8 comments on “A Mister International-filled November

  1. @mitchesa

    My point is that either you are male, female or member of third sex nobody should be superior over the others.But somebody should do something.Anybody who has that power or connection for Mister International to be viewed live for the filipinos for the first time in Ph if not for the whole world.

    • Well said mars! it’s good that Tito Norms has been putting premium into male pageants lately, so to speak. hihi. pero yes, sana may mag show ng live kahit TV 5 lang. hihi

  2. 1995 – Miss U in Ph
    2015 – Mister I in Ph
    2 decades
    It would be more fun and memorable in Ph history if there will be a live telecast in one of the networks for the pageant crazed pinoys.
    Male power?
    Seems Female power dominates…All female local n international pageants are being telecast live.

  3. nasasayangan ako kay Reniel dito.. kasi di pwedeng mag back to back ang Philippines dito at homecourt pa.. nako.. sayang talaga

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