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  1. Look Gwen, not so beautiful pero 1st runner up. During her time in national level, maraming magaganda.Let’s see these girls in Finals night. Wala na bang ibang makuha na photographer ang MWP

  2. Upon reading all the posts here, I am just wondering as to whom will the crown fits best. I mean, kailangan ba talaga na i base natin ang face ng winner sa venue ng pageant? I know it will be in China but I don’t think all the judges are Chinese. Just wonderin’

      • @c2f, face and credentials probably pero sa tuwing sabihin na ganito ganyan ang taste ng mga chinese when it comes to facial beauty bakit di nalang tayo mag appoint ng ganitong aura considering ang mga ito may brains and credentials naman.

  3. wala bang nag video tape ng pres presentation? The last two years upload kaagad ng videos ang mga fan pages. Bat wala this year..

  4. Paulit ulit na observation na si Cass would probably fare well because of her oriental features. I kinda disagree. Personal experience ko lang naman…I teach Chinese students and since pageant enthusiast ako medyo kasama na pageantry sa conversations namin. I find their taste very Pinoy circa 1980s. In short kung mala tipo ni Isabel Granada or Christina Gonzales ilalaban natin mas papatok sa kanila. Kung oriental man mas gusto nila cute and doll-like. Full blast Korean popstar kumbaga. Kung worried tayo about the Chinese taste at sa Sanya gaganapin…well we have reason to worry kase wala dito sa mga to may cute Eurasian features.

    • And really, Zhang and Yu Wenxia hardly have faces that fit the Asian mold- theyre wide eyed with Caucasian noses and Caucasian facial symmetry. And Cassie is a finger-tip above Sandra Oh in looks- no disrespect to Sandra!

      • Sobra naman kung Sandra Oh ang comparison…

        Me hawig si Cass kay Michelle Yeoh (Memoires of a Geisha)… who represented Malaysia in Miss World 1983… pero clapper parin… hehehe

      • Yup- medyo inaantok nko at hindi na umabot kay Michelle Yeoh memorya ko @Closer2Fame- hawig nga sila ng kaunti pero medyo pahaba mukha ni Cass…Cass is Korean isnt she????

  5. There’s not much is there? Just a bunch of recycled, albeit much improved beauties and a bigger bunch who are just bench warmers. Yup, I’m bored too @Laila. Para bang MWP is still spent after Megan’s win and Valerie’s wasted efforts and this batch feels that it’s just going through the motions. But is that the case or the standards in our heads have been raised so high that we fail to see that there are great pickings here?

    1. Hillarie’s facial beauty and presence is unquestionable, but I still feel that her participation in the dubious Miss Asia Pacific World still clings to her like a stain.
    2. Emma Tiglao’s problem is not that she’s retokada, but that personality and intellect wise, she appears to be light-weight.
    3. Some claim that Cassie Naidas has what Emma lacks, but her face just lacks impact. As a model, she succeeds, but as a pageant contestant, she looks strangely one dimensional.

    Mia Howell- looks too mature
    Avonlea- too much forehead, too much chin, so-so in between!

    Waiting to see more off
    Christelle Abello- is an American twang and vibe a liability??
    Erika Mari de Castro

    dark horse
    Jeddahliz Maltezo

    • I agree with your observations. Hillarie though is a clear frontrunner, and makes one wonder how and why she got into ms asia pacific. Parang mj lastimosa in ms south east asia. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth

      • Oo Mike, but MJ was so popular among fans, so beloved that when she jumped back into Binibini, what happened in the past didn’t matter. It was such a rush watching her compete in Doral and what leaves a bad taste in the mouth for me, are all those things that were just whispered about but which I think are true- the inggitan among camps (would she have placed higher had she stayed with A&Q?), MUO’s own internal politicking (true that Paulina was a force of nature beauty-wise but she seems vacuous and immature) and BPCI’s controlling ways (like all those stupid, stupid, stupid clothes from Stella’s baul!).

        Sorry for digressing (medyo bitter pko over MJ’s loss) and back to Hillarie- she just needs to be commanding personality-wise. Now with the swimsuit gone, Ms World is more than ever, a girl who has substance.

        Hillarie has the face- the question is, can she catch up in the substance department??

      • Met her… May laman naman definitely… mataas lang talaga siguro standards ko because of Megan… Kahit si Emma, hindi din naman napag iiwanan ng ibang top contender when it comes to that… I just can’t comment on Cassie since I never met her in person… but some of you say that she has the brains to spill so let’s see. 🙂

        IMO, if Imee Sweighart was given the right trainning, background and transformation, she could have slayed them all. Same as Mia Howell.

    • @andrewespino…super agree with you. Hindi ako makikibaka for any of these candidates kase wala sa kanila yung tipong ilalaban ko sa IG kung may mang bash. Sa totoo lang Hillarie might win but there is something about her I can’t quite explain. Parang negative vibe na di naman kase I hardly know her. Di ko naman masabing trying hard may goods naman kahit medyo kulang sa height. Basta merong mali hindi ko lang alam San aspect.

      • Kulang siya ng bearing @Laila! The face is there, but you have to back it up with something na hindi physical. Like i said above in a rejoinder to Mike’s comment, kailangan ng substance! Substance supplies that unexplainable XFactor. Naalala ko pa college days ko sa UP- pagpasok ko pa lang sa klase and scanning my coursemate’s faces, alam ko na agad kung sino yung mag-dro-drop! Nasa bearing, nasa asta…i mean my goodness, kung di ka pa naman kulang ng intellectual powers bakit ka papayag sumali sa Ms Asia Pacific??? (though di ko ma explain kung bakit sumali si MJ sa South East pageant ek ek whatever that was)

      • I agree with bearing…

        And I saw one pic nya na nakashort-shorts and t-shirt sa Ms. Asia Pacific habang naka designer cocktail dress si Myanmar… tsk tsk..

  6. Cassandra Naidas is my bet. Here’s why:

    I think she’s the complete package. She’s smart (De La Salle graduate) and has excellent communication skills. I expect her to ace the Q&A. Her BWAP clean water project is already well underway. She’ll do well in Miss World’s athletic events having been a basketball player herself. She has multicultural roots (U.S. born, Filipino-Korean). Also, Cassandra’s physical advantage over my 2 other bets (both Hillarie and Emma) is that Cassandra’s the taller of the three and her classic oriental beauty makes her a great fit as the delegate to send to China.

    • Excellent comskills?… Never met her before so I have no idea.. but since you mentioned it, I do believe you Ms. Mel… I really wish she’s as pretty as Hillary or Emma but if she slays the prelims upto the final Q&A then facial beauty wouldn’t matter anymore. I guess we just have to wait further until each of their personalities unravels and maybe a surprise would come-up… I’m sure we would discover more from the other contestants. For now, it’s every body’s ballgame.

      • Closer: Trust your auntie Melanie on this one. Cassie’s communication and interview skills are exemplary.

      • I trust you…

        I hope she has a better talent to show than Avonlea… that could be the tie breaker! 🙂

    • I cant argue with the comm skills. But facially though shes not outstanding. It is a beauty pageant after all, and somehow shes lacking in this aspect

  7. Slim pickings indeed. I have seen sales ladies in megamall who are more facially attractive than many of the contestants above. Ladies, please don’t quit the day job.

    12 & 27 for the win.

    World Peace. =)

  8. Hindi talaga magaling ang Great Image – I think overrated sila.

    Hillarie versus Emma to. Pero Hillarie ang mananalo pag nagsalita na sila.

  9. Based on the headshots:

    1. Emma Tiglao
    2 Mia Howell
    3. Hillarie Parungao
    4. Cassandra Naidas
    5. Janelle Tee

  10. Candidly speaking. Thank you girls nanaman Tayo this year. Una sa lahat walang magandang maganda Kung baga. Tapos sa mga Ito walang good communicator Dito. Walang May magandang talent. Wala ring pang sports . Hays…

    • Dapat yung mga tipong Loren Legarda, Karen Davila yung style ng pagsasalita. Tapos yung singing style ni Regine Velasquez o Lani Misalucha sa talent portion. Tapos Lydia De Vega yung bilis ng pagtakbo nya. Lastly yung ganda ng mukha at katawan katulad ni Jolina… Yan dapat ung panglaban ng Pilipinas hindi yung mga thank you girl sa ibang contest tapos sasali nanaman sa iba. Eh talo ka na nga sa ibang contest eh sasali ka pa. LOL. I remember yung sinasabi ni TIYA DELY isang batikan sa Radyo. And I quote yung sabi nya..KUNG HINDI KAYO MAGANDA EH WAG NANG SUMALI SA CONTEST . Which is true beauty contest ang sasalihan kailangan maganda. Best analogy is kung hindi ka marunong kumanta eh wag kang sumali sa singing contest. Peace….Kailan pa kaya tayo makakakita ng candidate na walang doubt na mananalo yung hindi ka kailangan mag vote..

    • Si Mia pang sports.. and she speaks well.. pero gandang-ganda talaga ako kay Emma na may sport daw before and she is a model na wala pang major campaigns… Ganda din ni Hillarie kahit kulang sa height pero sya yung alam ko may good comskills, beauty and pageantry… Cassie, ramp model na nag flight attendant,,l does that mean good comskills din… Si Avonlea lang ang may talent na international caliber good comskills din daw… Sayang si Imee who can sing, dance, act and host kinulang lang ng BWAP…
      Sa BWAP I think Hillarie is the strongest kahit medyo vague ng konti…

      Overall, wala akong makita na Megan Young na nasa kanya na ang lahat….so whoever wins, baka highest is top 8 lang sa Miss World.. unless, improve pa ni Madame Cory kung ano meron ang girl specially sa BWAP and may brains talaga to begin with. Etong batch lang na ito ang 1st time na wala ako makitang sure winner… Parang may chance din si Cum Laude girl na halfie kasi may utak…. kailangan nalang ng magandang BWAP, pageantry tainning at imbentohan ng talent… kaya lang… hindi sya kasing ganda ni Emma and Hill… yun lang!

      • mahirap talaga pumili sa kanila. kasi may kanya kanyang strengths. si Hillarie lakas makaShamcey. asset niya talaga smile niya. yung height na lang talaga. may magagawa pa ba tayo sa height like vitamins? lol si emma naman, mukhang may dating talaga pero ewan ko lang when it comes tk communication skills ah. pero mas bagay sya for MU eh. si Cassie parang may kulang pa eh. pero the way she talks pwede na. si avon, change ng hairstyle. kasi naeemphasize yung sa baba ng part ng mukha niya eh. ive seen her photos na nakaponytail, super ganda niya. super okay din sa commskills si avon. si cum laude girl di ba is from Aces and Queens? kulang lang din sa packaging when it comes to hair and make up. mas mukha syang matanda sa headshot photo niya. pero if sa videos ng news, iba mukha niya. Hindi sya photogenic. actually marami sa knila medyo sablay sa styling. pero if titingnan sa personal and videos magaganda naman.

  11. Emma’s nose looks really good in photos but there was a feature on her yesterday afternoon sa news, medyo off yung movement ng nose nya

  12. My same Top 5 as before in no particular order:

    (Imee was suppose to be on this spot)

  13. Not a promising batch. It’s a toss between Hillarie and Cassandra followed by Avonlea, Emma and Casey Anne.

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