30 comments on “Anticipating the Globe in a Grand way

  1. Nervous for Parul; those two girls look better than her to be honest. It should have been switched, with Parul going to Globe and Ann to Grand…

    • Okay lang yan mars. so far, it’s not always the best and prettiest girls who win. hihi.

    • All three looks so different…

      1. Vartika
      2. Parul
      3. Shauny

      1. Parul
      2. Shauny
      3. Vartika


  2. Another Insider Notes : Apple of the eye according sa akin source eh from Europe. So try to be humble mga kababayan kasi baka ma frustrate lang kayo. It will be a miracle kung yung candidate natin will bring home the crown.

  3. Spending most of my childhood years in Taiwan, having a Taiwanese mom. Pinoy dad. Gandang ganda ako Kay Ann. My hubby is Arab and he told me she is the most striking between the Bb winners. Living in Taiwan the Chinese Taiwanese tends to like the mestiza caucasian like Pia rather than Chinese looking. So with MW better they send of a halfsie Caucasian

  4. I’m not being biased or mean, but i visited Miss Globe’s FB page and checked on the pics of their activities, grabe. nasabi ko lang nung nakita ko ung mga kalaban ni Ann “wait, what? maski sa Bb. Pilipinas di to papasa e” sa totoo lang tayo guys. di ko hinahype si ann or parang GGSS kay ann, pero naman. dekalibre tong si Ann. ewan ko lang kung di to manalo. plakadong plakado. jusko.

  5. My girl crush Anne so drop dead gorgeous. She can easily be MUP 2016. Sigh! Ann can easily bag Miss Globe 2015.

  6. Tito Norms, for a change, baka naman pwd kang magblog ng sarili mong prediction about Miss Globe 2015. Sige kami hanap sa misso at sa sash pero wala kasi silang pre-arrival pic….like that…baka meron ka mabuo:)

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