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  1. With all due respect, I think our delegates don’t need the pressure of will she wear an Almodal / Cinco / Libiran….

    We know they won’t. Did we not learn with MJ?

    SMA doesn’t like big name designers. SMA wants to be the one in control, not someone bigger than Cumbiaville.

    Let the ladies focus on things in their control and that’s a lot.

    • Didn’t Valerie wear almodal? Where did she go? It’s the candidate and her fate and how the judges see her .. No matter who she wears

      • Valerie’s average communication skills pulled her down not her gowns. If we send candidates with Excellent communication skills PLUS the Best gowns, then we have the best shot ๐Ÿ˜€

      • With all due respect, I think our delegates don’t need the pressure of will she wear an Almodal / Cinco / Libiran….

        We know they won’t. Did we not learn with MJ?

        SMA doesn’t like big name designers. SMA wants to be the one in control, not someone bigger than Cumbiaville.

        Let the ladies focus on things in their control and that’s a lot.

      • Aye wrong post above… Sorry!

        For competition Weigmann wore Cinco. Weigmann also did not have the same boss…

        Anyway I’ve heard Almodal said he’s clothing Janicel. If true then wow talaga. Until it happens that she’s in competition in one of his gowns I won’t believe. No point in getting excited over nothing.

        (My guess is that Stella is letting her wear one of his designs for like a cocktail dinner or special formal event.)

  2. Why should anyone be overburdened by the q&a, e kung si paulina nga e tiyak na ang panalo bago pa man ibuka ang bibig..at nung magsalita na e ang labo ng pinagsa sabi..pregunta muy dificil daw, at naniniwala daw sya na marami pa ring kalalakihan na naniniwala sa equality at un daw ang matutunan ng women from men..ansabe?!

  3. Mga teh…mag- move on na kasi. Yung dalawang kandidata natin na pinag- aawayan dito ay friends na after a week or two ng Bb. Pilipinas competition due to attending and fulfilling their responsibilities as Binibinis together. Isang tambling na lang at lalaban na si Janicel sa Ms. International. Ang goal na ni Janicel is to win Ms. International 2015 pero kayo ang goal nyo pa din is for her to win the Bb. Pilipinas Universe. Anovahhh. LOL!

  4. FYI Pia and Janicel are only the same height 5’7. They both passed the age requirements . Both Beautiful. Pia express her thoughts in an articulate manner .Janicel needs to go Wilma Tapalla. Just my two cents.All the best for both queens

  5. Bb. Pilipinas Universe is the highest title. Judges already deliberate the decision and gave the title to the most deserving

  6. Janicel should go Supra where she could use her poor communication skills. You are comparing Pia to her . Its like Orange (Pia) compare to Janicel (lemon).

    • You should not compare Pia to Janicel. Magkaiba sila talaga.
      However, they both deserved the title assigned to them. Let’s be happy na lang that they won BbP.

  7. Boom, va va boom, va va boom! This is what a true Filipina siren should look like. Imagine her in the Miss Universe competition. I honestly think that Pia should have been sent to some minor beauty pageant instead (like Supranational) where she would have at least a fighting chance. All the hard stylings being done on Pia sadly even make her look so dated and old.

    World Peace. =)

    • Janicel is just for competition that doesn’t need to talk much since her English communication skills is just Average. Pia is for Ms Universe. Pia can speak English like a Pro. End of Discussion. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I agree. For me, Miss International fits here a lot. I really love Janicel to win MUP but I must also admit she has a weakness when it comes to her communication skills. Good luck Janicel, I believe in you. You will be the next Miss International.

      • Kaya nga during the BbP I wished Janicel be just a runner up para makasali ulit sya. Two to four years more she can improve her commskills and will be perfect for MUP! Yung beauty, figure and poise kasi given na.

    • GET OVER IT.

      Hindi parin maka move on? Ang tagal na ng coronation night ng bbp 2015 ah, pwd ba?


    • My impression is its Janicel who is more fit to join Ms. supra where they only concentrate mostly on beauty of face and body . Pia on the other hand is for Ms. U. Beauty body , good command of english and can grace under pressure

      • Supra also focuses on personality…

        But Janicel physically more superior than all the other Binibinis therefore BBP-International is just perfect for her…

        Ann based on placement and hierarchy of pageants should be sent to Intercontinental but based on how dubious last year’s results then her beauty could just be wasted. Supranational and grand would also be a waste for her since we just won Supra and its like a shot to the moon for Ms Grand. Ann at Miss Globe is being at the right place at the right time hence the result which is our 1st crown. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • C2f, how can u say with certainty that Janicel is physically superior to all the other binibinis? Pls do not say like it is every single human being’s opinion

      • @Fabian

        So who do you think is prettier than Janicel as a total package during BBP 2015?

    • Dear All,

      It is so laughable how stupid your arguments are. English as pre-requisite for winning Ms. Universe? Duh? Try telling that to Ms. Mexicos, Ms. Venezuelas…

      As Ate Janine would say : “For me it is not about speaking a specific language, … No matter what language you have as long as you have the heart and a strong mind..”.

      Miriam Quiambao fumbled her English and can not even express herself when and where it mattered.. and yet she placed 1st runner up. We have in the past sent UP students, lawyers-to-be, Buena-famlia, magna cum laudes candidates to Miss Universe and where did it get us?

      Pia sadly will be just among the so many Caucasian-looking in a sea of Caucasian beauties who are TALLER and YOUNGER looking than she.

      World Peace. =)

      • I must say you’ve raised some valid points there Thomas. World Peace indeed. I bet it’s very challenging to exist amongst blind Pianatics hehehehe.

      • The truth really hurts. Yun din yung fear ko- of how Pia will stand out. But on the positive note, our candidates have been pulling off miraculous feats the last few years and the secret seems to be not being any taller, or younger but simply being THE candidate from the Philippines. If Venezuela can boast of glamazons coming off a cosmetic assembly line, tayo naman, we can be proud of queens who come to pageants not simply as themselves, but as true representatives of our country. I think dun nanggagaling yung winner’s aura natin- enough at least for a top 10 to 5 finish.

        So still keeping the faith in Pia and her team.

        And no- wouldn’t wish for world peace because it won’t f_cking happen and I don’t really care if you c_nts don’t like what I say.

      • tama. un kasi ang misconception ng marami (or colonial mentality na rin nating mga pinoy siguro) na dapat e magaling mag-english sa miss u! pero happy rin ako na si pia ang rep natin sa miss u kahit na ang bet ko noon si janicel. siguro destiny tlga ni pia sa miss u at si janicel sa miss international and i hope & pray na maiuwi nilang pareho ang korona! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • @ Thomas , call your grade 3 English teacher. Let her check your statement. Mahihiya siguro sa u. No pause ; doesnt know when to use “she ” and “her “. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Ano sabi mo ulit
        ” Ayesa , it so amusing how you parade your stupidity. Congrats.”

        Baka dapat ganito :
        Ayesa , it is so amusing how you parade your stupidity. Congratulations !.


        Ayesa, it’ s so amusing how you parade your stupidity. Congratulations!.

        It is = it’s
        Kasi may kuwit , natanggal ung “i” represented by “kuwit”

        TONTO !

      • OK let me say this:

        If the contestant will speak English in the Q&A portion…then she should really have an Excellent English communication skills. It will be irritating to listen to a beauty queen speaks wrong grammar all over the place.

        However, if the contestant decides not to Speak English at all, and use an interpreter, then Obviously No Need to Have a Good English communication skills.

        The POINT is…whatever language you will use in the Competition, you should be good at it.

        The Best gowns and Natural Grace under pressure PLUS tons of LUCK also helps in winning a beauty pageant.

        Anything more to add?

  8. Bakit 21? She just turned 20! BTW ang Thailand umaarangkada nanaman, siya ang nag-1st sa 2nd hot picks ng misso eh jusko ang itsura, mas maganda pa si Patraporn. Gahd.

  9. Thank god they changed her styling up a bit, at least for the contestant profile picture. The wavy hair is a good breather from the constant long straight hairstyle. Ganda! Palaban si Janicel dito.

    Si Almodal daw gumawa ng National Costume niya. I hope that he designed and created a costume from scratch. Huwag naman sanang nagdagdag lang siya ng butterfly sleeves sa isa sa mga gowns niyang niririgodon ng suot ng Filipina beauty queens.

    • Dapat level up na rin

      Dame Edna Everage-inspired ensemble the winning look for reigning Aussie titleholder Monika Radulovic to wear in the pageant.
      Designed by Sydneyโ€™s Timothy Cubbo, the costume, right, was one of four outfits in the Seven breakfast showโ€™s National Costume Competition and won a staggering 30,000 votes.

      • This illustration released Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015, by Miss Universe Thailand Organizer shows Miss Universe Thailand 2015 Aniporn Chalermburanawong wearing a dress that looks like a โ€œtuk-tuk,” a three-wheeled motorized taxi. The “Tuk Tuk Thailand” dress will be worn by Aniporn in the costume round at the pageant in December in the United States. It was the winning design from 356 entries in a contest held by Miss Universe Thailand.

      • malay natin jeepney o kalesa naman ang isuot ni pia! si miss usa yellow cab, si miss italy, gondola, si miss uk double decker naman! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. J.jingle bell jingle bell
    L.lubina all the way…

    * J.joy to the world
    * L. lubina has come,let earth recieve the


  11. Oh that beauty, height, the long lean legs, the killer figure, what more coudl I ask for. Come on now!

  12. winner, winner, winner. KF will not miss this chance to collect more MI crowns; not when they have this girl who just screams ‘i’m destined to win something big.’ Sadly, it won’t be Miss Universe- and im sorry if I have to bring this up again, but just imagine this BODY on the MU stage!!- but surely, and anyone can dispute us over this, isn’t she the candidate to beat in Japan????

  13. Janicel has a big chances to win the crown having a battery of powerful body figure, charm height and everything, go go go Janicel for the 6th crown.

    • Akala ko namwn yung costume naka post na link.. picture pala ni Leo… hahaha

      • @c2f, obvious naman siguro na hindi natcos kasi nasa itaas yung caption bwt leo hheehheh

  14. Janicel all the way ! She looks absolutely gorgeous ! Good luck Janicel ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Kung hindi niyo naitatanong, dahil hindi halata, nag aral ako sa Japan Japan hihi. Sabi ng a handful of friends in Tokyo, si Ateng Janicel daw ang number one na matunog among the candidates. Syempre may I ask the Venezuelan beauty, mas talk of the town daw si Janicel dahil sa kanyang Cinderella story. Ilang beses pa nga raw nabalita sa news si Janicel upon winning the Bb. Pilipins Int’l crown. Hihi. Ambongga niya pala!

    • @Mitchesa, wowww ikaw na mars ha..hhmmmmmm japayuki ka ba dati mars? oke lang… hope manalo na talaga si Janicel at maiuwi ang korona

      • @mrsaldenrichards.. mars nag divorce na ba kayo ni spainhour at apelyedo na ni alden dala dal mo?hehehehh,

      • Haha kaloka ka mars steamyhot! Sana nga diba para global ang level hihi pero conservative kasi ako. Hihi

    • huwow….sana nga true ayoko talaga kay Pinocchio this year. Maganda sya pero super messed up yung ilong nya. Ang gusto ko talaga manalo this year si Ann na natupad na, si Janicel na sayang medyo atat lang pang MU sana sya next year at si Pia. Bonus nalang talaga sakin si Christi pero sana din sayang ang height. Bigay ko na sa kanila si Rogelie bahala na sila dun.

      • @Laila, Mars ouchhhhh naman kawawa naman si Rogelie nya in fairness naman sa kanya Mars gandara din naman kahit mdyo yung head nya ay malakai, at mars take note magaling din naman yun sa Q and A.

      • @steamyhot ganun talaga mars, we can’t have it all. Gandara si Rogelie yes, pero I really cannot stand the obvious rhinoplasty. Kung medyo subtle sana kaso it is so out there yun una mo napapansin. Di bale marami naman syang supporters sa inyo. Ayos lang kahit hindi na ako :}

      • @laila, I respect your opinion mars about Rogelie and I must admit it ,I am so proud of her pareho man mi bisaya mars gud heehehehe, but I know she will be doing well in Supra. Yeahh, sayang ang wit nya di magagamit sa Supra pero malay natin mars,mag top 5 sya if not Miss Supra.

      • si Mars Rogelie din ang least fave ko sa lahat ng BBP queens. Pero like ko siya ha. I think makaka top 5 naman siya. Hihi. Sabagay, hindi ko pa naman nakikita ang laht ng candidates, baka naman may pag asa. Dami kong alam kaloka.

  16. Hi Sir Norman,

    According to Leo Almodal’s Facebook, he’s dressing Janicel. ๐Ÿ˜

    • Mars Rosco, eh di wow! Ang galing mo mag research ha in fer. Hihi. Natuwa ako sa news mo kasi nadinig ko ang gusto kong madinig chos hihi

    • Nakuh di na ako umaasa pa na iba yung gagawa. Ive have observed na yung mag gown na pinapadala nila eh parang mga pang thunder. I can’t fathom na si Leo ang gagawa ng national costume nya baka yung evening gown. well just wishing na maganda kahit sino yung gagawa wag lang si B.

  17. Now, I understand why Osmel will be sending her best girl to Miss International next year… I guess it is an insurance that they will still have the most number of MI crowns if ever Janicel wins this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Janicel Lubina could most probably be
    Miss International 2015! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yes!!! Handa akong makipagpatayan manalo lng siya mars!!! Tandaan mo yan, abangan kita sa labas!!! Chos lang mars. Sampol lang. Hihi tsup

  18. OMG! She is divine! I so love her captivating looks here. How I wish she gets back to her original hair, straight long and shiny hair. There is a big chance we could claim another Miss International Crown this year. I love the long legged legs ni Janicel na para bang pwede na niyang ipanghampas sa mga kalaban sa MI. Go girl!

      • @MItchesa, hello mars hope you still recognize me..heeheheh we used to be buddies in this blog mars -the one and onle angel na nag aalab

      • Oo alam na alam kita hihi. Eh ikaw lang naman ang bestie ko dito hihi. Eh bat ba nagpalit ka ng name? May pinagtataguan ka ba? Pulis ba? Chos lang mars!

      • @Mitchesa ay naku mars wala me pinagtataguan no, kainis kasi may split personality ako Mars (choz) hahahah tung isang alter ego ko mars na Angel ayun nag duty pa sa Heaven naging sekyu doon for the meantime kaya itong isa ko na pagkatao muna ang magiging kakampi mo, hhahahahha

    • Karl Rae Mahusay, teh san kang Mars galing? Alam mo na ang Adobo ay isang satire? Kaasar ka, read ka naman please, hindi lahat ng nasa internet totoo. Kulutan kita dyan!

  19. pak. I love her profile photo. very demure yet sexy. Parang pina morena na Diana zubiri.

    Taray ha! Frederick Peralta. sana pati ang evening gown!!! haay anyway It will be a busy nov-dec sa atin mga ateng. start na ng Miss International. tas sunod sunod na. whew.

  20. Tabi Tabi muna dadaan ang dyosa. Hay Nakuh please wag nang I padala yung wardrobe na galing sa BPCI Alam na Kung Anu yan. Mga damit na pinagpilian ng mga Thunder na mga beki. What else is new? Pag bigyan na ang mga kabataan .

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