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  1. Mia is an epitome of a Ms. World Phil. I’m hoping for a runner up placement for Emma with her gorgeous face so she could be MUP 2016 .

  2. Hillarie is going to slay them all. She’s gonna prove all the girls out there that Ms. World need not to be tall or has to have the brawn to do sports! She has a very meaningful BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE which she is doing with or without Miss World and she’s a very beautful and smart woman. She is the epitome of a modern Filipina who can represent the Philippines to the entire world!

    • Don’t forget, aside from not being modelesque tall and not competitive in sports, Hillary also doesn’t have a talent to show… but don’t worry because with her BWAP, she’ll be in the TOP 5 along with Emma, Cassie, Mia and Avonlea. 🙂

  3. Asa pa, wag kalimutan ang host country ay bff ng pilipinas. These girls are fighting for a semi final slot, no top 5 or the crown. Wasted beauties. Tsk tsk tsk

  4. How about their evening gowns sir Norman?
    Diba its cocktail and evening gown fashion show?

  5. MIA – has all the credentials… She could win this unless she fails the Q&A.

    Emma- She’s got the looks but she can only be 1st Rup.. I hope it wont affect her chances of becoming BBP-U next year.

    Cassie – so far I cant see her pulling the rug under those 2 above.. but she could be Top Model and maybe win the sports fest

    Hillarie- maybe some minor awards… Even if she gives the best Q&A and wins best BWAP, her highest placement could still be 1st RUP unless she also beats evryone at the sportsfest which I highly doubt.

    Avonlea- I guess 4th runner-up could be her highest placement unless she gives the best Q&A and evening gown then maybe she could be 1st RUP. Best Q&A possible… Best Evening Gown- 1 out of 10 chances.

    • @c2f, woww bilib naman ako sa Analysis mo c2f. grabe with matching explanation pa yan ha.

  6. Daming magagnda,anyare? nag evolve ba ang mga ito to its maximum level? Parang pokemon at dragon ball z lang ang peg ha, level up na mga fez ng mga ateng natin.

    • Yeah, I feel the same way too , they did not include Parul in the video and even in photos we rarely see Parul. It only shows that they are up to something. In their page, I am patiently waiting the official photo of Parul but to no avail.

  7. Wow. I thought there will be slim pickings from this batch. But from these pics, daming maganda.

  8. It could be Emma, Mia, or Hil. But I would bet on Casie. Mia for credentials. Emma can join BBP next year. For Hil she screams beauty but the her height is really a deal breaker.

  9. Mia Howell will win. Madam Cory is looking for a girl with credentials, an eloquent speaker . Mind you who won miss world Philippines Ilocos Sur. The award that Megan and Valerie both won

    • I agree she has the credentials but I don’t like the way she speaks. She may have content in her words, like many other contestants, but the manner she delivers her answers is so a bit choppy and not genuine. I find it a bit “ma-arte”. She needs to polish that and try to sound more classy and genuine. I think in terms of speaking skills, Hillarie, Avonlea and Cassie deliver better. Anyway, I do think she’s the current front runner with the three I mentioned competing against her. It’s a good competition this year and I’m curious who’ll win. I like Mia but I’m kinda hoping for Hillarie or Avonlea.

      • Having no talent took a huge toll on Hillary…. Now she needs to win the sportsfest aside from acing the Q&A… Thats her only hope of winning this whole competition!

        She will be competing with a track and field athlete, a basketball varsity player and a member of the Philippine fencing team…

        Goodluck Hillary!

      • ah yes! I know C2F… mia, cassie and avonlea has much more with them than Hillarie. Cassie and avonlea both have what mia has, talent for avolea and sports for cassie. I don’t know if avonlea is sport and what cassie’s talent was. Both have very good bwap too. Hillarie does have a good bwap. I guess with Hilarie, she’s so pinay so I sort of wanted to have that to have a break from the mestiza trend. It’ll also be nice to have a shocker since MWP is so predictable already. haha! But yeah Mia has the most solid credentials right now. She’s also lucky that there’s not swimwear competition in MW, so her body would not be counted as a minus to her.

        Ps. Avonlea’s styling is getting better.

      • @Emilia, Your opinion is noted though I don’t see anything wrong with the ” maarte ” way of speaking. Ruffa and Megan also have this style. I think its the way how they were raised.The most important thing is the substance of what they say and being spontaneous is also a big plus. Mia has beauty, brains, credentials, sports minded and talent. Other bets lacks one or two.Just my two cents.

      • @Emilia

        Hillary could be a notch prettier than MIA but so far MIA slayed her in all the prelims and soon on the sportsfest. Her BWAP could be better than Mias but its not an assurance that she could beat her on the finals. 🙂

        It is Emma who allegedly played track and field. She prepaired well fot the talent show talent show and she also allegedly has a BWAP to show… Beautywise, Emma is prettier Hillary even before any enhancements.

        Cassie excelled in sports, has the height, has good comskills and a better proffesional experience as a model and flight attendant. She also did show her talent but she also prepped a good BWAP. Even if being more verticaly challenged, Hillary is prettier than Casie therefore she could beat Cassie during the Q&A and maybe even even Emma… But credential wise, Mia is expected to ace the Q&A as well.

        Avonlea is not threat to Hillary even if both Aces the Q&A. Hillary is so much prettier than her and has better BWAP even when she doesnt have a talent to match.

        If there was a swimsuit competition then I would rank them differently. There are also dark horses with prettier faces and academic honors to show who could possibly penetrate the TOP 5. Who knows.

  10. Emma and Hillarie look like absolute winners. Cassie is such a fashionista; if she carries that sort of fashion forward wardrobe to China, she’d be a hit. Mia is gorgeous but she needs to be mindful not to look too vampy and too mature which she both managed to do with a black/navy (???) dress and rich red lipstick combo. Who is no. 24 again?? Pretty. And so is that girl just underneath Hillarie in Norman’s first photo collage; however, she needs to up the ante and be more than just the girl-next-door. Dunno if it’s the angle of the photograph but No 5 looks fat, fat, fat lol

  11. It’s going to be Emma vs. Cassy vs. Hillarie for the crown. Looks like each girl knows it and is bringing her best. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

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