23 comments on “Anja-Vanessa Peter almost had that Miss Universe Germany crown

  1. PUNYETANG REIK YAN. SOOOOOOOOOOORE LOSER. PLACED 80th in the recently concluded miss u. She shouldnt have been there in the first place. Peters might have placed if she was sent to compete. Ano akala ni reik, maganda sya? Muka syang drag queen. Pati ugali nya pangit kagaya ng muka nya.

    • In my opinion, Sarah Lorraine is like a bitchy foul big mouth, look…you’re not even pure german…you looks a niger. Sorry for you, you are a disgrace to German national and to the country. Your parents didn’t teach you good moral lesson though….

  2. Yeah, some of these pageant girls, one moment they wish to represent the Philippines and next they wish to represent another country.
    Walang loyalty. Walang delikadesa.
    No wonder they don’t win.

  3. Germany is not exactly known for embracing racial tolerance (… flashback to World War II, ahem). As much as I would have liked Anja to win, the fact that she came this close to being crowned Miss Germany is an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations, Anja!

  4. Haba ng mukha nung nanalo..

    vertical almond shaped face..

    Clue ba yan tito norms?…

    May controbersya bang magaganap?

      • Oh… so it is true that Anja was bullied or at least was treated very badly for being part Filipina and joinning this pageant..

        Ok lang…

        Lalabas din ang baho nung winner soon…
        … joke! 😀

      • At tama nga ang hanabishi ni sister, tita Norms! Ang malditang bruha andaming talak. Bitter sa ganda ng mga Pinay. Che!

    • Sana magbago isip ng MU Germany!!!! Ipadala na lang nila si Peter hindi mahaba mukha nya and aminin kung sa Las Vegas sya…may support sya!

  5. Ewan ko, why do I have a feeling na si Vanessa ang matutuloy sa Las Vegas. I am sure Filipinos fans will still support her pag sya ang pinadala ng MU Germany. She reminds me of yung jowa ni Montenegro, yung starlet nung 90s.

  6. I was able to follow this edition of Miss Universe Germany silently and I got so sad for Anja. There was this group of Latinos who campaigned againts her for being a half-Filipina, and they even resulted to bullying. In misso, these usual anti-Filipino forumers also hitted her there big time. I believe some are the Filipino crabs. They’re like…. “ANYONE, BUT NOT THAT FILIPINA.

    And I wonder where were the KF hitters and defenders because no one stood up to defend Anja. Maybe it was Anja’s team’s choice not to fight back. I think Anja is strong this time compare on her BB. Pilipinas days. It’s just that maybe the organization has a different want. The winner this time fits the mold of Miss Germany that they usually send these past years, the cutest with a cool personality. The winner is only about 5’6 if they stand together. Anja is more lady like. Bias aside, I think Anja will make a more formidable Miss Germany, but it’s their choice.

  7. Tito Norms, wala bang activities yung pageant na to? Pano nila pipili yung winner?

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