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  1. Credits: Nick Verreos


    (L to R) #9 Mona Mahmoud Hammad and #12 Emma Marie Tiglao: Both of these red gowns were some of the better seen on the “Miss World Philippines 2015” pageant. I would give them both high Evening Gown marks. I liked the front scroll-like detail/print (L) and the fit was also very nice and for #12 Emma, the red and silver sequined gown was perfect for her. She’s such a beauty and the gown complemented her.

  2. Unsolicited advice to Emma and her camp:

    1. Lay off the surgical knife. You’re beautiful enough you don’t need to alter your natural beauty.
    2. Read read read. Read aloud in front of a mirror and/or video selfie yourself reading a paragraph or two like a newscaster. Play it back. Learn and correct mistakes if you can. Watch English newscast or English TV shows and movies. Repeat dialogues or conversations in English.
    3. Take a one-year break from joining pageants. You need to take a breather. Travel. Mingle with foreigners who don’t speak Filipino or Tagalog. Explore the world.
    4. Find your personal style. Watch classic Hollywood or European movies. Discover Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin, Lauren Bacall. They are icons you can emulate.
    5. Finally, confidence is something you can’t learn overnight. Be self aware so you can tap into your inner diva. You don’t have to be agressive to feel confident. You just need to be assertive and be outspoken.

    You have a lot of fans, including me, rooting for you to represent us in international pageants. Di ka nagiisa on yiur journey. Good luck Emma!

  3. Emma reminds me a lot of Dianne Necio. Very pretty but lacking in communication skills. I must admit, this girl has the looks of a Miss Universe. If we crown her BBP-Universe in 2017, I would be fine with that. She’s as charming as Honey Lee. We need a girl that will place in the Top 5 and Emma will be able to do that, beauty-wise.

    The big hindrance is her confidence, really. It’s not communication skills, per se. Even with good communication skills, if she doesn’t seem confident, she’ll find it hard to mingle and stand out in a sea of beauties – something Venus, Shamcey, Ara, MJ and Pia possess – the confidence of a true beauty queen.

    For me, Emma shouldn’t have joined MWP 2015 and waited for January for BBP2016. It’s a terrible decision by her camp.

    While I believe that Emma is a sure contender in BBP, her chances just got slimmer. Let’s not get our hopes up. The best she’ll ever get in BBP would be Supranational. Heck, even pretty Ann Colis only got Tourism/Globe title so Emma may take that road as well in 2017. Her face and catwalk skills reminds me of Mutya Datul.

    I believe A&Q will still take Universe next year. With Eva Patalinjug in the running, I think she’ll get the token Cebu title which is Intercontinental or International.

  4. She’s only what 20 or 21? Rest muna for a year or so.

    1. Don’t do a Bianca Paz. Finish her contract with MWP.
    2. Learn whatever she can from the reign and the experience.
    3. Polish her comm skills.
    4. Maintain her sexy body.
    5. Come back with a bang – 2017 or 2018 perhaps

    She will definitely place when she join BbP.

  5. Pwede syang mag-enroll ng public speaking course sa magandang school or university. She is still young and 2018 will be perfect for her to become a Miss Universe!

  6. She looks so good! She’s very young and lots of things to look forward to. Definitely a contender. She should take this opportunity to hone her communication skills and she’ll can move mountains!

  7. Kaloka ka mars! Bat hindi na lang Miss SM Tunasan? Wala ng mas cheapangga? Kaloka ka hihi

  8. She can, she is more than qualified like EVA Psychee Patalingjug (Mutya2014) too and other runner ups and clappers until they grasp the crown.

    • The late Rizzini Alexis Gomez did not pass the Binibini screening but won in an international competition. Swerte-swerte lang yan.

  9. Emma was one of my top 3 picks to win MWP and honestly believe that she has what it takes to win any one of the Bb titles, in 2016 or 2017, should she decide to compete in the contest.

    My philosophy for her English communication skills is that though fans always hope for a Filipina candidate to respond to the final Q&A at the caliber of Janine Tugonon or Mia Howell, we should count our lucky stars that she is not another Janina San Miguel.

    On that note, congratulations Emma. Be thankful for your success and consider all your options for the world is your oyster.

  10. So many people commenting negatively about her communication skills – and rightfully so. However I wonder if we’d be saying the same thing if she were to express herself in the vernacular instead of in English. She’s beautiful, very likeable, and very marketable. These are all hallmarks of an ideal spokesperson, let alone one for Miss World. It’s just a shame we put such a premium on English speaking skills (which isn’t even an indicator of one’s intelligence) when it’s really not necessary for being Miss World (e.g. Yu Wenxia, Ivian Sarcos, etc.). It would be fantastic if, for once, we have a Q&A segment done fully in Filipino. I think it will be a game changer for many contestants who would otherwise miss out on winning.

    • I fully understand your point @AFP , kaso PH as a whole has double standards, we qualify to work abroad because of our english speaking capabilities, if for the purpose of just ‘game changer thing’ lang baka naman tuloyan na tayong kulilat sa lahat ng patimpalak ng mga beauty pageants at baka pati narin sa boxing at basketball, noted po tayo that we are; if not 100% at least majority of the filipinos can speak read and write english. Kung sana na umpisahan natin ang mag bitbit ng interpreter sa bawat pageant that should be done before the reign of Queen of the Orient, PURA GARCIA VILLANUEVA, kaso di rin , double standard parin, they spoke spanish at that time not english, it will cost us half a decade or so to be recognize and accepted as a tagalog speaking contingent, pag dating naman sa budget to accompany an interpreter i think that would be unwise economic decision to do so.

  11. You realize na that’s a really unflattering swimsuit pic of Emma? Asan ang hustisya?

    • Oo nga Ateng Norman, bat po yung photo nya na yun in swimsuit ang pinost mo hihi. Echosera ka ha hihi labya Tito Norms hihi tsup

  12. Nope. Sit out 2016, finish her obligations with MWP first then try BbP again by 2017…or 2018 perhaps…since age/time is on her side. Emma still needs more polishing, kaya sana huwag magmadali ang KF. She should use 2016 for personality and comm skills development. Invest in herself by travelling more, read more books, network with people na makakatulong ma-improve ang sarili niya. Kasi kung kung same lang ng MWP 2015 performance niya ang ipapakita niya sa BbP 2016, at best runner up lang makukuha niya.

  13. Mejo off yung pose dun sa Swimsuit pic. Well, di rin talaga maganda ang designs ng swimsuit ng MWP this year.

  14. I thought she’s fit for MUP but after her q&a performance in MWP, she would fit in either MI or Supra. Sayang maganda pero turn off ako talaga sa mga sagot nya. But let’s see.. she might improve her communication skills in the future. Let’s see.

  15. yup, 2016 or 2017 not bad. ingatan nya nalang beauty nya and body nya samahan na din ng Q&A. even though shes not too confident looking she has a greatest chances. i like her venenzuelan beauty and her way but thers 1 very important to fix. Pwede na talaga eh. kahit anung title ok naman. i dont think SMA would become strict to this lady dahil lang sa pagsali sa mwp. if janicel proves her worth. wala magiging problem kay SMA sa mga mwp candid na gusto mag join sa bbp as long as they are fit for the title she will give it to them. A long wait again for her. Good luck!

  16. Mukha syang Sinasapian dun sa swimsuit photo na pinost mo Sir Norman LOL #NoTeaAllShade.

    She will never win MUP not after joining MWP. Dahil galit si Madame sa MWP at sa Pinay Beauty Queen Academy…diba Janicel & Ali Forbes? #Truth

  17. I suggest she wait for her contract to end, bka ma-issue pa sya, improve na nya muna yung mga kulang for the time being. This girl deserves an international crown.

  18. Deserve nya kahit alin sa title na Bb. Pilipinas Supranational, Intercontinental, Grand or Globe. Pero kung sasali at matatalo ulit at dahil lang sa Q & A na compassion na yan at uphold, wag na lang. Basta Emma, ikaw na sana eh, kaso ewan ko lang sa Q & A na yan. Sana appoint na lang or handpick na lang para isali sa ano mang International pageant.

  19. Supra for me!

    I’m a Janicel fan and its true that even though she has THE FACE and THE BODY for Ms. Universe I agree, YEP, I finally AGREE that she doesn’t suit the MUP title. Why? For obvious reason that she lacks in the category that you need to be a spokesperson. We all know that she is sincere and all.. but as a MUP and MU you need to be all-around. Full package! Ganern.

    Anong connect? Pareho sila ni Emma ng category for me.


    Love you BOTH!

    • @Boree My sentiments exactly sister. Even Bb International 2016 can fit Emma. Go Emma I would love to see you come Bb 2016.

    • Problem sa Supra e closed doors interview… will she pass it and win “Miss Supra Personality”?… Which is equivalent to the BWAP of MW and people’s choice award at MW/MU…

      Mutya Datul won that award effortlessly.

    • With the new management for Miss Universe (IMG Models) they’ll be looking for girls who are statusque and modellesque because the next miss universe will be an exclusive face of IMG. so i think they won’t really dwell much on the spokesperson category but will give more emphasis to those who have the supermodel packaging stamp on their foreheads. we’ll see what will happen this december.

      • Hopefully! I’m actually excited for MU 2015.. so that we can finally know what the new management are looking for. 🙂

  20. Either for Miss Grand, Miss Globe or Miss Supranational because of her superb facial beauty.. So exquisete! Very refreshing dun na xa kac mas na aapreciate talaga ung beauty nya..

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