24 comments on “Will Rolene Strauss do MWP2015?

  1. Bagay na bagay kay Rolene yung Miss World title. Wala nang dapat pag awayan sa face. The body is not perfect for me, kung ang basehan natin ng perfection is yung mga glamazons ng MU. Fit naman sya pero very athletic yung built. She can slack off na rin kase nanalo na naman sya. I mean look at Poleng, mas malaman na rin sya ngayon, even MJ. Keri lang to since and binibida naman ng MW hindi oozing sex appeal kundi substance.

  2. I think the more definitive word to describe Rolene would be voluptuous. She represents every woman in all shapes and forms so there really is no limit to what beauty is, opinion or no opinion included. We put to much emphasis on the basis of beauty and it usuallt includes the types of profiles, face shape and angle, how people wear their hair and make up and more importantly, their weight.

    Miss World Org embodies what real woman should look like and what they represent. Not some scrutinized mediocre perception on marketed beauty.

  3. I guess it’s the announcement Tito Norman was talking about a few months back. Hmmmm….

    Did Rolene gain weight? #justasking

  4. Most likely punta si ate Rolene, di ba tito Norms few months may chika something about the “key” position in MW. If that’s true eh di may annoucement churva, so nandito ang maglolang Morely and Rolene

  5. Makes me think of bea alonzo with this pics. Both gorgeous for me. Since then, i really thought bea will join beauty contest, pero sumikat cya agad as actress.

  6. Sakto lang katawan kaysa kay Migbellis Castillanos Miss Venezuela Universe 2014 Sya ang Biggie Bigbelles Castillanos.
    R right body
    O outstanding intelligence
    L level up ang beauty
    E exquisite personality
    N never been brag
    E exemplar to youngsters the whole world.

    • Wow ha. may ganyan pa si ateng. hihi. Pero compared naman kay Migbellis eh talagang bigger siya. Pero compared sa previous winners ng MW, siya ay MEDYO biggie lang naman. hihi

    • Sa picture medyo big.Ang salitang ‘medyo’ ibig sabihin hindi sure.Sa personal payat sya kay Venus Raj. kita ko na sya sa Amsterdam…Pag punta nya dyan sa pinas tignan mo sya ateng.

      • hihi. echos ka! “medyo” means slight. “baka” ang hindi sigurado teh. hihi. wow ha, hindi ko kinaya ang comparison – VENUS RAJ?!?! hihi. genen. eh di wow!

        i repeat, i find her gorgeous and deserving of the blue crwon kahit na medyo biggie ang arms, thighs and cheeks niya. hihi.

  7. She is too beautiful with proportioned body.A lot beautiful than the overly confident and wierd Paulina Vega…A role model who deserves respect.

  8. She’s so smart and gorgeous – very deserving of the blue crown! But IMHO, siya ang pinaka “biggie” na MW of late no? Biggie means hindi masyadong sexy ang katawan, medyo malaki ang braso at hita. Genun. Hihi.

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