20 comments on “Familiar Faces: Mobo X Bench Body Red Charity Gala 2015

  1. Is it just me pero parang acquired taste talaga ang beauty ni Bianca no? Whether you like her or not. Minsan parang may mali sa buhok ba or shape ng face. Pati katawan medyo hindi curvaceous. Pero I like her naman not that much nga lang. Hihi ang dami ko namang alam kaloka

  2. Aww no Kylie? Chos haha.
    Offtopic: Queen P’s looking for a good tanning salon, well I’ve never actually seen her tanned before but I guess she could try and if it looks good then go. A word of caution though, tanning could sacrifice the freshness of your skin and could make it look old so be very careful when choosing tanning salons Queen P!

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