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  1. Alam ko na ang nagbago hehe..
    Ang dating slight na tabingi… mas tumuwid na compared to before… Either bagong retouch or complete renovation? BPCI, kayo ba ang may kagagawan nito? Kung kayo man.. e… good job! 🙂

  2. Rogelie the underrated beauty queen. She is beautiful , smart and oozing w confidence.The other beauty queen is overrated. Beautiful, not so smart and not oozing w confidence. Hope Rogelie gets the Pinoy support that she very well deserved.

    • I agree that Rogelie is beautiful… but there is no need to put down another lady just to bring up another one. They are both our Filipina reps and need to be supported.

      • @Lily I’m not saying we don’t support the overrated one . I’m saying we should support the underrated Rogelie. Speaking the truth about the other girl does not mean I’m putting her down. Critics are the best indicator for a room for of improvement.

    • @Lily Ang pagsabi ng katotohanan ay hindi pagiinsulto sa kanyang kababayan. Raffy only stated that we should support the underrated Rogelie. Wala syang sinabi na wag I support yun isa. Mabuti nga sinasabi gun totoo para mag improve . Like how Pia worked out for her sexier body

  3. That. Picture. Above.

    What a Pretty, classy, and sexy person. And oh, Rogelie too.


    World Peace. =)

    • That picture above (?)
      (a subject without a predicate – Sarcasm towards Norman )

      What a Pretty ,classy and sexy person.
      ( the word pretty is not a proper noun , it should not be capitalized; no period should be place after the word person , it should be a” exclamation point and or coma” since there’s …..

      And oh, Rogelie too. (?)

      Lol (Sarcasm to both Norman and Rogelie)

      World peace =)

      If i were to write your statement:

      What a pretty, classy and sexy photo of Rogelie above. So is Norman!

      World peace

      • Oh Ayesa dear… what a sad life you must be living. =) I suggest you get laid more often.

      • @Ayesa yaman din lamang nag English 101 na tayo Mars lubos-lubusin na natin ito Mars ha

        (no period should be place after the word person ,) since should be ang ginamit mo Mars dapat sana kung huwag mo lang mamasamain eh ***should be placed yan, u have to use the past participle of the verb when you use the be-verb…

        tapos spelling naman tayo Mars… comma po hindi coma..
        (it should be a” exclamation point ) ito rin Mars dapat * an ang gamit kung ang kasunod ay vowel letter o yung letter sound na may vowel sound

        Peace Mars! Love you!

      • ****** letter na may vowel sound like M, N etc…..Malapatinig ata tawag dun if my memory serves me right

      • Dear Steamy hot,

        Thank you. Is this your real name, or can I call you mine? (wink wink)?

      • Ay uu nga ang galing galing ni steamyhot…kaya lang mas ok sana kung si thomas ang nakapansin …pahiya sana ako …hahahah

        Jowa mo?

      • @Ayesa don’ get me wrong dear , I am your friend. Mwahhhh mwaahhhhh

        @ Thomas, you can have me. I am all yours. haahahahahah

      • @steamy hot – No u aren’t wrong. I stand corrected .

        I only corrected “Thomas ” since he replied me “parading my stupidity” on the other thread.

      • @Ayesa, I have nothing against you. Honestly, I have no idea on what is going on with you and Thomas. I am so sorry, I am only paying attention to the very minor errors in your post. I know you are one of those likable commentators here in this blog. Someone who has a very sensible and substantial posts. Peace dear! Mwaahhhh!

      • Since it’s the photo of Rogelie that is being described in the statement, the last phrase should be “So is Norman’s” – referring to his photo and not to Norman per se. World Peace Indeed!!!!

      • Thanks Jeremy. =)

        I kinda suspected that this Ayesa commenter was stupid. Her / His / Its succeeding comments removed all my doubts. She / He / It is not only stupid but also a self-righteous, know it all, second rate, trying hard copy-paste! And she loved parading it for all the world to see.

        World Peace.

      • @Jeremi – You maybe correct but check this out…

        ” So is Norman’s = So is Norman is .”
        Thats what ur statement means … 🙂

      • @Ayesa, Actually tama po si Jeremy dapat “so is Norman’s” because that phrase is a possessive noun. You started stating that the above picture is owned by Rogelie then you continued writing about Norman which has the same intent with the former. So in other words and dapat gamitin ay Possessive nouns.

        Peace mars!

      • Shk. Ayesa…I am not sure pero it’s called parallelism yata yun sa grammar ek ek. Pero tama sakit na ng ulo ko 😉

      • Ayesha.. at tsaka “YOU MAY BE CORRECT” i/o “you maybe correct”
        may be & maybe are not the same… sakit parin ng ulo ko (pa rin pala)

    • I agree, both are very pretty, classy, sexy, and articulate if I may add. Hihi 😉

    • Jeremy,

      See that kind of stupidity she / he / it displays on public for everyone to read? Hahaha. Pathetic when the only interpretation one has of “Norman’s” is the contraction of “Norman is”, when one is referring to possession. NORMAN’S PICTURE. NORMAN’S BLOG. NORMAN’S STUPID READER NAMED AYESA.

      World Peace. =)

      • Hi Thomas! Just keep your cool dude. heheheheheh, parang back to basic ata tayo dito sa grammar hehehehheh.

      • @Thomas, hhahahhah grabe naman ang lukewarm dude. At least may kunting init pa yan ha, baka ma TOA(transfer of affection) ka nyan.

    • @Ayesa, Actually tama po si Jeremy dapat “so is Norman’s” because that phrase is a possessive noun. You started stating that the above picture is owned by Rogelie then you continued writing about Norman which has the same intent with the former. So in other words and dapat gamitin ay Possessive Nouns.
      World Peace again!

      • steamyhot…it’s ok pareho lang yun… alias lang naman yan kaya walang bearing mapa “i” man or “y”
        World Peace (naku san ba yung peace sign sa keyboard na to) smiley na lang 🙂

  4. Rogelie has such a nice classiness about her.

    She would have been a good choice for International, too.

    Oh, and MWP (age permitting).

  5. Rogelie is really beautiful in photos and in person. I saw her kaya at Gateway, very casual and simple pero yung tipo na mapapalingon ka talaga sa ganda. I’m sure she’ll miss Rizzini, great article Tito Norms.

    Let’s support our Binibinis because they need us specially in the coming months.

  6. Naalala ko tuloy si Venus Raj na nagdadalamhati sa pagkamatay ng kanyang kaibigan si Melody Gersbach ng habang lumalaban sa Miss Universe 2010. Ang kanyang dalamhati ay kanyang pagkawagi ang kapalit at hinihandog pa ni Venus Raj ang kanyang pagkapanalo sa yumaong kaibigan.

  7. ok lang kung sya ang isend sa supra. since nagka crown na naman tayo. so ok lang manalo o matalo but im sure she will do very well in the finals. gandahan nalang ang wardrobes nya. she has a beauty pero nakukulangan talaga ako so need more xperiments for her.

  8. Mukang tahimik si Parul ngayon ah. Natabunan ng dyosang si Janicel. Update update din kung may chance.

    • Oo nga, nakataas na Ang banderang puti ni Parul? Either way , she should be proud. She has been repping the country in the best possible way she can.

  9. This is her best look for me, so far. she’s always on point on every photos. but this time mas nag level up ang freshness at ang aura niya.

  10. Puede namang hindi na imention ang enhancement, iningles pa talaga. Mga baklang to kala mo ang gaganda.

  11. True- something changed with her looks- for the better. When she first started out, she was simply this pretty girl with a few flaws; eyes a bit far apart, nose a bit on the Asian side (!). And now voila! And with the confidence to match. So if its plastic surgery, its fine- you have to commend her doctors and her handlers for being subtle and tasteful with the tweaks.

    She reminds me of Mutya Datul and brings back to Supra, the kind of sweet, innocent appeal that Mutya had but still self-assured enough to look fierce and confident where it counts.

  12. We really can’t please everybody. I support Rogelie in her quest towards becoming the 2nd Miss Supranational. Whatever other people say to you, I am still your supporter. You are very beautiful and intelligent. You deserve for the fame and honor. I know you are doing your best to prove them wrong and as your fellow Cebuano, Pag-amping pirmi day Rogelie, Maayu kaayu ka, gwapa, intelihente, nindot kaayo ka ug lawas.
    Soon you will be facing the different adversaries in your journey but I know you have prepared a lot fr this moment. Basta Cebuana day, hawud man jud ta! Di ba? Good luck Rogelie!

  13. Norms, I can feel the sincerity of your thoughts to Rogelie about her Guardian Angel. My respect.

  14. I don’t know why Laila hates her nose. She actually looks a lot better compared to when she joined MWP. If I had to have plastic surgery, I would go to her surgeon. Rogelie, drop the name pls:)

    • @Fabian I guess nung bagong panalo sya super halata nose job nya na yun nalang una mo napapansin. Siguro nag settle na yung flesh medyo ok na ngayon. Actually ok na ngayon. Pero my dislike for Rogelie is harmless I think. Hindi ko lang talaga sya feel. Good if she wins, ok din lang if hindi. I’m sure she’s a nice girl. Ok nlang na ganun anyway she doesn’t know me and di rin naman sya apektado sakin.

  15. Si Rogelie ay dapat Catacutan ng mga kalaban with her strong beautiful face and figure lahat sila ay matatakot kay Rogelie. Go Rogelie takutin mo silang lahat.

  16. This is the best she’s ever looked. Was never a fan until recently when photos of her transformation surfaced. I think she’ll do quite well in Poland.

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