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  1. Tito Norman,

    What are the heights of Avonlea, Cassie and Emma? Based on up close, who has the most beautiful faces?

  2. The best ones during the press presentation were Emma and Hillarie. And both girls happen t be the torch bearer of their respective camps!

  3. Well, now that Miss World has scrapped the swimsuit competition altogether, the Miss World standard for physical beauty has now changed and facial beauty becomes more important than ever. So who has the most beautiful face in the competition?

      • @c2f, Having a beauty enhanced by science and technology is no longer a big deal in the world of pageantry.What matters here is the commitment of a candidate to make a difference in the world. And to make it truly genuine by her deeds and purpose. It is a matter of how the contestant makes a difference.

      • @S.A.

        I agree, but we also need a beatifull face that could talk… And in addition, Julia wants a well-rounded individual with sports, talent and purpose. I wonder which one of them has it all…

        My each of my Top 5 excells only in 1, 2 or 3… but what we need is another Megan Young who excells almost in all…

      • @c2f well said dear, I think Hilarie and Emma are battling here neck to neck. But with the presence of other deserving girls like Mia, Avonlea and Casie, the competition becomes even tougher. Fingers crossed, we will crown the most deserving girl in this competition despite the negative perspective that China will not allow us to win and will crown their very own candidate which I think is not possible knowing how desperate they are.

  4. I think Avonlea is our best bet among these candidates. She has no visible tattoos unlike Hillarie, her talent (playing the harp) is very regal, she’s been modeling since she was 14 so she has good runway skills for the fashion competition, good height, good BWAP, good communication skills based on the you tube videos I saw of her, she is A&Q trained so we know she’s graceful and poised, and she’s had some pageant experience as well.

    Mas bagay si Hillarie sa Miss Earth, si Emma sa MU at si Cassie sa MI.

    • Parang nakalimutan mo si Mia Howell?.. πŸ™‚

      Kung may talent si Avonlea… Dating Philippine fencing team si Mia… Kung may modeling experience sj Avonlea… may college degree from Philadelphia si Mia… at higit sa lahat I’m sure parehas silang may BWAP so pagandahan nalang ng mukha at katawan ang labanan… hmmmmm????? πŸ™‚

      • Sorry, walang dating sa akin ang Avon. Hindi nga sya kasama sa choices ni sir Norman.
        For now, it’s either Emma or Hilarie for the win.

      • Anyway, wala din namang swimsuit competition…

        Ganito nalang… sino mas maganda mukha?!… based on international standards… samahan mo ng matching credentials… LOL πŸ˜€

      • @Basil Valdes

        Oo nga, naawa naman kasi ako sa IQ mo.. Babaan ko narin EQ ko para meron ka karamay.. πŸ˜€

      • ay sorry C2F… ikaw lang ang mababa ang IQ, and i didnt know na pati pala EQ. oh well, that’s life, make the most of kung anong meron ka na lang ha… enjoy πŸ™‚

    • I forgot to mention, Avonlea has a gorgeous body. She could use better styling though. She should copy Julie Anne San Jose’s styling (hair and make-up) since they have the same face shape. Keeps the focus away from the cheeks but more sa eyes.

  5. Omg. Last woman standing Hillarie. Hinuli talaga ang the best. Nasa huli ang excitement nasa huli ang pasabog. Boom. MWP 2015 Hillarie

  6. #9 may not be the tallest … But sure ly has that good command on stage… I wish her all the best!πŸ˜ƒ

  7. Hillarie’s the last candidate? How tall is she? Diba pag last candidate, she’s the shortest?

    • @Revy, yes true napansin ko rin, I was about to ask the same question. Di kaya sya nag back out? Wag naman sana.

      • Baka gusto nya sure win.. and baka wala pa syang BWAP… may BBP pa naman… πŸ™‚

      • A BWAP is not a requirement but it is a competitive advantage… Specially if most of the front runners already have one… and just a reminder, it is one of the major fast-tracks in Miss World. πŸ™‚

      • @Basil Valdes

        Scroll up ka Teh… mas nauna ako nagcomment kay Aljur before his statement… wahahaha
        Why so desperate?… πŸ˜€

      • oh dont flatter yourself too much C2F. i just find you so annoying in a good way naman. hahaha you always make it look like “you know everything and everyone” hahahaha funny talaga lol tapos pag hinde bet ng iba ang bet you… hhmmm alam mo na, people power na ito lol

        parang gusto ko ng lazyboy and popcorn whenever may comment ka… hahaha

      • @Basil Valdes

        I would love to keep you company on this blog since you have nothing better to do…

        but sorry, I do have other plans…
        … and being a couch potato is not on my list.. hahaha

        See yah! πŸ˜€

      • Oh entertain us more with your antics C2F haha… masaya kang pagtawanan paminsan minsan… common! haha

    • Yea, nagtaka dn ako. And wla dn sya sa roster of candidates. What happened? Di sya pumasa?

      • i like emma to win but if they are the top 5
        base sa kutob ko.
        MWP Mia
        1st Princess Hilarie
        2nd Princesa Emma
        3rd Princess Cassie
        4th Princess Avonlea

        mas nagustuhan ko aura, make up and hair style ni hilarie sa presentation kesa nung final screening. Good luck for her. sana lang nabgyan pa sya ng height.

      • Parang si Mia nga ang perfect combination… beauty brains and brawn… Take note, mas matangkad sya kay Hillarie at who knows, may maganda syang BWAP surprise?

      • Todo promote na naman si C2F sa kanyang manok na si Mia. Sus! Eto na naman kala mo alam nya lahat. Pag natalo bet nyan naku baka masiraan ng bait. Haha

      • @Basil Valdes

        Ganun ba nangyari sayo teh?.. Don’t be too hard on yourself. πŸ™‚ Pasensya na I brought it up.. affected ka nanaman kasi eh… πŸ˜€ mwuahugs! 😑

  8. Candidate no. 1 joined Ms. Earth 2013 – TOP 8 and Miss Casino Filipino ba yon? Yung nanalo si Rogelie? 4th runner up siya dun. If you know the viral vid about the girl who twerked sa kalsado cause of too much traffic, that’s her.

  9. She nearly fell off the line lol but presence wise, Hilarrie is it! I don’t know, but ever since her ‘face changed’ Emma Tiglao has lost that sexy, spontaneous spark she used to have. Ngayon, she tries hard to look put-together but you can see the effort (same with Cassie) while Hilarrie looks, well, effortless! Sino yung number 15???

    • @andrewespino I feel the same way for emma. Pumi-pia 2.0 slash bbp 2014. Alam mo and nakikita mong umeeffort ng milya.

  10. Hillarie clear standout. Maliit man pero malakas ang dating. Effortless presence ala shamcey supsup

  11. So far when it comes to body department my vote goes to, 1) 7 2) 5 3)12 4)27 5) 14 . Si Emma pala yung no 12, from a far she looks like Sunshine Cruz. Based on beauty and body I go for 12, 27 and13.

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