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  1. Attention everybody mukang hindi natin nasusuportahahn si Parul. Malapit na yung finals nya. Bigyan naman natin ng pansin. Hindi napasama sa top ten . kawawa naman sya ginagawa nya yung lahat pero mukang nagkulang tayo ng support.

    • I really think Parul has a VERY SLIM chance of winning. I will be more surprised if she wins.

      FUN FACT: Indians are one of the most hated nationalities here in Thailand by Thai people. Thai people likes white western beauty that of an American, British or European. Our very own candidate, Parul, has a very pronounced Indian look. Maybe you get the connection.

      So, moving on, as what I have said, I won’t be surprised if Parul doesn’t win or even place in the top 5 at all.

      But my heart goes out for her. Because she is trying her best. She can try….maybe she can still be Lucky and get her much prayed for: “HIMALA”

      May himala pa ba?

      Maybe there is?

    • Agree with @Dave on that ethnicity issue but there’s the bigger issue of credibility- do we really trust the Thai organisers of this trying-hard pageant????

      For some reason, I found my ass on the Globalbeauties site and lo and behold, they were covering it and being all so proud of claiming they were the only ‘media’ entity allowed inside the personal interviews while plastering all their articles with disclaimers that their coverage didn’t have any bearing on the final results.

      No bearing my ass- and its a shame, shame, shame that Parul is in this. She deserves better than this stupid pageant but then what can you do when there are only so many top crowns to go around.

      PS: Global beauties even had the nerve to question the credibility of Ms International as a top pageant, like do the Japanese even care?????

      • Lol, how’d you even get to that sh*tty self-proclaimed “1” pageant site. Nobody visits that garbage area anymore except maybe themselves. Btw, I’m still hoping that Madame SMA drops this trash of a pageant, no bb should ever experience that kind of sh*tty treatment. That s why all our eyes are on MI, and if it weren’t for Parul i’d never make a fuss out of that (again, I’m sorry for repeating this many times but it’s the exact definition of it so pls bear with me) sh*tty pageant. Well’ either way I love Parul and I’ll support her even after her suicide mission in Santolan. #You’llAlwaysBeAQueen,Parul #MayMai-hashtaglang

      • @jajang, i was 1) drunk, and visiting sites I’m not supposed to go to anymore (it’s kinda like drunk texting) and 2) I had to check out what’s happening out there pageant wise and 3) I needed a good laugh and globalbeauties always provided me with hysterics over how fucking delusional they are.

        But a ‘suicide mission in Santolan’ ??? OMFG, that is brilliant!

      • Andrew Espino, you must’ve been drunk as hell to visit THE “sh*t area*, lol. Btw I actually visited THE “sh*t area” and BOY did I have one hell of a laugh haha, but some of the articles were TOO delusional for my tastes that I shifted frm laughing to “Gahd I think I shouldn’t be laughing, they were too delusional that I think they need psychiatrists asap” and now I feel bad :(.

  2. Throwback yan Miss Republic of the Philippines na yan, si Ferdie Villar ang dating Organizer at franchise for Miss World kaya lang binawe ni Morley kc nagkaroon daw ng anomalya then awarded to Mutya ng Pilipinas then to BPCI & hopefully last na kay Cory Quirino. Ano kaya relevant ng pageant na to not yet mentioned kung anong international pageant ang nakuha nilang franchise kc yong mga prestigious nakuha ng lahat ng big four baka mag create sila ng bago like Miss Republic of the Universe, Miss Republic of the World at Miss Republic International at runner up si Miss Intercontinental Republic at Miss Supranational Republic special award si Miss Republic of Tourism at Miss Globe Republic

  3. Donate na lang nila kay BBP o kay Madam SMA yang mga crowns na yan. Mas magkaka-essence pa.

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