40 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Crown that could start it all for 2015

  1. Hopefully, YES! I love her crown. very unique and elegant. lalo na ung danggling sa forehead. such a statement.

    I hope mataas din ang makuha ni Parul title or a runner-up placement at least!

    • kakatuwa yung reaction ni ann dito
      kabado sya masyado
      feeling ko may kutob na sya na mananalo sya
      though we were all expecting it

      • ako rin tuwang tuwa ako sa kanya…kahit tapon na poise..halo na rin yan siguro na nadyan ka na sa top 5 at nakaka pressure mga pinoy hehe

  2. Congrats Ann Lorraine! Mabuhay ka and to Parul, good luck and congratulations in advance. Hanga ako sa determination at sincerity ng Miss Globe Canada organizers kasi even without their government’s support naging successful siya.

  3. Kindly check Bb Pilipinas Facebook. May poll regarding who should be in top 15 sa Ms. Grand International. Let’s support Parul.Even with other countries lagi syang Nasa Top 15.

  4. I love this crown waaay better than pseudo poorly designed posing as art deco inspired crown of MU. I love that is turban inspired. I wouldn’t say Darna, Darna headdress didn’t have a bindi hanging on the forehead area.

  5. Norman how about the Miss Tourism Queen International 2015 it was line up in the can as it was advertised in their fb is there any news that it will push thru & who will be the franchise the same BPCI?

  6. Nabasa ko lang sa Sash Factor Forum, as below:

    “Miss Globe 2015 won USD 5,000 ( CAD 7,000 ) + handmade silver crown worth USD 2,500

    jusko si henares baka umaaligid i-pm mo na ang saken. tsar!

    minus personal income tax 32% ($1,600) = $3,400

    minus bb management contract fee 25% ($850) = $2,550

    minus airport taxi from naia to cubao P 1500 ($30) = $ 2,520

    pwede na sya bumili ng iphone 6S Plus meron pa natira pang libre sa family and friends ng fooodssss”

    • So Supranational is the best, cash prize wise… natawa naman ako dun sa taxi from airport to cubao. But anyway, money is nothing compared to Prestige 😉

  7. The crown is very unique. Ann deserved her feat during the pageant. I just hope Parul will make it to the Top 5 considering there are a lot of gorgeous and stunning women in Miss Grand International.

  8. The crown for me suits Ann well.
    Darna inspired crown that symbolizes to fly and move above. The circle in her forehead may also symbolize being elite just like the symbol mark of elite people in India. Overall its very unique like Ann’s unique beauty…

  9. puro positive at appropriate words tayo dito ah. pero kung natalo si ann. malamang sa malamang dame mag mumura. hahahahaha. pero meron isa dito manalo o matalo nega pa din at asal kalye nag ugali. hehe. Tito norms any update about parul! did u watch her performance in fashion show of the stars. parul is stunning in the red stripe gown.

  10. I remember glorious 2013 when Mutya’s win at Supra started a cascade of victories that made the Philippines the best country in pageant for that year. It’s possible this year. Janicel has never shaken off that victor’s aura since she came into the scene via Bikini International and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t translate into a Ms International Crown. Rumor has it that a special boot-camp has been organised just for her, hence her scarcity. And Pia- all that hard work should mean something. If the narrative of a MU crown means sending the very best, this is it- Pia is it. The new owners of the MUO are not going into their new stewardship blind and ignorant to what’s been happening in the last few years- they’re going to see that the Philippine brand is at its peak and it’s about time it gets rewarded.

    Parul at MGI; top 5 at best (never liked how this pageant operates)
    Christi at MI; top 5 at best (this pageant is even dodgier than MGI)
    Rogelie at Supranational; top 10 at best

    MW is so hard to predict as it seems, Julia Morley already makes her pick even before the candidates arrive at the venue. Megan’s was the perfect storm so to speak, an almost once-in-a-lifetime event, but let’s not be worried; Julia can’t live that long lol, and a changing of the guard means a more transparent pageant where the competition will happen where it matters- on stage- and not in the backrooms of the MWO.

    But anything can happen and we can only wish ALL our candidates the best of luck! #PhilippinesForTheWin

  11. This will open the avenue for the rest of the girls. If and only if the BPCI will allow Filipino designers to dress the candidates.

  12. Sir Norman, you forgot to include our all time beloved Miss Earth, although a back-to-back is pretty far fetch, an elemental crown seems to be lurking around Angelia.

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