8 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: Miss Globe International 2001 Maricar Balagtas

  1. I’m actually surprised that after Maricar was appointed as Miss Globe Philippines and winning the title of Miss Globe International in 2001 — that Madam Stella then allowed Maricar to compete AGAIN in Bb Pilipinas in 2004. I was under the impression that once a girl is awarded a national title by Bp Pilipinas, she no longer is qualified to compete again in Bp Pilipinas. Or is Maricar the exception?

    • she didn’t win a bb pilipinas title. she was only appointed to compete in miss globe intl

  2. This was the time na laging sinasabotahe ang pinay queens ng mga alagad ni Stellar sa colombia. She was youthful and outstanding in Bb Pilipinas then she looked like a matrona in Miss Universe. The sabotage era is finally over. They gave our queens bad make-over, cut their hair short for no reason, make them tan like they’re already are, cheap clothes.

  3. I think this was also the same pageant where Priscilla Meriles won… right?

  4. I loveeedddd Maricar! If she competed today as herself people might laugh her off as being too mature and pageant-patty, but back then a million years ago in my mind, she was perfect; so confident and so put-together…and Gretchen my god, not that it matters, but had she resisted all the derma fillers and botox she’d been pumping herself with nowadays, baka na-maintain pa niya natural beauty niya from 15 years ago..

  5. Kaloka ang ganyang similar ang name ng pageant, it will certainly create a confusion forever! Ganyan na din nangyayari sa Ms Supranational dalawang version din. Malabong maging prestigious ang ganyang klaseng mga pageants na inaangkin ng dalawang organizers. Para lang agawan ng spratly ng China at Pinas.

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