15 comments on “FHM Philippines and the Beauty Queens

  1. @melanie
    True that… these ladies are still stunning. Queenie’s swimsuit looks like a face of a pussy-cat!

  2. No disrespect to the girls — but the swimsuits DO look cheap and tawdry. They look as if they could come apart at any moment and I can’t imagine these surviving a second rinse cycle.

  3. Show it if you have it … while u can. I do not see anything wrong with the pics. They look good and their get up is hardly any different from the swimsuits they wear during the pageant… Which all of us watch with gusto.
    And they are not old. They are in their mid20’s. Who among us is below 30?

  4. What?? I don’t get the comments lol; they’re hardly old and the swimsuits are tasteful. I’m glad that Cindy has put on some weight and has gotten rid of her old clownish, overdone make-up. Danielle is as hot as ever and Queenie, is well, Queenie. I don’t know if it’s deliberate, but having the (stripper) poles rearranged horizontally subverts that sexist, objectifying image of a scantily clad woman posing in a men’s magazine as nothing but desperate, slutty and superficial.

    I think this is well done, empowering and fabulous!

  5. hhmmm… I’m not liking this. Not because its FHM but because of the swimsuits. I remember Bianca Manalo posing for FHM in 2010 (or 2011?), it is way better than this. I love Queenie pa naman. She was my bet nung MWP 2012, I thought April Love Jordan had it in the bag, but Queenie stole the show. Galing nya din sa MW 2012.

  6. This is the fall back career of our beauty queens after their reigns. How I wish the swimsuit is something classy . And their poses? OMG It’s almost p—ish! They are indeed beautiful but I am not sold out of this concept where they flaunt their flesh! They can go sexy but there should be a bit taste it decency. #justmytwocents

  7. Beautiful ladies… but I’m sorry, these swimsuits make them look more slutty than sexy.

    In the first photo, Daneille’s pose makes her vajajay look a “Mt. MINItubo.” It’s HUGE!

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