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  1. 2013 Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Ariella Arida
    unlimited support for Miss Patricia Cabawatan on Twitter

    #MissCosmopolitanWorld Philippines – Patricia Cabawatan make-up training for Miss Cosmpolitan World 2015. http://t.co/C3tSXPGAad
    — Ariella Arida (@MissAArida) September 22, 2015

    Support Miss Cosmopolitan World Philippines 2015 Patricia Cabawatan for Miss Cosmopolitan World 2015 to be held… http://t.co/Cx2qjkugdn
    — Ariella Arida (@MissAArida) September 22, 2015

    Miss Cosmopolitan World Philippines 2015 Patricia Cabawatan 101 training. http://t.co/4BPuUPZEmi
    — Ariella Arida (@MissAArida) September 21, 2015

    Miss Cosmopolitan World Philippines 2015 Patricia Cabawatan 101 training. http://t.co/4BPuUPZEmi
    — Ariella Arida (@MissAArida) September 21, 2015

    Miss Cosmopolitan World Philippines-Patricia Cabawatan preparing for Miss Cosmopolitan World to be held in Malaysia. http://t.co/wQivTau5fW
    — Ariella Arida (@MissAArida) September 19, 2015

    Click pic and comment: Miss Cosmopolitan World Philippines 2015 official evening gown teaser for Miss Cosmopolitan… http://t.co/3kw8tAaIiB
    — Ariella Arida (@MissAArida) September 18, 2015

    Click Pic & Comment: What can you say to Miss Cosmopolitan World Philippines 2015 Patricia Cabawatan? http://t.co/nQrKKPa5oa
    — Ariella Arida (@MissAArida) September 17, 2015

    Miss Cosmopolitan World 2015

    Patricia Cabawatan from Quezon Province was appointed to represent the Philippines in the inaugural edition of Miss Cosmopolitan World 2015 to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The finals will be on Ocober 9, 2015. Patricia undergone training under the GK Kings & Queens Camp. She was supposed to represent the Philippines before in Miss Teen International 2014, however, due to unknown reasons, it never materialized. In a positive note, a noteworthy pageant is assigned to her whom I think it is better compared to Miss Teen International.

    Mr. Pawee Ventura is one of the Judges.

  2. met Ara in Bohol when she judged a local pageant here. we were blown away not only with her sheer beauty but her being down-to-earth and being humble.

  3. My advocacy is Education and its a key to a better future… (not a Ticket) im just a high school graduate compared to a Cumlaude. My god!

  4. I thought she should have been the MU should she bought expensive TICKET to her answer.

  5. Ara is truly someone I admire. Not only for her beauty but for her strength and determination. All the bashing that went her way during her stint was enough for me to want to quit watching pageants and stop reading/participating in pageant forums. For the literally crazy comments that came her way, she stayed above all of it and did well in the pageant (personally, I thought she should have placed higher. I thought the last two standing should have been Spain and The Philippines. IMO.). Water under the bridge now…

    For all the praises that commentators give the BbP Queens that came before her and totally ignore Ara’s accomplishments and beauty and instead focus on stupid things like “her accent”, I, for one, acknowledge that Ara is one of the most beautiful women to have ever worn the Philippines sash. She certainly was one of the strongest in mind and spirit.

    From me – thank you Ara for making me proud to be Filipino. You did good eha!!!

  6. The Latin sites are doing throwback photos from MU….bet na bet talaga nila si Ara. Tayo noon dito nag aaway away pa about her but sa kanila bentang benta si Ara. Good for her. Pinanood ko ulit performance nya kanina sa youtube…o nga ang galing lang talaga nya.

    • Bentang benta yung pag english nya sa mga latinos.Bonjour.pansin ko lang dadalawa segment nya sa on the scene sa MU, unlike kila Janine T. at Shamcey S na marami.

      • Lalakero…I can’t help but to react on your your repeated comments. Might you are not aware that English proficiency is not the sole basis of intelligence. Go and work overseas in a corporate setting with multi-lingual and or multi-racial colleagues and you will know. Hala cge na go na at manlalake.

      • In fact im in caribbean, filipinos here are well respected here for their proficiency in english.but ive never heard like her with that accent.Manny Paquio’s accent is true pinoy and his grammar and use of words are yet he is a high school graduate like me.

      • Sorry remove ‘here’ after respected and insert correct after the word are in my last sentence if you could follow instruction.

      • Pinag tatawanan sya dito sa TICKET
        nya..When ever someone goes for travel, Oh my ARA ka na ba? meaning ‘ticket.

      • My point is everyone has his own distinct accent and no one should be judged because of it, what is essential is the grammar. I have colleagues from Eastern Europe, India, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana & Egypt and we all have different accents but we can converse with each other well. I bet, the caribs have their own distinct accent too.

      • She should be aware she is a public figure a role model to youngsters and not an office mate or whatever.

      • Well, she already is a role model and she gained more respect from people including me because of that accent that you are talking about. You know what the funny thing is she knows her accent more than you and she is laughing at herself and that make her even more lovable. Done….

      • Only crazy people laugh themselves.Do you talk to yourself too? You should consult a Psychiatrist.

    • Saw Ara in person a year ago at SM Sta Rosa. She was one of the judges for a local beauty pageant. Alongside her were some models who were mestiza looking. I must say that she stood out. Her nose is really nice. Picture don’t do her justice.

  7. Her accent could be better in French i guess than in English.hehehe Im froud ov u, u ar in frans.

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