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  1. OFF TOPIC! Sir norman, accdng to eric delos santos ig, siya daw designer ng gown ni ann colis dun sa miss globe. ( white gown kita cleavage). Tapos yung cocktail dress ni parul designed by martin bautista,, eto na ba yunh hinihintay natin lahat? Pinoy designers na ba isusuot ng mga kandidata ng pinas?

    • @erwan we have to admit our queens look regal and gorgeous when they are wearing Philippine designers creations. I hope it will continue

  2. I have a feeling Hilarie’s going to take home the crown. She may be short, but her stage presence is so strong. You won’t miss her in a crowded room. Pero, I really want Jeddah to win the competition. Bet na bet ko siya. But if she doesn’t end up winning the title, I hope she lands a runner up finish or kahit top 12 lang. This way, she can use her MWP experience to transform herself to a more polished version of herself, then she can compete next year in Bb.. She’ll do super well!

  3. Wowwww congrats Tito Norman, Basil, Hunk, c2f and Lail. I really love to see C2F wear the crown but it seems like she lacks BWAP hehehe, com skills are already there. But to Tito norman, as expected, you just killed them!

  4. Again the Chinese doesn’t like Chinese looking beauties. I think prelims judges will consist of chinese .They love the Eurasian beauty. If an oriental beauty wins MWP. Don’t expect we will win. Any person who knows/ work with Chinese people can attest the preferences. They won’t rave about Tsinita

  5. My gut still tells me that it’s going to be Cassie Naidas. Her academic credentials, her communication skills, her BWAP project, her sports background (basketball), her ramp and pageant experience, and not but not the least her HEIGHT. Mia and Hillarie are obviously her toughest competitors. Emma’s qualities are more suited for Bb Pilipinas.

    • The comments are right that Cassie beauty fades besides the other girls. No stage presence even. Mia beauty will win and Hillarie will be her first princess. Different folks different strokes

      • outstanding credentials, but her stage presence is lacking…. Her beauty fades talaga. no offence

  6. Let’s think out of the box. We should send a queen to win Miss World 2015. Not the perfect face, cheekbones ,body blah blah blah. Look at Rolene. Rolene with her gorgeous face even needs to lose a few pounds. We should send a girl who can win Sportsfest, Credentials, Speaks well, ,talent Emma lacks two. Hillarie lacks two. Only Mia have it all.

      • Just saying the truth. You should seek for a candidate who can hold a candle in Ms. World

      • @Mitchesa, Mars sino ba bet mo? If ever Emma will not make it then she will have to face the BBP candidates next year. Her enchanting and captivating beauty will give the other candidates a tremendous headache!

  7. My top 3 (as of now)

    Hillarie – i really liked her since MAPW 2014,very beautiful,forget about her height
    Emma – statuesque, gorgeous, I’d love to see her and Hillarie as the last 2 women standing
    Mia – pretty face, she could pull a surprise

  8. Excuse me, this is not topic related, just want to ask if she is the mother of Toni Hipolito. Why different family names.

    A Tausug princess and beauty pageant title holder turned heads at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Thursday after she filed her own certificate of candidacy for senator.
    Clad in an elaborately embroidered dress, Jay Angelique “Princess Angel” Jaafar said she wants to be the voice of the voiceless in the Senate.
    “Tayo ay iisang bansa, iisang bandila. We should call for national unity, because we are all Filipinos. I know hardship. I know what is sacrifice and I know how money is being earned,” she said.
    “I don’t have Land Cruisers, bodyguards. My weapon is only my heart and sincerity to serve.”
    Jaafar is identified as a Tausug “dayang-dayang” (princess). An Inquirer report said Jaafar is the reigning Mrs. Southeast Asia, a title given to married women whose advocacy is to fight violence against women and children.
    She was also selected to compete in the Mrs. Universe pageant.
    Jaafar said she is running for senator because she is tired of the government.
    “We Filipinos must stand up, must hold together hand in hand to make a difference, to be world class citizens,” she said.
    The beauty queen believes that the Philippines has too much potential but wrong leaders are stopping the country from realizing it.
    “The Philippines is very rich in natural resources, but where are we now?”

    Mrs. Jay Angelique Jaafar Wang, was a semifinalist in Mrs. Philippines Globe 2014. I am not sure if she is the mother of Toni Hipolito, this year’s Philippines bet for Miss Globe International.

  9. Putulin ang ulo ni Hillarie at ikabit kay Cassandra char! Hahaha

    Hillarie or Mia lang sa tingin ko mananalo dito. ✌

  10. Out of topic im watching Janicel runner up q and a 2013 Ms. World Philippines and she performed really well even better than her 2015 Bb stint. Now I’m getting excited on her Ms. International

  11. If it will be held in China send a mestiza looking like Mia. The Chinese loves beauties like Pia , Mia , Hillarie but Cassy will just disappear. She is not even beautiful in Chinese standards.

  12. nice top 4. i like emma but i think this is what going to happen
    MWP Mia
    1st hilarie
    2nd cass
    3rd emma
    4th avonlea
    Tito norms if im not mistaken wala ka pa pong post about sa revealing of changing of guards?

  13. Wala akong excitement sa reyna ng mundo ngayon taon, dahil lulutuin sa china ang handa ni aling juliana, pipilitin ng mga chekwa makuha ang asul na korona ngayon taon, pero ayun sa aking bolang kristal hindi papayagan ng lola ang gusto ng mga ganid na checwa bibigyan sila ng crown ng prinsesa kumintang! Ang betsina ko ngayon para sa MWP Hillarieang ganda ng face!

      • I agree….
        1st time ako hindi pumabor sa bets ng Aces to win…
        Maybe because it is the 1st time that they did not send their best bets… I guess their saving them for BBP. Meanwhile, I think KF wants to win MWP badly thats why full force sila this years specially after what happened to Val last year.

  14. Oh so Christelle is the dark horse..

    In my humble opinion,

    My Top 5 based on beauty:


    Based on credentials:

    Christelle – I don’t know her well.

    Based on performance:


    • @Closer 2 fame. Very good choice. I agree to all your choices except Cassie. As a fellow oriental looking person Cassie not exactly beautiful only tall . Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

      • @Alexie

        I do respect your opinion. Just to add, Cassie may not be as pretty facially as Hillary, Emma or one of the dark horses… BUT aside from height, she has a better bone structure than Mia and Avonlea… Who do you think should be in Cassie’s spot?..

      • @Closer 2fame.facially Janelle Tee, christelle, avonlea, jeddhaliz even better than Cassie. Cassie should join top model . Since Ms. World will be held in China and most likely judges in prelims are Chinese. Chinese loves mestiza. Not chinky eyed like them.

      • Secret… baka sabihin mo nanaman.. assuming ako… joke! 😀

        Pero on a serious note… any of the 4 could win.

      • Oy grabe, di ko naman sinabing assuming ka XD. But I do have an idea kung sino bet mo haha, I was just making sure kung sino. I think we have the same bet/s, tama ba? Hahaha

      • Ang gusto ko talaga sa kanilang apat e si Emma kaya lang para sakin e hindi sya nababagay sa MW… Pang MU talaga sya.. Ang kailangan nya ay more credentials outside of pageantry to build her personality. Pero she could win people’s choice and pwede din Top model.

        So next choice ko ay si Mia… dahil sa MW e mas matimbang ang credentials kesa ganda… she can win the sports fest, multi-media and maybe even people’s choice. Additional points if she has a BWAP.

        Pag si Hillary kasi ang magjng MWph.. wala akong makitang fast-track sa MW na siguradong sya mananalo… Multi-media award malaki chance, pwede din people’s choice sana pero BWAP parang kulang.

        E si Cassie pwedeng Top model or Sports malaki chance… pero people’s choice parang malabo.

        si Avonlea pwedeng talent and Multimedia…

        Si Imee Shweighart sana bet ko cause she has the perfect balance of beauty, height, wits, talent and social media followers… but she backed out.. sayang!

      • We do have the same bets haha, pero for me ayos lang si Emma for MW THIS year ksi sa China (and Japan, Korea, Thai) patok ang beauty nya, a very pretty chinita, and IMO she’s got the highest chance out of all the girls pag sya ang pinadala di man manalo pero at least nsa top 20-semis pero kung hindi sa China ang venue and sa Europe or kung san man ang venue I wouldn’t want her for MW. But if she does not win come finals night I want her for BBP 2017 haha cuz I already have my bet for MUP next year haha. BTW my alternative MWP 2015 is Mia.

  15. Mia will win. She already won Ms. World Philippines Ilocos Sir. Megan and Val both won it. Emma should be MUP.

  16. I’ll go for Mia Howell.. She’s got the beauty charm and wit for the Crown..
    #MiaHowell all the way!..👑💁👏👏 #MiaforMsWorld

  17. i do not think it’s gonna be nail-biting. it will be Mia for the crown. Hillarie should represent our country to the Miss grand Miss International Miss earth or Supranational. Her sweet beautiful face will be a sure winner.

    • @Mitchesa,hi Mars! My bet is Emma -the lady with an enchanting and bewitchIng BEAUTY!

      • Mars Fabian – may tama ka

        Mars scorchingangel – hihi pwede rin naman siya. I like her too.

  18. I’m going for the ‘fezzzz’ (is that how they say it in gayspeak?) and that fez is Hillarie’s. Like seriously when was the last time we got something like hers? Since I’ve always held the belief that much of Ms World’s other criteria are unknown quantities, I’ll simply stick to the most obvious, albeit superficial one- looks. I’ve never seen Hillarie with a bad angle; she can effortlessly switch her looks from girl next door to old Hollywood glamour (like the top 4 photo collage above) and trolling thru the net for videos, her speaking voice and face are good enough though a tad too pa-twee-tums.

    Second for me would be Mia though I question her styling choices of dark lips and gowns that make her look mature and hard-edged.

    Third would have to be Emma and honestly, I miss the ‘old’ her but I get the improvements- it’s clearly put her in a position for a major crown like this one. But she looks tentative and a bit unsure about this ‘new’ her. Think of it as having an old car with new gear; you’re just breaking it in.

    Cassie; height is might but that smile is a no-go; she always looks as if she’s trying desperately to win you over.

      • If Parul won’t be in the top 5 of this pageant, then there must be something really fishy with this pageant. Di ko siansabi ko dahil pinoy ako, but hey look at her performance sa SS and now she carried this NatCos sooooooooo well….

      • @Basil Valdez, I hate to tell you this but I don’t think Parul is a favorite of the org. It is pretty obvious based on how their photos circulated on their website. You can barely see her photos in the different events. I don’t even see a photo of her where she is given the highlight, if there are few mostly group photos with minimal highlights of our candidate.

  19. This is the problem with the yardstick that Megan established after claiming our very first Miss World crown. While Miss World is more on diversity and not just the statuesque proportions, it really is a tough fight this year unlike 2013 and 2014. Hillarie has the grace and presence, and I’m actually more worried about her BWAP than her height. Although it is more mainstream than Valerie’s which is quite of an acquired taste for others, it needs more umpf to leave a very strong statement.

  20. Sir Norman, do you have any idea how to get a ticket para sa final sa 18? Nage-email ako sa MWP, pero walang sagot eh.

    • I’m all for Mia in this.. and Hillarie as her 1st princess. Cassy is my first choice but she lacks confidence. Parang pag pinag tabi tabi sila eh siya yung mukhang 5’6 at hindi si Hillarie.

  21. I hope Emma Tiglao worked on her communication skills, she fell short in this area in her Bb attempt. Communication skills is one of top criteria in Miss World esp now that swimsuit event has been taken out.

  22. A very intelligent anaysis as always Tito Norms, natawa ako dun sa “I must be on drugs” part haha. As for me, I’m going with Emma and Mia.

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