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  1. Janicel has beautiful face and form but her feet is something else. She should refrain from wearing open-toe shoes. Best of luck to her.

  2. There have been comments and concerns raised about Janicel’s “communication skills”. But I don’t think communication skills (particularly English) really matter much to the MI Japanese organizers. If Melanie Marquez can do it, so can Janicel.

    The pageant’s version of the Q&A is really a prepared speech, typically memorized, made by each candidate which is then translated back to the judges in Japanese. What matters more to the organizers, I think, are personality, charm, and the candidate’s overall beauty and aura that suits their brand, however SUBJECTIVE these qualities are.

    Each candidate is meticulously observed and each interaction with the pageant’s organizers and the public are measured from the moment the candidate steps off the plane in Tokyo. Knowledge of proper Japanese etiquette is critical. The winner and the runner-up placements are pretty much already decided on literally days before the coronation night.

    • Oh, one more thing — I forgot to mention an important quality that the aspiring MI candidate must possess: that is SINCERITY. To win MI, you must at least appear to be sincere, especially when interfacing with the organizers. And be POLITE. Just ask any of the previous winners and they’ll agree.

      • I agree. The one who wins Miss MI is the most sincere. Doesn’t matter if you’re not as modelesque at the others (recall last year for instance). The most feminine and most sincere that is.

    • Communication skills matters. If you are choosing for the last 5 standing. It matters .The winner will be a spokesperson of Miss International. I hope Janicel will speak with confidence . No doubt she is beautiful and seems to be a girl with a kind heart and charm. But she is going to a competition representing her country. Nevertheless I know Bbp tried their best to train her on her weaknesses. Don’t compare her to 5’11 Melanie Marquez. Melanie Marquez can catch anyone attention in a crowd. What they were looking for in 1979 is not what they are seeking for in 2015.

      • @Raffy: Thanks for the comment and your point is well taken. However, my opinion is still that MI wants a brand ambassadress in the traditional Japanese sense, not a vocal spokesperson.

      • I agree with Miss Melanie. The brand of Miss International is far from Miss Universe. Venezuela won the most number of Miss International crowns and they barely spoke English or Japanese. Janicel is special because she is taller sexier and more beautifull version of a more recent former Miss International Lara Quigaman with a simillar or maybe even more dramatic background as former Miss International Melanie Marquez. In conclusion, Janicel is more than qualified to be Miss International. The crown is hers to lose. 😀

      • I understand that we should support our candidates. True maganda si Janicel.kaso maganda din yun tatlo na pinost ni Marvin . Wag masyado over confident. Sana manalo ang Pinas. Ako nailing sa pag feeling ng iba dito. Precious Lara Quigamann and Bea Santiago parehas pag nagsalita may confidence. Mga ate wag tayo Umasa sa Cinderella background story. Ganda? Madaming maganda. At madami kayang sabihin ang kanilang nasasaisip ng walang kaba. Eto ang wala so Janicel. Sana manalo Peri ulitin ko wag feeling

  3. Wait, i thought her natcos was assigned to Frederick Peralta? I saw Almodal’s fb post and sabi niya Janicel will be wearing an Almodal NatCos? hmmm

    pwede bang natcos kay Peralta at gown kay Almodal? haha

  4. Well, just do what she has/asked to do by her mentors. because at the end of the day, may masasabi at masasabi pa rin ang tao sa kanya. damn if you do, damn if you don’t ika nga. so might as well enjoy tokyo honey.

    She was quiet during the preparation stage. mukhang nag focus talaga siya sa trainings and all. So let’s just all hope and pray for her victory.

    BTW Tito Norms,wala pa bang ipapakalat si madam na official photos niya? di ba usually ganon un either send off or bago umalis ilalabas ang official portraits niya?

    • She looks gReat in pics but ALL OF IT disappears when she starts talking. And it’s not because of the way she talks – she sounds fine. She just turns into a plain looking girl the moment she opens her mouth.

    • Why, are we already in the contest? If she talks about her life-story in the Q&A Portion of the pageant, that could be a turn off, but c’mon. This is a send off party, it’s just natural to talk about the contestant’s life-story. I think your Comment is just Over-Kill and premature. 😀

    • Answer: Because her communication skills is just average. 😀 No one can deny that!!! 😀

  5. Pagbreadwinner ka ng family , malaki talaga ang determination mo at from your humble beginnings you get your strength and tenacity.

  6. I’m still missing the old janicel..before the nose job..i dont know who did her rhinosplasty but its kinda halata masyado, hindi pulido pag kagawa.its just me.sana nagsponsor na belo medical dyan.

  7. My gahd, wag lang may rumors or kung anoman na na-bubully sya ng mga ibang candidates don at lulunurin ko ang mga yon sa bash, angelo reyes style. Hopefully that won’t happen but being careful is still +++ lalo na’t frontrunner ka, ingat ingat sa mga insecure and most importantly have fun. Representing the country in an international stage is a whole new kind of ecstasy so savor the moment to the fullest, goodluck Janicel and do us proud. Any hashtags for Janicel???

  8. Just watched her BB Pilipinas performance. I think she would’ve also killed it at Miss U.. such a strong and fresh stage presence. Good luck with Miss Int’l!

    • As I said before in the other post, her communication skills is just average that’s why she got only the Miss International title. Pia on the other hand is just amazing in her interviews. Pia is the most qualified for the Miss Universe title and could really represent the country in the best possible way, knowing Pia’s excellent communication skills. Pia is just a Pro.

      Janicel is the right candidate for Miss International so let’s just leave it that way. 😀

      • Her communication skills is only fair not even average. Its a good thing she is beautiful and sexy. I just hope we win. Totoo yun mga comment na maganda ang still photos.pag nagsalita you will cringe.

      • @Alexie: I was just being polite. I know Janicel’s communication skills is Less then Average actually. But maybe she can pull it off. What Janicel lacks in communication skills, she can compensate with Facial beauty and Sexy body. Maybe that’s enough for her to win? Just maybe. Best of luck to Janicel anyway way 😀

      • @Dave, I know you are being polite. We are having the same sentiments. I love how pretty and sexy she is. The innocent charm and all. I just hope all the training will make her take home the crown.With Pia my confidence will never falter bec she is the complete package.

  9. Janicel is the bread winner and really wanted to earn money for her family not just for herself.
    I hope her being kind and good spirit would be reflected come miss international.
    I am still in goosebumps while writing this.
    May the Almight help her with the journey, 🙂

  10. I just love her!! Before meeting her my sister hated her dark skin color but when Janicel pointed out that they have the same skin color my sister then bragged how beautiful her color and that she has the same skin color as her Ate Janicel..

  11. Nkakaiyak yung money center thing. Same kmi gingawa pag pay day 😢😢😢

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