17 comments on “Screening the Class of 2016 for Aces & Queens

  1. I am one of the aces and girls class 2012, and I dont remember paying a single centavo for my training. Our mentors in fact are the one spending for our sisters that needs financial support or any pageant related expense. They are all blessed professional, but just passionate in pageants. I would fight in defense for any detractors of my camp cause I know they are nice individuals with class. I do not remember my mentors talk against the other camp, i just wonder why i always hear a bombardment of not so nice words towards them. Why can we all just be all at peace.

    • I suspect that this message was meant for me Ms. A&Q girl of 2012 because of my question earlier, I’ll repeat what I said I was only CURIOUS and so I asked a QUESTION and it is in no way a kind of bombardment against A&Q. You may have misinterpreted my question, I only asked that question because angelo reyes mentioned that Albert quit A&Q because he didn’t have an income there and so I wondered if the other staffs HAD an income and if they did had salaries where is it coming from? And so that leads to me questioning if the girls that apply at A&Q pay for their trainings. You only had to answer yes or no, I asked my question politely and even said to not take it the wrong way but unfortunately you did. So there, that is my explanation Ms. a&Q girl of 2012.

    • Who among the 2012 A&Q girls?…
      Jaine? Allen? Marie? Gina? Elaine? Chloe?… 😀

  2. A ambition mo ay makakamtan sa
    C camaraderie at kamay ng mga
    E experto sa pag hubog ng mga
    S sexy at tunay na beauty QUEENS.

  3. I think Albert Kurniawan isn’t part of their group anymore. I maybe wrong. Sir Norman, I don’t think it’s just a quintet of titles. It may be 6 or 7 titles next year with the inclusion of Bb. Pilipinas Globe and Bb. Pilipinas Grand International.

    • Hihi official na ba teh? Syempre ang sinasabi ni Tito Norms ay ang official titles at stake since the most recent BBP. Echusera! Chos lang mars. Dami ko kasing alam. Hihi.

      • @Mitchesa, wow ang taray naman ng Mars ko ha.Hmmm, easy lang mars. Miss u

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