21 comments on “A World of Talent for MWP2015

  1. Wow. Emma’s back-up dancers… are so … hmmm… indigenously authentic, right? And are those pigtails on viagra? Or Carabao horns perhaps? I can’t really say, but I do love those nails by the way.

    No matter, Emma is just SO GORGEOUS!!!

  2. What’s the talent of Cassie and Hillarie?..
    They should at least know how to dance for the Dances of the World.

  3. Ang hot tignan ni Mia dun sa photos, I could actually imagine the blazing spanish background.

  4. I still can’t get over the missing Imelda Shweighart…
    Sing dance act panaman si girl… why?!!!!

  5. Bakit Pasa Doble si Mia?.. Spanish dance tapos mahilig naman tayo sa ballroom dancing.. why not?!

    Hindi ko parin magets kung ano sayaw ni Emma? Anong lahi ba pinopromote nya?…

    In fairness, playing the harp was a sought after talent by the Filipino elite since the Spanish era.

  6. Maloloka ako kung hindi si Avonlea ang manalo ng Best in Talent. I hope Emma bags the Best in Dancing award. hihi

  7. I am glad to know that there are beautiful women who are not only possess with amazing communication skills but also a very unique talent. I believe that this is the real essence of Miss World Philippines. Good luck ladies!

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