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  1. The saddest thing about MWP is the fact that they even bothered with the other 23 ‘fillers’ when from Day One, only the fated four (Hillarie, Cassy, Mia & Emma) were ever at play for the crown. I’m sure that the rest of the girls felt it everyday, or saw it on social media that no matter what they did, their only hope was a single placement in the top 5.

    How they actually still made it to finals night, still smiling, still putting their best (alas but in vain) is beyond me. And this is the limitation of MWP- it’s just a single crown that no matter how prestigious, is only one opportunity to compete afforded to only one person.

    Inspite of her smiles and her words of gratitude, I’m sure that deep inside, Cassy is heartbroken- so close and yet so far.

    Maybe if MWP changed its schedule of always following Binibini, there may be a chance of opening its doors to a more competitive array of contenders. While we certainly agree that the choice of winner is deserving, at the end of the day, we still want to watch a true competition, a true contest and not as we have watched this year, a game of musical chairs with four pre-determined girls.

      • Malalim ba mars? Lol. Feeling ko lang nag-aksaya sila ng pera at oras ng mga talunang 23 na kandidata. From the start yung apat lang talaga ang may laban- we just waited kung anong posisyon nila sa top 5.

  2. Sa history ng MWP ngaun lang yata nagkaron nang full-blooded Pinoy na winner if Im not mistaken..winners from 2011 are all half breed..
    2011 – half French
    2012 – half Pakistani?
    2013 – half American

    correct me if Im wrong..

  3. Much can be said about Hillarie’s princesses, but at the end of the day, I think Hillarie definitely deserved the crown. This was hers to lose the moment she was declared an official candidate. While Mia delivered impressively in the Q&A and Emma has a radiance about her (Jeddahliz, Christelle, and Cassandra are also all very beautiful), I think this victory was predictable yet well-deserved.

  4. Tito N, parehas pong 4th princess yung caption mo kay emma at vanessa. 🙂
    Sana sa MU nalang siya ipapadala. hays
    Bobita talaga tong si Emma kaya di nananalo eh, sayang.
    Laki ng transformation ni Mia, siya yung kuba maglakad nung fashion show tapos trying hard umaura nung evening gown competition nung last BBP.

  5. Hillarie along with Emma and Mia were my top 3 picks. I was rather impressed with Mia’s final answer. It was candid, thoughtful and intelligent.

    Congratulations to MWP 2015 and her 4 princesses! On to Miss World 2015, Hillarie, but first celebrate and enjoy the victory!

    Go Hillarie Go!

  6. Redundant Q&a of Hillarie. Obviously she memorized her answer .Its not even spontaneous. That’s the caliber of our representative.Just support Parul , Pia and Janicel. They have even better chances than MW. Don’t blame China. Hillarie is only relying on a memorized response ( uniform reply to any question as they call it) I could even accept Cassy even not exactly beautiful . Mia gave the best spontaneous reply.

  7. There will always be a Vanessa in any pageant.
    Mia s not in her best shape but her face is so fresh and radiant and queenly. She should have won.
    Hillarie and China? I am now moving forward and fast because I know what the outcome is gonna be. I just hope Hillarie makes it into the semifinal round so I can watch at least the first quarter of the finals show.

  8. What do we expect now? Sa China gaganapin yung Miss World. Alam naman natin na ang bumubuo ng kung sino ang mananalo ay itong mga Tsekwa. Kung high caliber man ang ipadala natin wala ring mangyayari. Im not being negative pero wag nang masyadong umasa pa. Just a thought.

  9. In fer kay Ateng Norman ha, 4 out of 5 sa predictions niya at tama. At na-predict nya ang MWP like when he predicted Pia to win MUP. Congrats din sayo Ateng Norman! Congrats din sa lahat ng staff and crew ng MWP at GMA – sa cameramen, PAs, stylists, lights and sounds system technicians, writers, unknown singers on stage at kay Tim Yap. Chos hihi

  10. I’ll be damned if this eve doesn’t win MW2015 ! High caliber Phils’ reps in MU and MW 2015. Yeehaaw !

      • am telling you guys this kind of beauty won’t be ignored doesn’t matter where it’s gonna be held. A crown or nothing. Viva Las Sanya !!


      • hunk – daaamn! what is that a triathlon? for cryin out loud. Ok, process of elimination which ones do you think she has a chance in those crapos you mentioned? but still hunk i say she is reaally gorge equal to megan and culpo, better face than paulina vega, isler.

      • Hillary could win Multi-media and hopefully, people’s choice… I hope MWPorg improves her BWAP to increase her chances of winning that award.

  11. The final q&a isn’t the sole basis of the judges’ decision. They would consider the overall performance which Hillarie is miles ahead. She is oozing with confidence, grace and poise. I felt she just got nervous in the final question thus giving a somehat identical answer. Hillarie is Shamcey and Megan combined. I was just shocked by Avonlea’s exclusion in the Top 13. As expected, it was a very boring and lackluster pageant. ABS-CBN is light years ahead in terms of production.

  12. I was never a fan of Mia, but honestly her Q&A performance was outstanding. Her answers were so genuine, not pageant patty like Cassandra’s. I mean Cassandra’s answers were solid, she did amazing! Pero with most candidates kasi, they suddenly become robots cause their answers become too formulated, too structured, too typical… With Mia, she was on a whole other level of realness,

    • IKR? That’s why Mia’s my Miss World Philippines 2015.

      Again, Congarts Hillarie. 😉

    • yup, i like mia how to answer! she is professional. last night my top 2 is hilarie and mia. or cassie or mia and mia will win. but i cant just leave hilarie on my mind even this 2 taller queens beside her kill her too in Q&A. When Moa was called at 2nd runner up. im on peace of mind that Hilarie will win. i am super happy with that result. cause i reallly dont like to put cassie in MWP title. hinde naman kase magpapadala si julia sa plano na cooking show. so mas ok na ang ipadala natin ay si hilarie.pero Good Luck parin.

      • I actually like Mia’s and Cass’ answers. It’s the first time I heard Mia answered with fluidity. I mean I used to hear her with that “ma-arte” tone and with too many pauses. She delivered well this time and of course the content was good as expected from her caliber. I also like Cass. I think her answer is very solid. To be honest, if things were back to zero, it’ll be in between mia and cass I think. But if it’s the overall points, it’ll be in between Hillarie and Cass. Anyway, any of the three would be good MWP. I dont mind the results. Im fine with it. They’re all deserving. 🙂

  13. Did anyone else notice that Hillarie spoke of “compassion for a better society” in both semifinal and final rounds of the pageant’s Q&A? :p

    • @Dogbert. Hillarie replied her memorized answer ( Beauty queens memorized generic replies) The MW should reply in a spontaneous way. Something one can never learn. Again Don’t blame the venue

      • Yikes?! So if the judge happened to ask, “How does social media affect human interaction?”

        She would probably say, “I am a woman of compassion, and I believe that social media will allow me to interact this compassion to other human beings. Spreading compassion to others would surely lead to a better society.” :p

  14. I was very impressed by the spontaneity, fluidity and coherence of Mia Howell’s answer to her question — not pageant patty at all. She gave the best answer and delivery among the top 5.

    Congrats to Hillarie and all of the winners!

    • Emma still needs to work on her Q&A skills, join Bb after your contract, madaming crown ang bagay and kaya mong sungkitin!

      Jeddahliz, sayang sa Q&A, but thank you for doing your best! like I said before, use this experience to become a better version of yourself! Tapos join na rin for Bbp next year. Konting polish lang with Team A&Q, and you’ll become a very strong candidate.

      • @Joy, if Emma still can’t work on her com skills, bet na bet ko siya sa International and Supranational.

  15. Congrats Hillarie!! But i seriously doubt of you winning the crown in CHINA. Ms World in China is gonna be one big “cooking” show.

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