7 comments on “Patricia Tumulak: From BBP to HBD

  1. She looks stunning, with oozing sex appeal! Very talented too! I won’t be surprised if Vic will fall for her! Am now a fan!

  2. push lang nang push patring!
    ingat-ingat lang kay bossing.
    hihi, just kidding. 😀

  3. I remember the soda commercial and thought, this girl is beautiful. Now that I know who she is – wow! She is not a beauty pageant material. She is for TV and entertainment. Very smart and has a stage presence. Imagine competing with Yaya Dub? The girl’s got it going on! Go girl!

  4. Patricia Tumulak
    Popular at Talentado
    Para talaga sa Tv ang beauty
    Pusong pinoy Tayo

    diba kapuso…

  5. I saw her interview yesterday with Rhea Santos, mas mayaman pala siya kesa kay Yaya Dub! Laki ng bahay nila. Seven living rooms!

  6. She is so gorgeous. I’m so happy that she’s doing well… and still looking fabulous. She was my bet for Bb. Pilipinas-Universe in 2011 and was stunned when she did not get at least one of the other crowns. Congrats, Patricia!

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