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  1. Top 25 out of 121 candidates. Top 10 in the BWAP competition. Impressive if you ask me. Nevertheless, I think Valerie should have placed higher — but Miss World can be unpredictable from year to year.

    • Na wawapoise kasi sya pag tinatawag pangalan… at pag ininterview.. walang preno.. Kasing ganda man sya ni Megan e personalidad dito ang oinag uusapan… Mabait syang bata pero.. tama lang placement sa kanya!

  2. It was a tough act to follow for the 2014 Queens. They may have not placed the same with their respective predecessors, but their efforts were so evident and each Queen gave the Philippines a good fight. Though I believe that Yvethe, Bianca and Valerie were not given due recognition in their respective pageants, I’m still proud of what they have achieved in their quest. Being given the responsibility to compete to a pageant where the current winner is from the Philippines was flattering enough.

    • Yvette’s performance was not even at par with Mutya’s. Basta lang makakendeng walang rhythm ang lakad. On the contrary, their placements were just fair. For me if there is someone who really should have won, it’s Janine Tugonon, the rest were all just faIr.

      • I respect your opinion regarding Yvethe, but majority thinks otherwise. She is actually the woman to beat, unfortunately, MS being a new organization cannot give a back to back win this early.

      • What majority? Did you make a survey on this? Well a back to back win is not far from impossible but if Yvette’s performance was that good as the MAJORITY say, her placement would not be that low. She should have been in the top 5. The sad thing about us Filipinos is we never lose a competition be it in sports, beauty pageants, singing competition etc etc. wherein we always say lutuan, dinaya, politics etc etc.

      • I never said “dinaya” or “luto”. What I’m saying is, she is defintely one of the top contenders and she deserves a higher placement.

      • Hello?! Ang Chaka maglakad ni Yvethe!.. Ikumpara mo naman kay mutya ang laki ng diperensya sa mukha at lalu na kung rampadorahan ang pag uusapan… Kung umemote nga itong si Mutya e kulang nalang e maghati ang katawan kaka landi sa camera… Kung may blade ang mga buhok ni Mutya e sugatan na lahat ng kalaban kaka hair throw nya!… Wag nyo ikumpara ang kalamyaan ng parang toothpick na katawan ni Yvethe sa Masters degree ni Mutya sa Rampahan with majors in pagdodrawing ng kilay at noseline!

  3. Sir Norman, how can I get a ticket to the final night sa 18? Kasi, nagtanong na ko sa MWP at Solaire, wala namang sagot.

  4. V victorious or not, for me you are
    A always be the queen
    L let alone your
    E endearing qualities as a
    R reigning MWP may
    I inspire other women in their
    E endeavors…

    W wish you to
    E enjoy another chapter
    I in your life, stay as
    G good and humble as you are
    M may the good Lord
    A always give you the best in life and
    M more fruitfull future ahead.

  5. Valerie will always be one of the best Miss Philippines we ever had. She is truly a genuine person not only from the outside but also from the inside. She was not given her dues in last year’s Miss World competition. I will miss her a lot Norman.

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