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  1. Sure na sa top 5 so Pia.the Chinese just loves the half Caucasian girls . Pia kind of beauty

  2. Pia is a consistent top favorites in almost all beauty pageant pages (i say almost all in the exception of india and thailand) especiall in latin pages. Kala ko talaga dati di nya kayanin ang ganitong transformation but I was wrong. Pinamukha nya talaga sa atin na she is unstoppable now towards her goal of becoming the next Miss Universe. Good luck Pia!

  3. She’s always included in top 5 picks and unlike the other girls may variation mga looks nya. Take for example Ms. Peru or Ms. Dominican Republic. Both very very pretty girls pero hangang pretty pictorials nalang sila. Wala silang looks na “ugly-pretty” as Tyra would call it. Itong handlers ni Pia nag eexert ng effort to introduce some elements of high fashion looks for her na not necessarily maiintindahan ng lahat ng pageant watchers. Good move to because we don’t know what IMG wants. Hindi man super excellent hosting skills nya pero what can you expect with a 5 minute stint? Keri na yan. Suportahan nyo nlang tutal andyan na yan. Hindi naman nagpapabaya. Maraming na rin naman improvements not just with Pia but with her handlers and I think BPCI.

  4. Even though we don’t have any idea what IMG wants for the winner of Miss U, I am happy that Pia’s handlers/BPCI is doing their best to prepair her for any scenario that would come up at the last minute.. Establishing her as a model on social media as early as possible gives her that competitive edge prior to Miss Univers

  5. Ano ba yan? Para syang make-up na tinubuan ng mukha. Her face reminds me of my favorite song : Send In The Clowns. Lol.

    As Heneral Luna will say it, Punyeta!

    World Peace. =)

  6. Medyo hindi ako na iimpres sa pagsasalita nya. Kung baga wala syang command. Alam mo na ung tipong isang babae pag nagsalita yung mapapanga nga kanalang like the style of Karen Davila, Loren Legarda. Just a thought… Peace.

    • hihi. sendora lang teh? hindi na uso yun sa pageantry my dear. ngayon kelangan more people can resonate with your personality. hihi. genen.

  7. Just concern with the status of Miss Universe 2015, new owner had acquired it already and Pia do everything to achieve the triumph to win the Miss U 2015 but up to this moment no official word had come from the new owner if the pageant will push thru this year and if there were several changes. Our representative is well prepared but we don’t know what is in the mind of IMG will it be a modelling contest or same as Miss U contest. Even the local franchise has no idea what is in the mind of the new owner because they are silent to whatever it will be this year. Norman any idea regarding Miss U 2015?

  8. Her personality is what differentiates her from her predecessors. I think it helped a lot na dati siyang Star Magic artist. Tamang tama ang fierceness-kikayness-bubbliness-smartness at competitiveness sa personality niya.

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