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  1. it is a toss up between Hilarrie, Emma and Cassandra I think. As for winning the international crown, the best placement will be a runner up since it will be held in China.

  2. saw a video of Emma. okay sya sa photos. wag mo na pasalitain. nakakatakot and nakakaworry kasi parang mahuhulog ipin eh. OA ang veneers lol

  3. Mas magaling talaga OVERALL ang A&Q than KF. Well-rounded ang development ng A&Q. Katulad nito, alam na nilang kelangan magaling ang comm skills ng MW material, pero si Emma ang ipinasok nila. Hihi. Kalma lang.

    • I agree… kung Aces si Emma e panalo na talaga kasi gagawaan talaga ng paraan para maging crown worthy ang candidata based on the requirements.. hindi puros ganda lang…

    • Lecheng Q&A na yan at communication skills! Doon na ako sa maganda, matangkad, sexy, etc. di naman no read no write lahat ng candidates na yan walang boba dyan.

      • Kung kalevel ba naman ni Megan Young and Rolene Straus ang comskills ni Emma… e wala ng tanungan pa…. koronahan na yan!

  4. My TOP 5:

    Hillarie Parungao

    That face is definitely something else. I know that Madam Cory has been looking for that Filipina candidate who isn’t a halfsie, and I think Hillarie is the one she’s been waiting for! I can see that Hillarie is very eager to win that crown. She has a very solid BWAP and she is very engaging in her Official FB Fan page (Hello, Multimedia Award?). She is in competitive form. And if people think that height is an issue, then why did the likes of Aishwarya (5’6) and our very own Megan (5’7.5) ended up winning the Blue Crown? 😉 Julia Morley herself said in an interview that you could be 5’1 and still win the Miss World crown!

    Emma Tiglao

    Her oriental features and porcelain skin would surely be a hit in China! Emma had a huge improvement/transformation from her BBP stint last year to this year’s MWP. Just like Hillarie, Emma is in fighting form. The only thing she needs to work on is her communication skills.

    Avonlea Paraiso

    I consider Avonlea as an underdog. Not many people would appreciate her beauty, unless you see her in person. Just like the other Aces & Queens bet, she has a solid BWAP – the best one, might I add. It involves using her talent of playing the harp in helping the sick kids in Government run hospitals such as PGH. Since harp therapy is uncommon in the country, she wants to spread its use as a form of alternative treatment for debilitating pain. It is a very good strategy because we all know that Miss World Org. funded the new ward in PGH (which Rolene visited this year). And she’s using her amazing talent for her BWAP! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. I can see her garnering scores in MW’s Fast Track events.

    Cassandra Naidas

    During Cassy’s 2013 BBP Gold stint, she just faded in the background. But now, I see a better version of her. She now sports a better styling, and she engages herself more in the competition. I hope that her fuel won’t run out during the course of the competition. Just like Emma, her oriental looks could make the Chinese appreciate her beauty! She should stay away from too much make-up. And she doesn’t stand out with huge curls. The styling she had during a party in Ben Chan’s house is the best styling I’ve seen her in.

    Erika Mari de Castro

    Campless but still shining! Erika came as a surprise for me because she didn’t belong to any of the two big camps, yet she managed to get my attention. Aside from her tall and competitive frame, Erika has the elements that could help her represent us well in Miss World. She needs to work on her styling though. She is very raw but still workable!

  5. Right now, I would say Hilarie is the strongest. I’m still rooting for jeddahliz. She definitely has potential. Emma is pretty but her communication skills suck. That’s one of the qualities Julia is looking for. Someone who is personable and a good spokeswoman. Megan had that. But Emma tiglao is equivalent to Koyal from miss world 2014. Both are pretty but lack communication skills :/

  6. They said the requirements is at least 5’6. Why they still let the middling height join? Emma, Mia, Casey, Jeddhalyn for me are my top 4

  7. Weak batch and these photos are horrible! Fire your photographer. #AllTeaAllShade #ReadindIsFundamental

  8. There’s no point of sending a contestant this year. It’s CHINA. I don’t think China will win anyway but at least they will be Top 5 or Top 3 BUT FOR SURE, they will never let a Filipina win in their home turf given the feud among these 2 countries. CORY, please don’t waste them. Get another franchise and send these girls somewhere else NOT CHINA.

  9. Melanie has a point here, we know how China play their game. If Hilarie or Emma will win and will be sent to China, sayang talaga mga beauty and body nila plus BWAP ni Hilarie. Fingers crossed- either Hilarie or Emma will win, these ladies will surely rock the MW stage.

  10. Since Miss World will be held in China this year, I don’t think the Philippines will win the title because most likely, Miss China will win AGAIN. That has happened twice — in Sanya 2007 and in Ordos in 2012. China wants its third crown and Julia Morley will be more than happy to oblige since China has agreed to host the pageant AGAIN.

    Whoever we send this year — be it Hilarie, Emma, Cassy or Mia — will end up as a sacrificial lamb since the crown is already RESERVED for MISS CHINA. I do hope that I’m wrong.

    • Yep, super agree with you. But I realized that MWP still have to send a delegate knowing the circumstances, and of course MWP can’t send a less attention-grabbing ones as a sacrificial lamb this year and keep the gorgeous ones at bay since they might (or certainly) get on Julia Morley’s bad side and won’t let another Filipina win after this year. Let’s just enjoy MWP and support whoever wins (still knowing that China will win), besides news broke out even before the MWP screenings that MW will be held in China but the girls and their teams still went for it and screened.

  11. I loved Mia Howell during her stint in BBP15. I thought she was really youthful & fresh. She had a natural beauty about her. I dont understand why she went with KF instead of A&Q? I feel like she would have been more compatible with A&Q. I’m glad she’s getting a little bit more recognition this time around.

      • Bakit ang dami nyong negative belief system that because China, Philippines cannot WIN, eh si madam morley naman ang masusunod!!!! Kung nakatakda, nakatakda! Chos! Ang nenega nyong mga becky’s kitchen

  12. Emma for me.Kahit balutin ng buong tela ang katawan at mukha lang matitira lutang parin ang kagandahan.

  13. Since the MWO eliminated the swimsuit competetion, why were the MWP candidates presented in swimsuits? Just curious that’s all.

    Anyways, Hillarie and Emma certainly stand out and are very worthy front runners. I hope either win the MWP crown. They would represent the Philippines well in December.

  14. Tito norman,
    Why swimsuit in MWP, yet the franchise holder MW Julia Morley removed the SS? Should it not be an insult to the owner and the organizations’ standards?

  15. I like Cass’ styling here, chinitang Hannah Sison and Emma’s as beautiful as always. My top 5 right now are: Emma, Hillarie, Cass, Mia and Avon in NO particular order. Nagjumble yung ranking ko. Still Christelle is growing on me, ngayon ko lng sya nakita.

  16. Emma kamukha ni Lee Ha- Nui ( also known as Honey Lee) MissKorea 2006 and Miss Universe 2007 3rd Runner Up. 🙂

  17. much as I think Hilarie is a strong contender for MWP, I don’t want her to win. I think she would be the girl to bring the MU crown to the Philippines…

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