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  3. I thought it will be Mia. Oh well.

    And looks like last year’s Top 5 will be joining BbP.
    Lorraine and Vanessa has a good chance I think if they join BbP 2016.

    Congrats Hillarie! May you represent our country well.

  4. Miss World Philippines 2015 – Hillarie Danielle Parungao

    st Princess – Marita Cassandra Naidas

    2nd Princess – Mia Howell

    3rd Princess – Vanessa Wright

    4th Princess – Emma Mary Tiglao

  5. Conratulations Hillarie! Thank You Very Much Sir Norman for doing this! Ngayon, puede mo nang spluk ang tinatago mong secret!

    May typhoon din noong nanalo si Megan Young as MWP 2013, right?

  6. Mia, winner ng Q&A mo.. you’re still my Miss World Philippines 2015. Love you.

    Congrats, Hillarie.

    They now know what her weaknesses are. PLEASE polish it.

    • @Boree I admire your positivity. But we all know what now are our chances in China. Just like 2014. Congratulations to the winners.

      • Because I saw where Koyal Rana fell last Miss World……. she’s not a public speaker. Mia’s BWAP is also amazing! Walang ka pares!

        Yes, that’s why we need to fight even if we are super ~lugi~.

      • Better I watch Pia on MU come December at least I know we will be in Top 5. With MW clapper again

    • @Boree answering in a spontaneous yet still sincere way cannot be taught. I’m happy though one of us is still positive sister

      • Mia, definitely has the best potential, because she is what we call in the western world “great on paper”. Her resume is flawless! But at the end of the day, when she stood in front of the judges and competed against ladies even from unworldly barangays (as some people described the winner), she came lacking. When it was time to perform, those whose resume seem spotty outshine her based on charm, stage presence, and even in one of her best suit, which is sports. The pageant considers the human being, not just the credentials or pedigree.

        As a candidate, Mia has some flaws like everyone. Even with her supposed good command of English language, I was surprised to hear her use the dreaded “you know” in public speaking, She is after all, a natural English Speaker, and not ESL like the other candidates who “robbed her” of placement. This is minor really, but just proves she too has the jitters, and not the confident and perfect Ms World some claim her to be. The bashing you give to the candidates and and non-supporters invites responses and will only highlight what Mia lacks. She does not deserve any of these, and I think the other candidates deserve applause and respect for standing before you so they get a chance to fulfill their dream…

        With this i will close, Hillarie may be right after all, we need more compassion…

    • Congratulations Hillarie the new MWP 2015, pati ba naman congratulations nilalagyan ng thumb down, nagpapahalata kang bitter kung sino ka man!?

  7. Miss Philippines World 2014 Valerie Weigmann takes her final walk before she passes the crown to the next rightful owner

  8. Top 5

    The Top 5 finalists:#12 Emma Tiglao#1 Vanessa Wright#19 Hillarie Danielle Parungao#14 Marita Cassandra Naidas#21 Mia Allyson Howell

    Top 13

  9. MWPH2015: Hilarie
    1st Princess: Vanessa
    2nd Princess: Mia
    3rd Princess: Emma
    4th Princess: Cassandra


    • 1) Emma Tiglao – 2nd
      2) Vanessa Wright -3rd
      3) Hillarie Parungao – 1st
      4) Cassandra Naidas – 4th
      5) Mia Howell -STILL MY MISS WORLD


    • You can actually see THE MISS WORLD through their Q&A. Mia is spontaneous and IS A PUBLIC SPEAKER. Sorry but Hillarie is not that good speaker and so is EMMA.


      • yes, but it’s still a beauty pageant, Mia and Hilarie are both pretty, pero mas angat si Hilarie eh.

      • @joy That’s why I won’t expect too much in this year’s Miss World. Que sera sera nalang. I just hope A&Q can still do something about Hillarie’s weaknesses which is again.. public speaking.

        BTW, congratulations Hillarie and her camp for winning Miss World PH.

      • For someone with international relations degree, Mia SHOULD BE ABLE TO speak well. If she does not speak well, she will be disappointment even to herself! This is not a compassion for a foreign relations job. My biggest disappointment among Filipino pageant aficionados is how they worship fluent english speakers, they often equate delivery with sincerity or smartness. I have seen and heard people who can deliver their speech flawlessly, but you also know they are BS*****. Only natural English speaker will catch that immediately.

    • Mia, winner ng Q&A mo.. you’re still my Miss World Philippines 2015. Love you.

      Congrats, Hillarie.

      They now know what her weaknesses are. PLEASE polish it.

  10. Si hillarie pa nag best in swimsuit e flat chested naman..i guess emma did very well in both swimsuit and gown.

    • Bakit yung laki ba ng suso ng contestant yung tinitignan ng judges sa swimsuit competition? Pag flat chested walang karapatang manalo kahit magaling? San napunta utak mo? Sa dede mo?

  11. ang gaganda ng gowns nila grrrr….it’s fashown maganda not pageant patty maganda. parang Mia at Hillarie laban eh…na nag le lean kay Hillarie

  12. Pansin ko lang, both #12 ang Miss PAL this year haha. On a more serious note: I guess this is Hillarie’s, so can the runners up join BBP agad next year?

  13. aba parang si valerie lang huh, hakot award! wag naman sanang the same fate sa MW char char lang! gud luck, china naman yan gagawin so ok na si hilarie. pero sana mag win si emma or mia.

  14. Bongga budget nito ah…may stylist pa sila na calibre nila Charmaine Palermo…eto lang talaga magansa sa MWP na malaki iba sa BBP

  15. Kaloka illusion effect ng swimsuit parang tangga ni Alma Moreno lol.

    Mukang si hillarie na to

    • IMHO, the swimsuit looks cheap and bastusin. Kung kelan wala ng swimsuit round sa MW saka naman kumuha ng ganitong klaseng swimsuit ang MWP.

  16. Wow… Hillarie won the sports challenge…
    I can’t believe how driven she is….
    OMG she could win.

    Akala ko ba nag track and field tong si Emma?!

    I don’t know who will win among the 4 anymore…

    Whoever slays the Q&A will seal their fate!

    • Track and field si Emma?! Wala sa hubog ng katawan nya. Medyo

      Hillarie na ang panalo hahaha

      • @Sheena

        Sabi-sabi lang… obviously… nag PE lang 1 time… pinagkalat na… ayun.. waley sa sportsfest… ang fastrack na wala pang Pilipina na nag excel… why?!

      • In fairness kay Hillarie… sya ang pinaka poised… nawalan lang sya ng poise nung last Q&A.

        Magaling si Mia sumagot pero medyo naaligaga sya ng konti … parang si Val sa Miss World.

        Sayang si Emma, she could’ve got a higher placement if she gave a better Q&A.

        Cassie in fairness super poised nung Q&A, kulang lang talaga sya sa ganda.

  17. Looks like a Hillarie win then. Always a little boring when the winner is predictable, which it has been for the last 3 years for Miss World Philippines.

    • You crack me up!!! Most hear felt that there were many dark horses, and claim this may be an easy upset win. Didn’t many of you spent some critical comparison of the candidates credentials?

  18. May Best In Talent Award and Most Unique Talent Award? Hmmm.. may most unique talent award talaga??

    • @Basil Valdez, heheeh I was also a bit skeptical about these Best in Talent and Most Unique Talent awards. I though if you’re talent is unique , you can slay the Best in Talent award. Well, anyways congratulations to the winners of both awards.

  19. I hope they will send a low calibre to china this year and let the best girls to join again next if the host country is not china again.

  20. Pang world class ang dating ni Emma. Si Hillarie parang pang Barangay beauty contest lang.

    • sister, alam mo ba kung bait hindi ka mapadalhan ng invitation na mag-judge sa mga pageants? your guess is as good as mine…

  21. Just saw Janicel’s feature at Rated K…

    To me she is Miss International 2015. 🙂

  22. The show was supposed to have started by 6 PM. Really curious why there’s no updates on the net as of yet.

  23. Does anyone know if miss world Philippines will be shown on gma pinoy TV when and what time? It’s not showing on their schedule? Thank you!

  24. Can Valerie join BBP 2016 if she wishes to join and complete in another pageant? Sayang kasi talaga ang beauty nya, baka malay nating mag-win pa sya like MU… just my thought. 🙂

  25. Norman, is the reigning Miss WORLD, Rolene Strauss, the guest of honor in tonight’s final?

      • @Basil Valdez mars, feeling ko si Hillarie pero parang ang lakas ni Mia kung utak labanan ha. I really like Emma too but I don’t think enough yung for the crown. Si Hillarie kase parang yung projects nya nakikita ko ine-endorse ni Valerie sa IG diba indicator yung mga ganun?

      • Hillarie or Mia din ako. Mejo nakukulangan ako kay Emma di ko alam kung ano basta parang may kulang

      • Mga mars kulang siguro siya sa comm skills hihi kaya nga bagay siya sa miss supra hihi

        Hillarie versus Mia siguro to. Pero di kasi ganun ka ganda ang fez ni Mia compared kay Hillarie kaya feel ko si Hillarie itech hihi

  26. sana may magprovide ng livestream like rappler.com dahil for sure pagkatapos ng pageant bago mapanood puritang mga tv station

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