe just to win a beauty pageant.

      You have some nerve commenting on this site knowing that Norman is a member of the Philippines media. What would happen if it came to light your (and at least another one) acitivites and reveal your real ethnicity? Did you think of the repercussions for those of your kind living in Philippines?

      No I don’t think you have….KSP ka kasi eh. You can’t use google translate for that but maybe you can go to another Filipino forum and ask what it means by giving an excuse like ”I have been away from Philippines for a long time…” Sound familiar? Pilit nyong pinagsisiksikan ang sarili mo sa amin kahit kami na umiiwas… Your shame of your ethnicity is obvious not matter how much you deflect and cover by putting down others.

      • @Mazza94: I’m 100% pure Filipino. FYI: I can speak 3 Filipino dialects/languages: Tagalog, Cebuano, and Ilonggo. I was born, raised and educated in the Philippines.

        But I believe our educational system in the Philippines should really be improved especially in the English language side.

        My true experience: The first time I went outside Philippines, I thought I was already good in speaking English but to my disappointment, I can hardly communicate spontaneously to a native English speaker.

        My criticism against our Philippine representatives are aimed to be constructive. Since they are representing Philippines, they should be an excellent reflection of our country.

        As I remember watching the old videos of Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran, they sounded excellent in their English communication skills. But I remember watching Ariela Arida hosting the backstage of MU, I was cringing at her English speaking skills. It wasn’t that bad, but definitely, Megan Young’s speaking skills is way way better. And I believe, Megan Young’s speaking abilities should be the standard of our modern beauty candidates actually.

        My conclusion for these, gone are the days that the Philippines are great speakers of the English language. I think the government should do something about this. And I can only say, Philippine Education needs help. The speaking skills of our beauty pageant representatives is a reflection of how bad currently our educational system is.

        I might be too harsh, but I believe, this is an eye-opener for all of us about the status of our educational system in the Philippines.

        I ❤ Philippines 😀

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