11 comments on “How does John Cuay do it for our Queens?

  1. Ayan nanaman kayo… he’s a muscular gay dude…
    WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?! Travel travel din pag may time para lumawak ang mga pagiisip..

    Anyway congrats John! You are doing a great job! 😀

    • Agree take tym to travel and your mind will be opened to reality about your perception of gay.

  2. John Cuay
    Job well done Congratulations
    Join ako sa Club

    kalahi pala kita paminta…di man lang ba hali luya…o ginger nalang…

  3. hmmm. date pala syang hebigat. thats why he is very determined to help those queens and others to transform themselves into gym fit and sexy body. Keep it up John Cuay!

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