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  1. Pansin ko lang sana mali ako, pero bakit pag candid photos iba ang aura ni Janicel unlike sa kanyang mga still shots na goddess talaga ang peg,

  2. Posing against the light isn’t so flattering here, made her veneers, nose job, fake lashes, and contact lens too obvious. Anyway it’s just one shot, there’s more to come.

  3. Si Janicel ba talaga to??? I cannot! Hindi ako maka move on mga mars…

    Sinong stylist ang lumapastangan sa kanya?!?! Sarap sabunutan kasama ni Miss Thailand ng Miss Global at Miss USA ng Miss Globe sa totoo lang. Hihi

  4. The hair, the outfit, those contact lenses — I really don’t know what to say.

  5. u are prob using tablets and iphones. the departure pics are not actually that bad… if you look at them on a big screen computer
    she just looks so dark in that outfit you can’t see her face very well using small screen gadgets

  6. disappointing! I hope she comes out of the airplane looking different. The picture above is worse than horrible.l
    But , she’s had a boob job? I wonder where they get the money to do that

    • @Fabian, pansin ko din lumaki boobs ni Janicel. Kaya siguro di sya visible nuon kasi she underwent some surgeries.

  7. So nawala rin ako ng slight…post ko lang mga photos from the recent Red Cross Charity Event…I think you all be happy to see her looking this ready….

    Pia is wearing an Andrada looking very Ms. Kosovo 2009, Gona Dragusha

      • Wow anjan si Bea Rose Santiago who raised the bar so high for Miss International candidates lol

      • Pia here is so divine! I am speechless of her fantabulous beauty. Uggghhhhh! Love her styling here.

      • Ang ganda talaga ni Pia dito oh. Ang sexy!!!! Crush ko na si Pia 😀 Hahahaha…kaya lang hindi nya ako crush 🙂

      • I like her here…I think they have finally found the right style and make up for her.

      • Another pang finals night peg! Kahit anong styling bagay na bagay na sa kanya ngayon. Laveeet!

      • @Mitchesa, naku Mars ha baka hanggang dito lang yang pang finals na peg ni Pia baka pagdating ng MU eh balik na naman sa dati ang mga wardrobes niya. baka amoy naphthalene balls na naman ang mga yan, sayang ng beauty ni Pia. Sana magbaon sya ng limang malitang outfil kasama na ang gowns.

      • Mars @steamyhot14 kelangan ngayon pa lang kalampagin ulit natin si Madam Araneta. Leche siya chos lang hihi. Kaloka ka may 14 naman ngayon sa pangalan?!

        Mars C2F wag mo kong binibiro ng masama. Agang sira ng Linggo ko dahil sa Miss Global chu chu na yan. Hihi joke lang mars tsup

      • @mitchesa, yes Mars kailangan talaga lagyan ng 14 yang name ko baka matulad ako kay c2f Mars mahirap na. Going back to Pia Mars, infernis sa babaing ito mamahalin talaga ang itsura Mars, glamorosa itey, pwedi na itong makabingwit ng hari at prinsepi sa Englatera Mars! choz lang

        @c2f, feel ko kay barazza pa rin ang huling halakhak

      • Guys, duda ko Tiongsam inspired Filipiniana ang gagawin nya for Pia…. sa full skirt naka handpaint ang mapa ng Spratley’s, Scarborough shoal at iba pang isla sa South China Sea… winner!!!
        Best in National costume! 😀

        Ingat nalang si Pia paglabas nya ng venue….

    • The Albert Andrada x Pia Wurtzbach partnership is just a winning combo! True, gumo-Gona Dragusha si Pia dito. I would be perfectly fine if she wears this in MU.

      If ever SMA does allow Pia to wear a local designer during competition, hands down, Albert Andrada should be the one.

  8. She will definitelv not create an impression with this horrendous styling. If the intention is to downplay her first appearance then it was poorly executed. This more like sabotaging.

  9. Anyare???? Nandun na ba sya? sana itulog na nya mga 4-5 hour flight at palitan nalang nya buhok nya. kahit buhok nalang. ano to strategy?

  10. It’s called strategy folks. Calm down!
    Mas may alam pa kayo kaysa sa mga handlers

    Dito mo na makikita ang mga taong di nag-iisip.
    Mga taong nganga ng nganga!

    Heto o, catch nyo, sansalop na brain ng maambunan nman kayo!

  11. I am speechless to her outfit! Jaw-dropping outfit, very conservative outfit, demure outfit,old-school outfit,brassbound outfit and lasly mossbacked outfit!
    That’s all for now…..

    Thank you and universe peace!

    • I was more speechless by the way she talks …. oh my…. I hope hindi to magkalat sa Q&A portion.

      • @Dave, actually I have no worries when it comes to the Q and A because we all know that her speech is prepared. I bet her handlers train her already on how to deliver her speech perfectly. There is no doubt Janicel is a breath of fresh air, I was just startled on her outfilt I did not expect this. Anyways, I am always wishing her the tons of luck! Still her die hard fan though.

      • Dave has a point. When she talks you will cringe. Better just look at still pics. Truth hurts

  12. Ano ito? Treat or trick sa Halloween?. Teacher uniform ang costume? Gandang dyosa ng queen natin tapos ganito?

  13. For god’s sakes, it’s a clever styling ploy. Real teachers don’t wear their hair like that or wear turtlenecks.Haven’t you people seen straight porn with titles such as ‘Whiz Bang, Thank You Ma’am’ or ‘Teacher’s Pet’?? The ‘teacher’ ALWAYS wears her hair up and ALWAYS wears and turtleneck.

    And then bam- she has crotchless lingerie underneath! Not suggesting that Janicel does porn or wears such lingerie, but all I’m saying is, it’s all a strategy to pysch out the competition and besides, it’s a nippy 17 degree in Japan; can’t have her catch a damn cold!

  14. my god. anong kalapastanganan na naman ito?! paki-sisante ng stylist ngayon na! jusko lord maawa kayo kay janicel

  15. Ms. stylist! What have you done to an already beautiful Janicel. Try search for new work. Ang ganda ganda na ni Janicel just the way she is. Grrr

  16. Who is her stylist? You are supposed to make a beautiful girl like her stand out from the crowd. Partida na ang ganda ni Janicel. Instead you did otherwise. Kakainis

  17. Is she flying to Japan as a candu at or as a chief stewardess of PAL? Lol.

    One word : Maestra.

    But beautiful still.

  18. This is conservatism took literally. Ugh!

    I’m sure she will be flying business class, so she won’t have a hard time even if she’s wearing a classy dress and a short trenchcoat.

    Let’s all hope that she will have a quick change of outfit before she meet with the press.

  19. Why she is wearing clothes for a teacher? Or office girl? She is Bb Pilipinas International

  20. BbP’s stylist strikes again!!!

    As far as I remember, Janicel is going to Tokyo for Miss International 2015, so why did they dress her like she’s attending a freaking teacher’s conference?!? There is a way to dress conservatively that would please the Japanese without going the marmy professor route.

    And knit on knit?!? Seriously?!?

    • Hahaha exactly, okay na sana ehh kaso yung hairstyle nya nkakaiyak.
      Knit on knit- baka malamig sa Japan ngayon, my hope’s up sa pasabog na wardrobe daw ni Janicel pero kailangan pag baba nya pa lng ng airport pasabog a outfit nya, sana magpalit sya haha.

    • She’s still beautiful what? Anyway it’s already fall in Japan, so what’s wrong with knit on knit? Malay mo lamigin tong si Janicel kaya sa eroplano pa lang eh mejo balot na hehe. At least madaling hubarin ang jacket in case naman mainitan sya. Basta maganda pa rin sya. Magworry kayo sa comm skills nya hehe. Walang layering for that. Lol

  21. Drop the hair, literally. Aside from that I love everything about her, tas may surprise wardrobe pa dawwwww #ExcitedMuch. Any hashtags for Janicel Lubina???

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